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Nicky the Fish is off and running! Nicola Sturgeon continues her anti-English whinge fest

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MrsRossPoldark Tue 14-Jul-15 08:27:21

Wasn't sure whether to post this in AIBU or here! Re the following url and article on Nicola Sturgeon claiming Scots MPs are being treated like second class citizens - excuse me?

Now that English MPs want to vote on an England only issue, she suddenly wants Scots MPs, who she originally said would not be asked to vote on English fox-hunting issues, to vote against the government just to give the Tories a wee reminder that they have a slim mandate? What is the point here?

Suddenly she realises Scots laws are too relaxed and that maybe the Scots should tighten up their own laws on hunting; spots an opportunity to have a go at the English; at the same time aware that English MPs could never vote on Scotland only issues.

Sick of the woman already.

WTF confused

Isitmebut Tue 14-Jul-15 10:16:38

Scotland’s SNP Westminster S.A.S. (Sturgeon’s Awkward Squad) MP’s do NOTHING BUT whine, asking for evermore powers when thy don’t use the ones given e.g. to soak their rich, increasing THEIR welfare/benefits, and now insisting that England’s voters should NOT have a final say in England only matters.

It appears that all 56 SNP MP’s do is just make more self interest ‘noise’ whether it makes sense to anyone else and if anything, turn people off Scotland.

In the Westminster PMQT the other week, including the SNP leaders questions, they had I believe FIVE questions, and ALL of them basically challenged the SAME issue, that England should vote on English only issues as Scotland’s Holyrood has the final say on THEIR issues e.g. Scotland charge no university fees, yet Scottish Westminster MP’s carried Labour’s policy to START charging students studying in English universities.

As to Sturgeon’s whinge on the radio earlier today that ‘Cameron does not respect the SNP’;

The problem is Sturgeon campaigned and sold the Scottish electorate a pup that Scottish democracy sending 56 Westminster MP’s representing 5 million in Scotland (of the 64 million population within the UK) would DICTATE the much larger UK’s policies.

Didn’t the socialists in Greece,used to piggy backing their ‘nice’ economy/spending off of their EU membership just make a similar mistake, thinking that their democracy is more important than the democracies within the other 18 Eurozone members citizens paying the bills?

Sturgeon and her SNP if anything, needs to have more respect for those OUTSIDE Scotland, as with Brent Oil around $56 a barrel (half of what they were COUNTING on a year ago) as if not still in the UK and within the old Barnett Formula (paid come what may) as Scotland receives £10,500 per head versus £8,500 per head in the same England the SNP INSISTS shouldn’t have the rights of Scotland to have the final say in own issues – Scotland would be economically ‘Donald’, as in Donald Ducked.

December 2014; “Oil rout would have wrecked an independent Scotland’s finances”

Icimoi Tue 14-Jul-15 13:06:05

Very childish thread title

Isitmebut Tue 14-Jul-15 13:38:11

A cyber-nats title would be far more grown up, with at least one feck and a physical threat.

MrsRossPoldark Tue 14-Jul-15 15:06:53

Icimoi: if that's your only contribution, I'm better off without you. A bit like a Scottish MP?

cdtaylornats Tue 14-Jul-15 15:29:39

It's the sheer ignorance of most SNP supporters that annoys me. I was discussing the policies with some the other day and suggested Sturgeon should be called "nine of diamonds", they thought it must be a compliment. I do get annoyed being called unpatriotic by people who don't know history.

Isitmebut Tue 14-Jul-15 15:52:11

cdtaylornats .... "nine of diamonds"?

OK I'll bite, go on, I could Google but I've found that on historical matters, I "like the way you tell 'em".

MrsRossPoldark Tue 14-Jul-15 18:20:48

Extract from Wikipedia (yes I looked it up!):

The expression "Curse of Scotland" is sometimes used simply to refer to an occasion of bad luck at cards and can also refer to generally unwanted situations in Scotland, such as swarms of midges...

...or SNP MPs? (With apologies for earlier reference to 'Scottish MPs' when I meant SNP MPs specifically)

Isitmebut Wed 15-Jul-15 00:04:23

On that basis if the one party Scotland if carries on UP THERE the way they are down here, they will find no one mentioning Holyrood by name, the parliament will have a vague description, similar to the bad luck (superstition) of similar actors and drama queens, regarding 'the Scottish play'.

Inkanta Wed 15-Jul-15 07:44:35

I'm English and I like Nicola's style. She talks openly about her need to challenge Cameron in this way. Good for her - she's a fish with guts and a refreshing change.

MrsRossPoldark Wed 15-Jul-15 16:58:48

So this is all about Ms Sturgeon's need to challenge???

Sounds like she has some unresolved issues if she thinks that voting on the fox hunting issue just to remind Cameron of his slim mandate is a good idea. It's a waste of parliamentary time and a missed opportunity for the new SNP MPs to prove that they were serious when they claimed they wouldn't vote on English issues. rUK knew she'd change direction as soon as she was in Westminster. Actually, she isn't so can she please stop meddling and let the democratically elected SNP MPs get on with their job?

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