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Leslie Ash

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sobernow Sun 25-Apr-04 23:43:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tinker Sun 25-Apr-04 23:44:55

What's the story????

HiddenSpirit Sun 25-Apr-04 23:57:39


Poor thing, how embarrassing lol

sobernow Sun 25-Apr-04 23:59:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tinker Mon 26-Apr-04 00:00:25

Oh I see. I think. What was she doing? Don't like this. Wasn't he accused a while back of violence - allegedly

WideWebWitch Mon 26-Apr-04 06:33:29

Yep, sounds dodgy to me. Alleged assault and then retracted? Hmm. Poor woman.

motherinferior Mon 26-Apr-04 08:20:21

Exactly the same alarm bells ringing for me.

Toothache Mon 26-Apr-04 08:37:06

I don't know about this.... surely if she wanted to cover up domestic violence she would've made up a less embarassing story?? She tripped whilst doing aerobics.... or something like that? I just don't think she would make up this mortally embarassing story and blab it to the press.

marialuisa Mon 26-Apr-04 09:11:20

don''t think she put out the story, he did. also call me cynical but maybe she thought it would sound so bizarre that people would believe it, rather than the raised eyebrows over the "I fell down the stairs" type story.

ks Mon 26-Apr-04 09:16:01

Message withdrawn

ks Mon 26-Apr-04 09:16:18

Message withdrawn

juniper68 Mon 26-Apr-04 09:18:13

yes, don't agree with his version of events. He's known to be violent. If it were my DH I'd wait til he was sleeping........

Batters Mon 26-Apr-04 10:00:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WSM Tue 04-May-04 15:09:07

Have only just read this report on ananova. Energentic sex, my arse. Will she EVER learn, he has a lonnnnnng and well documented history of violence ?

sobernow Tue 04-May-04 15:27:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Janh Tue 04-May-04 15:31:22

RE the "energetic sex" - one report I saw at the weekend said they have a new, springy mattress - have horrible visions of her cannoning off it (ugh)

And their kids go to boarding school...just as well I should think.

noddy5 Tue 04-May-04 15:38:32

apparently when the ambulance arrived they were both fully dressed.Considering they were having sex a bit odd

Blu Tue 04-May-04 15:44:48

Bloody difficult to hget dressed with broken rib and collapsed lung, IME!

Janh Tue 04-May-04 15:48:14

Oooh, Blu, how did you get *yours* then?

Northerner Tue 04-May-04 15:48:25

My dh used to work at their rstaurant in Leeds _ Teatro's. They would often be there on a Friday or Saturday night and he said they are an absolute pair or tossers. All of the staff hated them being around, they would get really drunk and have mega rows with each other, and Leslie is apparantly a bit of a slapper. Leslie Trash they used to call her. Anyway, the restaurant went bust. One day dh had a job, the next he didn't.

shopaholic Tue 04-May-04 15:48:29

Feel sorry for her but if she is lying (as everyone thinks) surely she is saying this kind of thing is ok by covering it up

Blu Tue 04-May-04 15:57:59

JanH: (actually fell off pony as teenager.) (not in a state of undress, obviously)

donnie Tue 04-May-04 16:35:27

youré not related to Catherine the Great are you Blu??( snigger!).I do feel slightly sorry for leslie ash but then I remember that trout pout and just think 'how could she?'I guess her heydey is over....

Twinkie Tue 04-May-04 16:40:14

Said in tghe paper that she felt insecure that as he got older he got more and more attractive - sorry love wipe that shit out of your eyes ause I don't know anyone else who finds Lee Chapman - violent Husband, Ex Footballer and Drunk Attractive!!

lou33 Tue 04-May-04 16:42:41

I think it is a shame she has possibly spent years covering up his domestic abuse, and giving her children such a terrible example of how a relationship should be. She is probably too scared of repercussions to admit to the real reason, if he has hit her over the years. If it is the case she should take her children and go. Very sad.

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