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Con and Lab to make young adults second class citizens..

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Spinflight Fri 01-May-15 16:28:10

I'm amazed this hasn't received more coverage and is going to be a huge issue for anyone with children.

With the prospect of a hung parliament there are very few things that the tories and labour agree on, so very little that is likely to actually be passed into law.

One thing they do agree on is removing benefits from the under 24s though.

So once your children turn 18 they are entitled to vote, to sign contracts, to fight for their country but not entitled to the same safety net of the welfare state as any other adult?

What happened to equality under the law? What right do those scumbags have to reclassify my children as second class citizens?

I know what they are thinking, under 24s don't tend to vote so they are an easy target to be bullied. How much is this going to cost their parents though?

Who gives a fig what tiny tax breaks ( for normal people, millionaires will get big tax breaks) or worthless promises the scumbag politicians give us when the one thing they agree on will cost 10 million households thousands of pounds per year? Do you really want your 18 yr old children loitering around the house for five years because they can't move out to find work ( which is the only bloody way they can find work now)?

It doesn't help when all the big parties do nothing but denigrate our young adults. Ten years or so ago they were the best and the brightest when labours dodgy exam results gave us bumper harvests every year. Now they are told they are lazy, feckless parasites who aren't any where near as good as a hard working immigrant!

This is a principle we can't accept. All men and women are equal as adults and as subjects.

I am sick and tired of idiots born with silver spoons in their mouths denigrating our children and making things as difficult as possible for them.

Things are hard enough. Competing against middle aged new arrivals when you have little or no experience in the job market for minimum wage / zero hour jobs that you can't live on. Huge student loans to pay back in some cases. That Eton chump has doubled the amount of debt they have all inherited ( must be close to £50,000 per person now) and most of them will struggle ever to buy a house.

I am bloody furious!

Pootles2010 Fri 01-May-15 16:31:25

I agree - although it is my children I am afraid for, it is those whose parents cannot - or will not - help them. Which is, of course, the children who will need this help!

I can't imagine what will happen to them. Homeless? Will they starve? Will they literally get nothing?

And I assume this will only apply to those without children of their own?

Pootles2010 Fri 01-May-15 16:31:52

Sorry - of course is not my children, I meant.

Spinflight Fri 01-May-15 16:46:54

Not their children though. They are all milionaires. They have no idea how much it costs to keep a young adult in the house.

Meanwhile their kids get secreted into the best schools and given a job telling us lies as soon as they want it.

prh47bridge Fri 01-May-15 18:15:55

The Conservatives proposal is that under 25s would lose their automatic right to Housing Benefit and JSA if they refuse to take up offers of work, training or education. Not quite as dramatic as the OP suggests.

Spinflight Sat 02-May-15 01:07:53

Same tories that made the phone number to claim in the first place premium rate? Wife of a friend had to spend over forty quid on calls just to get an appointment. Noone is that naive...

You trust those munificent tories to come up with fair solutions to working class problems if you like... You might even find yourself the first person to do so!

Labour are no better. Should be ashamed of themselves.

Come to think of it labour voted in the equalities act which... Made ageism illegal! Tories then enacted it in 2010.

Strange there are no laws proposed to make it harder for a millionaire's children to leave home.

AtomicDog Sat 02-May-15 01:14:40

Could you just remind me again which party it was that introduced fees for university students?
Clue: it wasn't the one with blue logo

Spinflight Sat 02-May-15 03:33:19

Unfortunately AtomicDog it is always going to be the young that the snide politicians target. Easy game for them, very few of them vote so it doesn't matter how much we bully them, leave them in debt, denigrate them or discriminate against them.

I doubt any generation has had it harder than our young now than since the end of the war. That's the legacy of the last eighteen years of self serving career scumbags.

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