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Was this the most ridiculous interview question ever?

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AdventureBe Wed 17-Jun-15 09:22:30

On R4 this morning. They were talking about the Women who (may) have taken their DC to Syria.

I'm sorry I don't know who was talking but he interviewer said "and it's term time too, isn't it strange that they went/were allowed to go in term time?" Or words to that effect.

Do you reckon they got the absence authorised? grin

DeeWe Wed 17-Jun-15 10:28:26

That was mentioned on MN on the other thread too.

I'd reckon that a pilgrimage, which is what they said they were going on, might well be authorised.

And even if it wasn't you see on here people's reaction to a holiday not being authorised as "oh well, I'll go and risk getting fined."

AdventureBe Wed 17-Jun-15 10:30:59

I didn't realise there was another thread sorry. I just can't imagine someone in the planning stages of taking DC off to a do what ever it is they're planning to do thinking "oh yes, must get the school absence authorised"

Isitmebut Wed 17-Jun-15 11:31:09

As I thought that their original destination was Medina in Saudi Arabia (from where I believe they are have thought to travel on), how they got time off from school was my first thought.

If that was correct, using my back of a fag packet knowledge of the Muslim faith while not wishing to offend posting my ignorance on the subject – (but) that poses more questions than answers of why they’d be there at this time.

Firstly if for Ramadan, that begins in a few days time, lasts a lunar month, with the Eid holiday straight after.

If in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj (pilgrimage that every physically able Muslim should do once in there life) it is in Mecca, not Medina, and that is not for a few months yet.

Similar for the Umrah, the 'lesser pilgrimage'.

Medina is the second holiest Saudi city, it has an important mosque or two and the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad, but to my ignorant CoE knowledge, there was no religious calendar significance to being there at this time.

Moreover if travelling the Saudi Arabia it was my experience years ago you needed visas/permission to enter, and with Middle East tensions, that is unlikely or having been relaxed.

So the R4 question if to the family, could unlock some answers if we knew what the heck they were doing there in the first place.

P.S. If now thought they never got to Saudi Arabia, dismiss my ramblings.

shitebag Wed 17-Jun-15 11:37:44

Yes, I think it was an incredibly stupid and crass comment possibly attempting to inject some humour into the story.

There are 3 men and 9 children caught up in those selfish women's acts, not a joking matter as far as I'm concerned.

Would've been interesting to see whether the same comments would be spouted had the fathers disappeared with their children.

Isitmebut Wed 17-Jun-15 11:47:05

'What if' there was a valid reason for these women and children to have travelled to Medina e.g. visit family, and their brother, an ISIS follower, has with a few ISIS muckers, had them kidnapped - threatening the children?

Am I right saying that two children did not travel on?

If so, why not, where are they?

Isitmebut Wed 17-Jun-15 14:19:59

Re Schools; according to the BBC news just now, it appears there was no permission given to be out of school, but they were aware that the absence was for 'a pilgrimage'.

Now I have no idea of the teaching faith of those at the schools listening to that excuse, but if as I think that there wasn't a genuine religious pilgrimage calendar 'event', they should have known that, ergo its yer common family holiday in a hot country.

Also, one of the sisters has not got in touch to say that they are in Syria, with no further details given.

AdventureBe Wed 17-Jun-15 15:21:18

Can't a pilgrimage be to any site of religious significance at any time? I know there are specific pilgrimages at certain times, but can't you also make your own pilgrimage?

What difference would it make if the school did suspect it was just a family holiday in a hot place, rather than a genuine pilgrimage? What difference would that have made?

Isitmebut Wed 17-Jun-15 15:48:18

I no longer know many Muslims to check, but when I used to travel the Middle East, the last place those with money would rather be approaching Ramadan, was IN the Middle East - but pilgrimages down there (Saudi Arabia), from here, tend to be during the pilgrimage times, due to the cost and validity e.g. the Hajj only to Mecca, during the Hajj time, September this year I believe.

And the cost when the family could make up a coach party, I'd suggest would be an issue if your faith says that you HAVE to join the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca once in your life.

As to the difference between a holiday and a pilgrimage, I was giving the school the benefit of the doubt that they were given a relatively good reason why the mothers HAD to take their children out of school.

We can sit here and say it should not make a difference, but I don't know in Bradford if this is allowed, nay common place, do you?

Isitmebut Thu 18-Jun-15 08:45:44

Today we here that this 'pilgrimage' was attempted by the three sisters and children in March, but for some reason it triggered time consuming security questions at the airport that meant they missed their flights.

My point on why miss Mecca on any pilgrimage has been answered by the ticketing shown for which they received a full refund - Mecca was included, so would have appeared more genuine, even if outside known religious time table events. IMO.

Now of course the police/security services are being blamed for letting them go the second time, even though they tend to respond to family and friends tip offs, which so far appears not to have happened.

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