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Possible terrorist attack in France

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DoctorTwo Fri 26-Jun-15 11:08:08

BBC link here. I'm watching on RT as for some reason none of my BBC channels are working. The link says it's in Lyon, RT reports it's Grenoble.

Samcro Fri 26-Jun-15 11:08:58

how awful

alteredimages Fri 26-Jun-15 11:13:30

Really horrible. I hope those responsible are brought to justice.

DoctorTwo Fri 26-Jun-15 11:20:33

Sorry, my BBC channels aren't working.

From the information I'm getting from RT and a quick online browse one man has been killed and one is under arrest.

alteredimages Fri 26-Jun-15 11:25:20

Now saying that several others are injured. sad

redshoeblueshoe Fri 26-Jun-15 11:41:25

On sky one man beheaded in Grenoble. Tragic.

Fatstacks Fri 26-Jun-15 12:09:41

Bloody nutters sad

DoctorTwo Fri 26-Jun-15 12:13:15

Just switched to Aljazeera and they're reporting a bomb in a Shia mosque in Kuwait City.

honeycrest Fri 26-Jun-15 13:00:07

I've seen reports of an attack on tourists in Tunisia too with several deaths sad

WeekendDilemma Fri 26-Jun-15 13:12:12

There seem to be three things going on?

An attack on two hotels

A bomb at a mosque in Kuwait

And the French gas plant?


honeycrest Fri 26-Jun-15 13:22:17

It's now being reported that there is at least 19 dead in Tunisia.

Mypubesarestraight Fri 26-Jun-15 13:23:53

What the hell is going on sad

leccybill Fri 26-Jun-15 13:27:00

Oh god. This is awful.

ManuscriptsDontBurn Fri 26-Jun-15 13:31:12

There is a well-known rise in violence during ramadan (inc within muslim states, ie muslin on muslim violence).

MyBeloved Fri 26-Jun-15 13:34:12

Islamic state flag found at the scene in France and shot terrorist had scriptures from the Koran on him.sad

SirChenjin Fri 26-Jun-15 13:34:29

Are they breeding these nutters somewhere? They seem to be multiplying, and achieving precisely FA except turning people against Islam. Or is that the point?

tribpot Fri 26-Jun-15 13:39:48

BBC have now tweeted 27 dead in Tunisia.

DoctorTwo Fri 26-Jun-15 14:00:57

That's what ITV is reporting too tribpot, plus one gunman dead and another on the loose.

WisteriaRose Fri 26-Jun-15 14:15:39

It's so awful sad A terrible day.

GobblersKnob Fri 26-Jun-15 14:16:20

It just seems insane, and appears to be escalating, I can't get my head around it sad

Isitmebut Fri 26-Jun-15 14:54:12

The holy (fasting) month of Ramadan has just started and some top knob in ISIS has called on followers to attack soft targets during the lunar month to mark the one year anniversary of their new caliphate - so it is therefore likely there will be more to come in the weeks ahead.

Fatstacks Fri 26-Jun-15 14:56:42

Fucks sake.
Just what we need when Ramadan is contentious already, an associate burst of violence.

mairead10 Fri 26-Jun-15 15:51:54

OMG horrific, 27 dead in Tunisia, reports saying mainly British and German tourists. 28 dead in a mosque in Kuwait.

Rainbunny Fri 26-Jun-15 17:28:09

It's horrific and it seems that at the Kuwait and Tunisia attacks are connected to ISIS, I don't know if ISIS specifically is connected to the attack in France? The whole Middle East seems to be going up in flames due to this evil death cult. I honestly can only see this ending with full blown war between the west and the future ISIS controlled Middle East territories. I apologise for my unsophisticated conclusion, I know I'm rather lumping together the various countries in the middle East and it's a more complex than that but I don't se how else this can end.

Squidzin Fri 26-Jun-15 20:25:34

Your conclusion as valid given the rise of isis.
The Saudis fund isis and are also close allies to the usa, which has prevented intervention so far, but the special bond is weakening.

All we need is russia involved and WW3 awaits.

Good work Bush/Blair.

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