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Hungarian journalist deliberately tripping and kicking refugees

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cansu Thu 17-Sep-15 17:23:52

Don't know if anyone else has seen this but am completely shocked by this woman's behaviour. Refugees fleeing Hungarian police, journalist deliberately trips man running carrying child. She is also caught on camera kicking fleeing refugees. Utterly disgusting.

HirplesWithHaggis Thu 17-Sep-15 17:25:44

She's been sacked, has apologised - and the man is now working as a football coach (his previous job) in Spain.

TurnOffTheTv Thu 17-Sep-15 17:28:36

This was a couple of weeks ago. The guy she tripped now has a job in Spain.

cansu Thu 17-Sep-15 17:29:00

Ok thanks, only justo seen video. Didn't realise this happened a week ago. Should watch news more often I guess. ??

TurnOffTheTv Thu 17-Sep-15 17:29:37

Must stop getting distracted half way through typing and put exactly what the previous poster said :-)

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