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I haven't seen a thread about Brussels today?

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ClashOfUsernames Sat 21-Nov-15 21:59:19

How long will they keep the city shut down for?

WorraLiberty Sat 21-Nov-15 21:59:40

Can you link please?

WorraLiberty Sat 21-Nov-15 22:00:57

Oh it's just come on the news now.

anonooo Sun 22-Nov-15 21:28:44

Was meant to go there for work tomorrow. Been advised not to travel. It's an extraordinary situation. Must be hell to be there. So weird.

trixymalixy Sun 22-Nov-15 21:31:02

I'm supposed to be going to Brussels on Friday and travelling to a high profile sporting event on public transport. I keep changing my mind about whether to go or not. Must be stressful for those living there.

7Days Sun 22-Nov-15 21:34:21

A lot may have changed by Friday, Trixymalixy. Hopefully they'll have apprehended whatever they fear is in the works. I don't think I'd go in this climate

Wiifitmama Sun 22-Nov-15 21:39:00

I started a thread on this yesterday as we are due to go to Bruges (via Brussels by Eurostar) on December 22nd for a week with 3 kids. I am reluctant to go but my do is more open minded. We are doing a home exchange and we skyoed with the exchange family tonight to discuss it. They still want to come and if we cancel, they can't. Makes me feel enormously guilty but I am very stressed over it.

trixymalixy Sun 22-Nov-15 21:42:45

7days, I'm almost hoping they'll cancel it so the decision is taken out of my hands tbh.

Mintyy Sun 22-Nov-15 21:44:25

I am worried. Have very good friends there, supposed to be having a nice relaxing weekend away ...

7Days Sun 22-Nov-15 21:48:28

I can understand that trixymalixy.

Very worrying indeed. Do you think the Belgian authorities may be overstating their fears somewhat after Paris?

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Sun 22-Nov-15 22:16:07

There's meant to be a news conference later when the operations are over.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 22-Nov-15 22:17:41

dh goes regularly and is due to go in a couple of weeks. They cant keep it shut down forever. No metro, no school etc. Its going to have a huge impact on daily lives.

trixymalixy Sun 22-Nov-15 22:19:42

An article I have just read says that Brussels could potentially be on lock down all week and not much chance of the Davis cup going ahead!!

Wiifitmama Sun 22-Nov-15 22:25:05

Could you link to that article please?

trixymalixy Sun 22-Nov-15 22:27:51

Wiifitmama Sun 22-Nov-15 22:37:58

Thank you

LimboNovember Mon 23-Nov-15 15:24:00

conversely I would think right now is a good time to go.

I cant see anyone trying to arrange attack with streets of police and the army etc.

people on the streets, and all services are on high alert, I would imagine its when all this has died down, people forget will be worse time to go..

rainydaygrey Mon 23-Nov-15 17:00:50

Limbo I agree that it's a good time to go in terms of safety, but a bad time if you actually want to do a bit of shopping and sightseeing. And if it's for work, I should imagine that a lot of people are having to stay away from work due to transport and child care issues.

I live relatively close to Brussels and I wouldn't go there at the moment, not at all because of security concerns (I'm sure it's safer than Amsterdam and London at the moment) but because what would be the point with everything shut?

Wiifitmama I can well understand and sympathise with your fear, but I think you are worrying unnecessarily. I don't think a week in a family home in Bruges is particularly risky and while I have no idea about the current security situation (who does?!?), changing trains in Brussels is not going to be a big risk. Really. flowers

gastropod Tue 24-Nov-15 10:02:25

I'm in Brussels, day four of the lockdown, kids off school, no metro... wondering quite how we're supposed to start "returning to normal life" tomorrow, when the schools re-open. It doesn't feel like much has been achieved since Saturday really.
All feels very surreal. I don't feel unsafe - just uncertain!

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 24-Nov-15 11:06:49

How has it been with living the practicalities of life Gastropod? Things like going to the supermarket, doing day to day stuff?

gastropod Tue 24-Nov-15 12:09:48

Day to day stuff seems OK though to be honest I haven't done much except a quick food shop on Sunday. My neighbourhood felt a bit quiet, but certainly not deserted. Off to the bank later so we'll see. I suspect it will feel the same as usual, not least if people are avoiding the centre and keeping to their own little parts of the city.

I've not been anywhere near the centre of town myself either, and will feel uneasy doing so for a while, I think. Have an evening event tomorrow across town - would usually go by metro but haven't decided if I can face it yet.

trixymalixy Tue 24-Nov-15 13:53:05

Gastropod, can I pick your brains please? We were planning to get the train to Ghent at the weekend, but are now thinking of just getting a taxi straight there from the airport. Do you have any idea how much that would cost? Are airport taxis more expensive than other taxis like they are in the UK?

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 24-Nov-15 14:15:41

Thanks for answering smile It must feel odd to say the least. Good luck with your decision tomorrow.

gastropod Tue 24-Nov-15 14:39:59

trixymalixy I can understand why you'd prefer to get a taxi rather than the train, though the authorities haven't advised against train travel (all Belgian trains have been running, even though some smaller local stations in Brussels were closed).
I'm not sure how much a taxi would cost - certainly over 100 euros I'd imagine. Have you thought about pre-booking a taxi? We have used Autolux a couple of times as they have good fixed rates to the airport. (I've never booked a pickup with them from the airport though.)

Anyway we just got back from our little outing. Managed the bank and then a hot chocolate in a local cafe. All felt rather quiet and subdued (on the other hand it is a grey, damp Tuesday afternoon in November), and bank was only opening doors to those with a pre-arranged appointment. But at least we got out for a while.

trixymalixy Tue 24-Nov-15 22:08:05

Thanks gastropod, I've contacted them for a quote. I've also had another online quote from a taxi firm at 90 eur each way. I'm happy to pay that much, but waiting to hear from the rest of my party.

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