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Do Indians really have smaller willies?

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uwila Tue 12-Dec-06 14:40:31


Catalepticdru Thu 14-Dec-06 17:47:30

Did any of you watch that documentary that was on C4 last year, "The World's Biggest Penis"? That was scary....

DesperatelyUpset Thu 14-Dec-06 15:20:04

message to men with a 'hare' - find a 'deer'.

expatinscotland Thu 14-Dec-06 14:51:49

But when your yoni and his lingham are well-matched, however ,it's blissful.

NappiesGalooooooooooooria Thu 14-Dec-06 14:51:34

that is very true desperately. i have experienced a size problem in that respect and with one of them, the discomfort was such that i never went back for any more... ouch.

DesperatelyUpset Thu 14-Dec-06 14:46:19

It can actually be quite unpleasant, even painful if you have a small 'yoni', and your partner has a large 'lingham'

wavybaby Thu 14-Dec-06 14:21:30

My boyfriend is half Peruvian and half English, very tall with a fantastic physic (and a huge nose I might add!) Unfortunately he inherited the South American weeney penis genes and laid backness (laziness) so he looks good until you "look down there". Shame, but his bod is a good detraction !

NappiesGalooooooooooooria Thu 14-Dec-06 13:02:51

well ive had a bit of just about to speak. and averages count for F all when you get down to it one-to-one. have had many a surprising moment, pleasant or otherwise.

whether i can remember enough detail to be the resident expert/consultant on this topic and back up this assertion with 'fact' is another matter...
- at not rmemebring, rather than me 'playing the field...'

dp is a v accomplished scotsman, btw. and being as how ive tried a lot of alternatives, i know im v happy to settle down with him

and yes, size does matter. but no, its not everything.

kama Wed 13-Dec-06 23:17:58

Message withdrawn

Blu Wed 13-Dec-06 16:50:31

is this one busy irishman who has been getting himself about, do you think?

paulaplumpbottom Wed 13-Dec-06 16:37:48

The one Englishman I had was not terribly impressive, I had a Dutch boyfriend who I was actually a little scared of at first , but he was especially talented. One swedish guo was soooo tiny. American guys vary but most are a good size.Thats it. Not very well traveled am I?

expatinscotland Wed 13-Dec-06 16:05:46

I had an Irish lover once, and he was stacked .

Also an Englishman who certainly measured up.

kama Wed 13-Dec-06 16:03:43

Message withdrawn

expatinscotland Wed 13-Dec-06 16:00:32

I'm very pleased with my Scotsman

paulaplumpbottom Wed 13-Dec-06 15:50:55

My Irishman is generous and its true about their size. There must someone on here who has had a bit of everything who would know for sure.

tissy Wed 13-Dec-06 15:49:44

themoon66, I have "known" an arab, who was tiny and useless, so they must come in all shapes and sizes!

Blu Wed 13-Dec-06 15:49:36

I am torn between studiously ignoring this thread and popping up to 'defend' dp.

In the interests of accuracy, I would like to point out that ime not all men of Indian ethnicity have small penises.

But averages never do mean that.

sunchowder Wed 13-Dec-06 15:31:34

Inquiring minds want to know (I have stayed clear of this thread by the way).

fizzbuzz Wed 13-Dec-06 15:27:35

Golly...which nationality was the best overall?

Amiable Wed 13-Dec-06 14:17:50

WEll, I was a total slapper in my twenties (it feels soooo long ago!), and would confirm Indians are small, but very generous lovers, but Brazilians and Irishmen are very well endowed but rather selfish - I know which one I would prefer (although of course the ideal is large and generous!! )

Incidentally, when DP and I were in Germany recently we bought Durex Love condoms and only noticed afterwards they are for the "little devil in you" !! great marketing! (and proudly have to add they were too small for us to use! )

kama Wed 13-Dec-06 13:44:35

Message withdrawn

paulaplumpbottom Wed 13-Dec-06 13:26:53

I think men of African descent are suppose to be ample and gifted.

themoon66 Wed 13-Dec-06 13:24:03

Never shagged an asian that i can remember But I 'knew' an arab who was very large and talented.

expatinscotland Wed 13-Dec-06 12:44:03

Or hoovers, UCM .

UCM Wed 13-Dec-06 12:43:30

Think Marra's EPIS

expatinscotland Wed 13-Dec-06 12:40:43

I like big, throbbing ones.

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