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NHS For Christmas Number One

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NicolaMJ Fri 06-Nov-15 22:19:58

Last year on Christmas day I was in labour (I know, lucky me) and held on until Boxing day to get full use of the facilities the wonderful NHS has to offer in supporting me as I welcomed my son in to the world. This year I want to give back to the NHS by raising awareness of their campaign to get their single 'A Bridge over you' to Christmas number one. If nothing else it has to be better than another X Factor number one! I'm not getting paid to write this, there is absolutely no benefit to me except knowing that I have helped raise awareness of the amazing work that the NHS does as a thank you for the amazing care I received and the special memories they helped me create at Maidstone Birth Center. The money raised goes to charities so there is an added bonus in helping. Support from the public has already been overwhelming with an incredible 140,000 people committing to get the single to number one on Facebook - and with this level of public support the Christmas number one is in reach!
Please look at the campaign page and support the NHS this Christmas.
Thank you
Nicola x

squidzin Sun 08-Nov-15 17:44:22

Have shared on FB
Hopefully rub it in psycopath Hunt's face that he is destroying something we all invest in.

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