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Katie Hopkins. she's got a point!

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killianjones Thu 30-Apr-15 21:20:02

CormoranStrike Fri 01-May-15 07:13:39

I cannot open your link, but is it the badger drawing?

MrsRossPoldark Fri 01-May-15 07:19:21

Try this?

MrsRossPoldark Fri 01-May-15 07:20:19

I know, the link looks the same but there are always 'little anomalies'?!

MrsRossPoldark Fri 01-May-15 07:24:23

Killianjones: actually a really useful summary, if you thing all politicians talk through their backsides!very funny grin

HereIAm20 Fri 01-May-15 10:34:45

Can't believe 67% voted it as racist nonsense. Is so funny. People take themselves too seriously sometimes.

GratefulHead Fri 01-May-15 10:38:47

For once she has genuinely made me laugh,

tyto Fri 01-May-15 10:48:28

I thought it was funny. She should stick to this type of thing and drop the vile troll career.

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