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Arrhythmia Alliance charity launched.....

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butterflymum Fri 14-May-04 12:01:28

Designed to maintain the momentum of Arrhythmia Awareness Week, a new charity has been launched to carry forward and expand on the goals of AAAW.

It hopes to promote timely and effective diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias and aims to prevent future tragic sudden deaths in young people as well as improve the quality of life for all those living with heart rhythm disorders.

Their main website is
and details of the launch can be read at

the new Arrythmia Alliance charity

butterflymum Thu 20-May-04 14:32:47

Expatkat and Evita, have you had a chance to have a look at this website yet? Thought it may be of help/interest to you both?


expatkat Thu 20-May-04 14:35:17

Yes, I looked at it ages ago--thanks for thinking of us Butterflymum.

butterflymum Thu 20-May-04 22:08:54

No problem expatkat, but wonder if the one you looked at was the original Arrhythmia Awareness Week site that I posted a while back. The one at the start of this post is for the charity that has been formed out of the Awareness Week to really move things forward and involve as many appropriate agencies as possible in working alongside the government to achieve better understanding of needs etc and, ultimately, better treatment.

Either way, hope it has been of some interest and now you are back in the UK, that you may be able to relate these sites to the experience you have over here of knowledge/diagnosis/treatment etc.

Trust you are well at the moment.


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