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Leicester have sacked those three players

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AdventureBe Wed 17-Jun-15 19:39:10

Good for them. Easier decision for the club than if they were top players worth loads of money (none of these three are very good) but one is the manager's son, so I imagine there have been some interesting conversations.

A lesson for other young footballers I hope.

LizardBreath Wed 17-Jun-15 19:46:28

Excellent decision. Was concerned it would all get swept under the carpet. Vile people.

CtrlAltDelicious Wed 17-Jun-15 19:49:26

Good. Though just the tip of a well-ingrained culture of entitled misogyny, I suspect.

AdventureBe Wed 17-Jun-15 19:50:16

I think it was the racism, not the misogyny that got them sacked.

claig Wed 17-Jun-15 20:20:55

Good. Anything else would have been like turning a blind eye.

AdventureBe Thu 18-Jun-15 15:20:32

Leicester have another player to deal with now. This will be interesting, pure misogyny (no racism accusation) and the player can actually play and has featured regularly in the first team.

Looking at fans forums, they are universally happy that these three got sacked, which is good.

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