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Nick Berg

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phatcat Thu 13-May-04 13:15:53

I just can't get the awful awful beheading of Nick Berg out of my head and keep thinking about what his poor parents must be going through. It's unbearable to think of someone who was once your baby coming to that end. I feel as shocked as I did at 9/11. I don't know what else to say, it's really beyond words. No-one is talking about it where I work.

Tinker Thu 13-May-04 13:21:26

I agree it is utterly horrific but made worse by seeing the video, possibly. Hostages have been beheaded before (Daniel Pearl, the engineers in Chechenya). Can't even begin to imagine what his family are going through

I do wonder what the CIA are playing at though. Inciting US guards to commit humiliatiing crimes on prisoners for what reason precisely? There would obviously be a backlash. What backlash are they trying to achieve?

Furball Thu 13-May-04 13:21:48

I felt like posting something this myself. Truely horrific. Very distressing.

dottee Thu 13-May-04 13:38:23

DP used to work in Saudi. As soon as the pictures came out of the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners, he predicted something like this would happen. Don't forget about that poor Italian bloke a couple of weeks ago. I also keep thinking about the naked Iraqi who got savaged by the dog. What a terrible state we're in!

Dp was once forced to watch a beheading. He was minding his own business during his free time in Saudi and he saw a crowd. Seeing that he is a Westerner, the crowd encouraged him to go to the front and then he saw the man who was about to be executed. They wanted dp to have a 'ringside seat' because they wanted to prove to a member of the Western world that their culture is right. DP will not even look at watermelon now!

phatcat Thu 13-May-04 14:35:20

I can't believe what I just overheard - two of the young geeky guys at work actually JOKING about having watched the video of it on the internet. I felt like letting rip at them but would probably have ended up looking like a fool in tears. I think that's what is especially shocking about this death over and above all the others - the fact that it's on the internet and will just become cheap horror schlock entertainment.

lou33 Thu 13-May-04 14:39:01

I think the site that hosted it has shut it down now.

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