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london stabbing - "act of terrorism"

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buddhasbelly Sun 06-Dec-15 05:25:14

Days after starting air strikes on Syria, the first act of backlash in Britain has occurred.

I am still unsure how I feel about the bombings, simply because I am not educated enough on the matter to provide a suitable alternative to rid us of daesh but to have this backlash occur (and sadly probably more) days after we started just begs the question what are we letting ourselves in for?

Thoughts are with the critcally injured victim and two other victims at this time. Again as in Paris it's an attack on people getting on with their lives, most probably looking forward to a night out.

buddhasbelly Sun 06-Dec-15 06:36:38

Apologies it has been described as "a terrorist incident" not an act of terrorism which would perhaps infer a more co-ordinated attack rather than a random attack of which it seems this is.

squidzin Sun 06-Dec-15 10:56:40

Are you talking about the Leyton stabbing? The Muslim attacker was shouting about Allah and Syria, stabbed this random passer by who thankfully has not died, but was shouting "Help, help". Witnesses were just standing around filming it on their phones.
So much wrong in so many ways.


howtorebuild Sun 06-Dec-15 11:01:01

I am not grateful to the unsafe spaces the Tories have provided.

Who is worse those filming or those watching? It's not a Hollywood psycho movie. That is a real person, somebody's loved one.

DirtyBlonde Sun 06-Dec-15 11:03:23

I don't know who is watching the footage, but if you are there then filming might be one of the best things you can do. It'll be important for the investigations.

Personally, I'd leg it. But it might be different if you are there and believe you are not in immediate danger.

AuntieStella Sun 06-Dec-15 11:04:48

There's discussion on this thread you might be interested in

Ubik1 Sun 06-Dec-15 11:05:41

Well sure

Some fanatic slitting an innocent persons throat is clearly the fault of the government and the democratic vote taken to start action in Syria againstIsis.

If you don't like the way government votes then obviously we should expect you to try to murder people. Absolutely.


In some ways bombing dyrua will make us even less safe, but in other ways it will make us safer. The terror threat has been st severe for almost a year now. British people were massacred in Tunisia. We have always been a target.

WildStallions Sun 06-Dec-15 11:07:59

You really believe this stabbing is anything to do with Syria?

As opposed to someone who is mentally unwell and who can't cope with his life?

All these hysterical threads seem to imply it's fine for him to stab people.

You are feeding a very worrying train of thought.

buddhasbelly Sun 06-Dec-15 12:10:21

Thanks for the link to the other thread.

wild I am stating that our actions in Syria has had repercussions in that random attacks are giving Syria as the reason. Would this attack have occurred without our recent involvement in Syria? No one can answer that; what I am saying is it is distressing that random attacks are giving syria as their reason.

WildStallions Sun 06-Dec-15 12:37:48

But Syria isn't the reason.

They're saying it is because they're mentally unwell. And you're picking up on it because of your worry.

But it isn't the reason.

meditrina Sun 06-Dec-15 13:05:05

Is it perhaps confirmation bias?

The Taliban attacked Camp Bastian multiple times over months. One was shortly after the arrival of Prince Harry, and suddenly it was all about him. But looking at the wider pattern of attacks it wasn't.

buddhasbelly Sun 06-Dec-15 13:43:23

Confirmation bias indeed, apologies wild when I read about this being reported the article made no reference to MH.

How many random acts are going to be attributed to something unrelated and indeed evoking confirmation bias.

Ubik1 Sun 06-Dec-15 15:15:11

I don't think they would declare it a terrorist incident unless they were certain.

MissFitt68 Sun 06-Dec-15 15:18:54

Where has it stated he's 'mentally unwell'?

WildStallions Sun 06-Dec-15 15:48:22

Anyone who stabs random strangers is mentally unwell. It's not the actions of a rational sane person.

DirtyBlonde Sun 06-Dec-15 16:06:36

When Jonathan Zito was randomly attacked on the Tube, the perpetrator was found to be mentally ill and it led to the founding of the Zito Trust which was active in improving care for those with such illnesses. And of course that will resonate with Londoners.

But Lee Rigby's killers were not found to be mentally ill.

This one could, on information released so far, be either.

MissFitt68 Sun 06-Dec-15 20:28:14

Well if he's mentally ill the police will have uncovered that info by now....

SecretBondGirl Sun 06-Dec-15 21:42:53

A disproportionate number of people radicalised have or have had MH issues. They are vulnerable and therefore targets for groomers.

Indole Sun 06-Dec-15 22:37:39


This is why terrorism will never ever win in London. We know. We've had it before and we'll have it again. And we are stronger than that.

ohmymimi Mon 07-Dec-15 20:30:34
It seem there was a history of mental illness.

hackmum Wed 09-Dec-15 09:29:31

Yes, it seemed obvious to me from the outset that he was mentally ill, and I see his family had even asked for him to be sectioned.

The difference with the Lee Rigby murder was that that was two people who planned it in advance in a fairly calculating manner, whereas this was just someone going up to a random man in a tube station and stabbing him. It reminds me of that very sad case in Birmingham a couple of years ago where the 16-year old Christina Edkins was stabbed to death on a bus.

BarbarianMum Wed 09-Dec-15 12:12:45

He had a history of (at times) severe mental illness, had been deteriorating lately, his family were trying to get help for him but as usual there was none to be had. Then this. Finding it hard to see as an 'act of terror', more like the actions of a very sick individual.

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