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Young child splashed slightly as bus takes corner too quickly....

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Saturn74 Wed 29-Nov-06 15:05:06

Twas a VERY big puddle, according to bystanders (some of whom also got a bit damp around the lower leg area).
And the child......wasn't wearing wellies.
What is the world coming to?

oliveoil Wed 29-Nov-06 15:06:01

it's a disgrace

lock em all up

Saturn74 Wed 29-Nov-06 15:06:40

They would have done, but there weren't any 'Bus Only' parking spaces available!

Skribble Wed 29-Nov-06 15:08:12

hairymclary Wed 29-Nov-06 15:11:42

does anyone else remember the news story (real, i might add) about a bloke who got done for driving without due care and attention after splashing a pedestrian?

Saturn74 Wed 29-Nov-06 15:15:40

Was the pedestrian a magistrate?

RubberDuck Wed 29-Nov-06 15:17:26

PMSL - love the thread title

Cor, I would have loved to have taken a bloke to court once when he completely soaked me by driving past straight through a huge puddle.

Was still cursing him for the whole of the rest of the 20 minute walk home that day...

Saturn74 Wed 29-Nov-06 15:18:56

See, it's a considerable problem that no-one is addressing seriously.
Let's start a campaign - but avoid puddles during any protest marches, obviously!

MrsBadger Wed 29-Nov-06 15:20:18

proper local newspaper - 'Bus Drench Horror' would have made the front page...

Saturn74 Wed 29-Nov-06 15:21:25

hairymclary Wed 29-Nov-06 15:21:26

no, just a saddo with nothing better to do I think. lol

Saturn74 Wed 29-Nov-06 15:40:03

Re the title - apparently it's going to take over 8 hours for the shoes of this poor child to dry out.

RubberDuck Wed 29-Nov-06 15:53:05


I'd sue the bus company. And maybe the local council.

Saturn74 Wed 29-Nov-06 16:09:49


...and the little pair of stripey socks will never, ever recover.

RubberDuck Wed 29-Nov-06 16:11:43

Noooooo.... not the stripey socks....

Saturn74 Wed 29-Nov-06 16:16:06

Yes, RD - the ones with the Wallace and Gromit motif!
They were too badly damaged to be saved, apparently. The mother of the child is expected to hold a press conference soon, praising the work that the socks did in protecting the tootsies of her child.

RubberDuck Wed 29-Nov-06 16:20:32

I think that's possibly the most tragic thing I've read all day ...

marthamoo Wed 29-Nov-06 16:22:03

marthamoo Wed 29-Nov-06 16:22:24

Ooh and an for good measure.

RubberDuck Wed 29-Nov-06 16:45:07

Oh shit. Just realised that I was supposed to just say "oh how sad " and left it at that while rubber-necking.

I really am awfully sorry I buggered up your thread, Humphrey...

Saturn74 Wed 29-Nov-06 16:57:15

Tis not buggered, don't worry!

Alan Wed 29-Nov-06 16:58:33


Saturn74 Sat 18-Oct-08 23:00:58

Bumping this as I know Boysarelikedogs enjoys it when threads are dragged kicking and screaming from the archives. winkgrin

BoysAreLikeZombies Sat 18-Oct-08 23:50:43

<<shakes fist at Humph>>


(have emailed you , you hussy)

Bleedodgy Sat 18-Oct-08 23:57:23

I shit myself for a minute there when I looke dta the date of the OP and thought i'd missed the manchester mn night out!

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