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What Happens When You Post Nazi Propaganda about Migrants in the Daily Mail Comments Section?

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blacksunday Tue 25-Aug-15 19:18:07

Over the past couple of weeks, @DMReporter and I (@BestoftheMail) have been getting more and more aghast by the tone of some of the coverage of the migration in Europe. This is especially apparent in newspaper comment sections where it now seems that literally anything goes.

You can fantasise about how you want to kill them:

You can rejoice in their death:

Or you can compare them to pests, dogs or filth.. (thanks Katie Hopkins)

So as a social experiment, @DMReporter and I wanted to see what level of support the comments would get if we took some famous pieces of Nazi propaganda and changed the word ‘Jew’ with ‘migrant’. For disclosure, a few of the comments we made were blocked by the Mail’s moderators however most of them made it through.

So here’s the original Nazi quote, the updated comment and how it fared when we put it up”

“In this struggle against Judah, there’s only a clear either/or. Any half measure leads to one’s own destruction. Judah and its world must die if humanity wants to live; there is no other choice than to fight a pitiless battle against the Jews in every form”. The Pestilential Miasma of the World by Robert Ley


Icimoi Tue 25-Aug-15 19:25:57

Unsurprising, sadly. Look at the Mail's Hitler-supporting history in the 1930s.

godsavethequeeeen Tue 25-Aug-15 19:29:01


twoboystwogirls Tue 25-Aug-15 21:33:52

It shocks me to see the comments on the Mail site. They are dripping with hatred and contempt. If you had put similar comments up about women they too would have been massively pivoted. It is scary how hateful so many people on that site a.

Macadaamia Wed 26-Aug-15 07:46:25

So does your little 'social experiment' have any structure to it? Or did you just think you'd inflame the hatred further just for fun?

Anonymous4321 Wed 26-Aug-15 17:09:59

It's reasonably obvious what the structure is, isn't it, Macadaamia?

What always gets me with Mail commenters is that they are so utterly miserable, but if anyone quotes facts which logically ought to make them feel happier they downvote them all the more. For instance, they'll whinge like mad about illegal immigrants getting benefits: if someone points out that no illegal immigrant would even claim benefits due to the fact that it would lead to them being found out and deported, they don't want to know.

In that story about the gunman on the train who was successfully brought down by passengers, there were a number saying that if it had happened in the UK the gunman would have got a slap on the wrist from the courts and could have successfully demanded a new house and sued the other passengers and the police for breach of his human rights. But if you pointed out that no criminal has ever sued successfully in those circumstances, and asked how they account for the fact that the prisons are full to bursting if the courts never imprison anyone, you get red arrows well into four figures.

blacksunday Wed 26-Aug-15 18:50:22

> Unsurprising, sadly. Look at the Mail's Hitler-supporting history in the 1930s.

It's unsurprising that the Daily Hatred is full of Fascist bile.

What's scary is that there are so many people - Daily Mail readers evidently - who are so full of hate for immigrants that they're agreeing with Nazi sentiments.

But this government has done its best to demonize the poor, vulnerable, disabled, foreigners.

Such nasty rhetoric and policies aimed at said groups, has allowed a culture of hatred, bigotry and racism to flourish.

blacksunday Wed 26-Aug-15 18:52:01

For example, attacks against disabled people has risen many-fold.

Meanwhile, poverty-porn is a stable of junk television in the UK:

An open letter to channel 5 over their poverty porn and bash the poor TV

"Last night a WHOLE EVENING of poor bashing in the guise of several ‘poverty porn’ benefit programmes in a row looks was shown on Channel Five – a national TV station.It looked like it was made up, a parody of the well heeled media crowd sniggering at the poor but it actually happened. "

areyoubeingserviced Thu 27-Aug-15 08:53:48

I think that the DM should take some of the blame for the increase in racism in this country.
Some of the racist , sexist comments that are allowed through are scary,
i just stopped reading them now

Isitmebut Thu 27-Aug-15 12:51:10

We need newspapers to FACTUALLY hold the government of the day to account far more now since politicians would rather ‘spin’ than tell the truth.

No doubt you would prefer when the pro immigration party had a 1997 parliamentary majority of 179 seats and thinking that they had a mandate to do exactly what want they wanted to do.

“Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser”

“Labour threw open Britain's borders to mass immigration to help socially engineer a "truly multicultural" country, a former Government adviser has revealed.”

A time when the unelected Labour doctors of spin Mandelson, Campbell and a whole new apparatus/department, firmly TOLD the media what they should be focussing on.

A time when Labour had on their side the BBC (who have since apologised for downplaying immigration), the Murdoch empire (with wife Wendy and children having sleepovers in Downing Street) including The Sun, the Daily Mirror, The Observer, The Guardian etc – in fact every mainstream media outlet OTHER than the Daily Mail and Telegraph – and anyone mentioning immigration was called by socialist politicians ’racist’.

Despite the Conservatives in the 2005 General Election asking questions on immigration as a key manifesto policy, the rise of UKIP could be directly traced back to this time, when ‘the people’ became frustrated that no one was speaking up in their language about their frustrations about the new pressure on housing and social services.

The frustration that the government could not see the link between the scale of UK immigration, the jobless indigenous UK population of all races left on the welfare/benefits dependency scrapheap - when it became far easier for good EU member governments to import skills/education/attitude, rather than educate and train UK workers up for their own jobs.

So you may call the Daily Mail what you want, but what is clear is that when you have a government with sofa policy agendas controlling the media like some South American dictatorship, its good to know someone out there will blow the whistle on what they are try to cover up – even if no one listens until its too late.

Isitmebut Thu 27-Aug-15 14:27:52

Here was today's Daily Mail reaction to the annual rise in net UK immigration - not too much 'Nazi' propaganda here - or detail that leaving the EU might sort.

"Net immigration soars to record high of 330,000 as Cameron's pledge to cap numbers arriving in UK is left in tatters"
- 330,00 more people arrived in the UK than left in the 12 months to March
- Some 636,000 migrants arrived in Britain, with 307,000 leaving the country
- The increase was driven by a record 269,000 EU citizens arriving in Britain
- Of that number, 53,000 were Romanian and Bulgarian - up 100% in a year
- Prime Minister gave a 'no ifs no buts' pledge that he would slash migration

All at a time while watching Sky today, I keep hearing that the UK needs to show solidarity with the rest of Europe, in not only receiving THEIR workers, but those seeking a life from the Middle East as well - when surely having dumped their jobless citizens to the UK, the rest of the Eurozone countries have far more room to just accommodate refugees than us.

Would it be awfully controversial to mention we are currently only building 145,000 new UK homes a year, with a huge annual home build backlog/demand dating back to the early 2000's - or does that make ME 'a Nazi' as well?

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