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Possible piece of debris from MAS370 found

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SophiesDog Wed 29-Jul-15 21:05:08

Part of a wing has been found on the island of Reunion (sorry can't do accent) which is near Madagascar off Southern Africa.

Based on currents, if it is part of the plane this fits in with where they are searching though of course it could have come from a different area too.

There is a number on the part and it's all up in the air while they try and figure out if it might be part of the missing plane. Seems the right sort of size for a 777 flaperon.

Bit excited smile though of course it might all be for nothing.


wooldonor Wed 29-Jul-15 21:09:02

It is good to think that maybe the mystery will finally be solved.

I hope they can identify one way or the other without too much delay. It's amazing nothing at all has been found before now

SophiesDog Wed 29-Jul-15 21:17:51

Well, if there's one piece then there may well be more in the vicinity.

It might just be enough to provide a couple of clues as to how it went down, and dispel a few of the theories (Northern arc, landing somewhere etc)

which would be a very useful thing.

MyBeloved Thu 30-Jul-15 00:01:09

I hope for the bereaved loved ones' sakes that they can finally start to piece together what might have happened.

SophiesDog Thu 30-Jul-15 06:18:39

Rumour has it that it looks very likely to be from the missing plane.

However we need to wait for the investigators to announce this if so.

If it's from a 777 then it's almost certainly from that one.

Spartans Thu 30-Jul-15 07:37:05

The serial number has been found and they have just said they are almost certain it's mh370. Just hope it leads to finding the rest of the plane.

SophiesDog Thu 30-Jul-15 07:43:43

Not a serial number but it could be a maintenance number.

seaoflove Thu 30-Jul-15 07:51:21

Here's hoping the families finally get some answers.

Spartans Thu 30-Jul-15 07:57:29

sophie not sure. Dh is a plane buff but still asleep, me not so much so I don't the difference grin

The 'expert' on the news said serial number so not sure

SophiesDog Thu 30-Jul-15 08:04:17

I'm just going by the Press conference a few minutes ago Spartan smile

There is a PDF of the parts manual elsewhere and the part reference being discussed but that's a bit beyond me, even as a fellow plane buff.

There hasn't been another relevant hull loss - if it's from a triple at all, then it's from that triple. Couldn't sleep since hearing about it smile

patterkiller Thu 30-Jul-15 08:10:14

I think all the 'smilies' are a bit off.

SophiesDog Thu 30-Jul-15 08:13:22

I apologise. It is difficult to get the tone right. Obviously this is completely awful if it means that there is no hope of survivors although we kind of knew that already. Nothing about the situation is wonderful or cheerful.

I am pleased though if a bit of evidence has been found - really, really pleased.

I'm also trying to be friendly towards other posters.

I'm sorry if I have got it wrong.

Spartans Thu 30-Jul-15 08:59:34

You can think the smiles are off all. I was trying to convey a friendly tone to the OP, so it was misinterpreted as me being shitty because she was disagreeing with me.

Spartans Thu 30-Jul-15 09:13:18

As I said, I am not a plane buff. But i believe its flap from the right wing. Is that classed as the Hull?

I thought the hull was the body of the plane. There is a small chance its from the air france crash, but I have no idea if all the flaps from that crash were found.

PeterParkerSays Thu 30-Jul-15 09:21:17

Spartans, my understanding is that hte part os probably from a 777, and the Malaysian plane is the only 777 to have gone down in the southern hemisphere. The air France plane which crashed was a different model.

Seffina Thu 30-Jul-15 09:29:44

Are there many other planes it could have come from?

The plane first disappeared about a week before DS was born, and being heavily pregnant I wasn't sleeping much so watched a lot of coverage, it doesn't seem nearly 17 months ago.

SideOrderofChips Thu 30-Jul-15 10:05:02

Since the 777 was released in 1994, only 5 have crashed including MH370. The other 4 are all accounted for. So therefore if it is identified as a 777 is is most likely to be MH370

SophiesDog Thu 30-Jul-15 10:40:03

Spartans sorry for the confusion. Hull loss means the loss of an airframe, as in an accident that writes it off or it crashes and is destroyed.

As others have now explained this is the only unaccounted for triple 7, and that indicates that should this piece be from a 777 then it is very unlikely to have come from anywhere but MH370.

I didn't think you were being unfriendly and I'm glad you didn't interpret my disagreement as unfriendly either as you could have done. smile

It is of course a horrible tragedy. But I think most of the informed world wants to find the thing so it can be established what went wrong, and possibly even why.

It must be horrible for the relatives of those who were lost.

SophiesDog Thu 30-Jul-15 10:41:25

People are also suggesting it could be from the Yemenia flight that went down in 2009? but that was an Airbus afaik.

drivinmecrazy Thu 30-Jul-15 11:14:16

does this find (if it is proved to be from the plane) make it more likely they can find the rest of the wreckage? can they accurately use tides to pinpoint its likely origin?

SophiesDog Thu 30-Jul-15 11:32:20

Regarding current mapping and drift analysis &c there's been some discussion about it but it doesn't look likely to change the search area.

The thing is the ocean is a bit like a pinball game, it can be very random, but there's nothing I can find to suggest it wouldn't fit with the existing theory about where the aircraft went down.

It may provide small indications as to how and why, butwithout further wreckage and/or DFDR/CVR being located we won't know the full story - and even then we may not.

drivinmecrazy Thu 30-Jul-15 11:44:23

SophiesDog do you think this will encourage the powers that be to continue the search for further wreckage? I get the impression that they had all but given up their search. I hope it does for all the families involved

SophiesDog Thu 30-Jul-15 13:16:17

I really don't know the answer to that. I should say I like planes, I'm not any sort of expert but I try and keep up with those who are so what I'm telling you on here is mainly second hand.

I certainly hope the search will continue.

Spartans Thu 30-Jul-15 13:54:31

I didn't think you were being unfriendly and I'm glad you didn't interpret my disagreement as unfriendly either as you could have done.

I didn't. I just worry my posts may come over a bit harsh sometimes and didn't want it misinterpreted.

Thank you all for explaining the finer details.

MaidOfStars Thu 30-Jul-15 14:32:27

PPrune are saying that if it's from a 777, it has to be MH370 - there are no other 777 hull losses unaccounted for.

Does that help?

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