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Lemondrizzletwunt Fri 13-Feb-15 15:19:04

Am posting here for traffic after this died a death in chat those lighthearted bastards not commenting on my political thread grin

Sorry if this has been raised before, but I have just seen this is happening:

As a staunch leftie, I don't really know what to think? My initial thought is that whilst mocking UKIP, C4 might be giving UKIP more of a stage than they already have, and that can't be a good thing...

Not to be a sheep or anything, but what do you think of this?

Isitmebut Fri 13-Feb-15 15:36:46

Personally I'd rather it had been 'UKIP's LAST 100-Days', but there we go.

On balance I have to agree with you, for UKIP no matter how portrayed, its 'oxygen' they have recently appeared to run out of - while still trying to work out HOW they produce a credible General Election Manifesto to please every other party's supporters - and retain those they have.

It must be tough on the doorsteps trying to sell the chameleon party to potential voters asking for policies - so any publicity works, when for a brief spell, it seemed only Mr Farage was allowed to speak in public.

Isitmebut Fri 13-Feb-15 15:38:56

P.S. When are they going to let poor Claig back out of her box?

Lemondrizzletwunt Fri 13-Feb-15 15:46:56

Thanks Isitme smile

That's exactly what I meant, giving them oxygen is a bad idea; it motivates the xenophobes and depresses the left. I applaud free speech, but think C4 is being irresponsible.

It's funny though, I've never really seen them as a chameleon party, maybe I just don't read enough. They were a single-issue group when they started (and were all the way up until they realised they may have to pull their fingers out and get some other policies) and they have the backing of the cunts at Britain First. That's pretty undisguised twittery to me!

Lemondrizzletwunt Fri 13-Feb-15 15:47:32

Argh, *twattery, not twittery. My laptop is trying to censor me.

claig Fri 13-Feb-15 15:55:43

It's very good news. The lefty metropolitan elite think they will stop the People's Army with these kind of programmes, but of course it won't work.

The people will just laugh. The metropolitan elite only speak to the converted, they can't reach the people.

Channel 4 wanted to give Farage a chance to speak after the screening of the metropolitan elite style programme on UKIP, but they offered up bouncing lefty Jon Snow and it seems that UKIP may have said no.

But none of it matters. They can't stop the people.

Farage is back and their worst nightmare is that he is sober after a no alcohol January. He's ready for them and they don't stand a chance.

The metropolitan elite don't understand the people. They keep asking UKIP "where is your manifesto?" but Farage confounds the Oxbridge spinners and gravy-train grabbers and graspers when he says it's not about manifestos

'It's about a state of mind, an attitude. We are on the side of the small guy"

They are at a complete loss. This is not what they were taught at public school.

Farage is in touch with the populace when he says

'We will have a fully-costed manifesto, with policies across a range of issues. But I actually think people are looking for the right type of people – they are sick of the college kids of the political class who are in hock to the big corporates. We are different"

We are different, we are the people and they are the PPEs from Oxford.

It's over, they can't stop the people's revolution.

Lemondrizzletwunt Fri 13-Feb-15 16:07:05


Fucking brilliant post. Whilst I happen to think UKIP policies are disgusting, you've made a great argument. I think you're totally right, the British public are completely sick of being lied to. I am certainly sick of being lied to. Take the Tories; they promised so many things, went as far as drawing up a contract between themselves and the electorate, and then not delivering basically all of it, in spectacular fashion. They know this, as well, and have deleted all mention of it from their website. ( More details here )

Does it not worry you, though, that they are being largely bankrolled by ex/disgraced Tory supporters, and are largely made of ex/disgraced Tory MPs?

claig Fri 13-Feb-15 16:09:17

'they have the backing of the cunts at Britain First'

You have to understand the Establishment and the elites and all of their tricks, you have to understand basic conspiracy theory 101 to understand what movements like the EDL, Britain First and Pegida are all about. They are tools to discredit opposition to the Establishment.

Britain First harms UKIP and the Establishment media gives it publicity.

I predicted that PEGIDA was a con and was set up by European elites and that they would collapse it when it had served its purpose and that it would first be spread over Europe in order to have an effect on European elections where the Establishment was being challenged by the people.

PEGIDA is already in the phase of being collapsed in Germany.

"The German anti-Islam group PEGIDA, whose rallies have brought up to 25,000 onto the streets of Dresden in recent weeks, appeared to be all but finished on Thursday after five of its founding members said they were setting up a rival movement."

claig Fri 13-Feb-15 16:16:31

'Does it not worry you, though, that they are being largely bankrolled by ex/disgraced Tory supporters, and are largely made of ex/disgraced Tory MPs?'

Yes, some of that does worry me because it is obvious that the Establishment will have to try and put some of its people into UKIP in order to try and control and destroy it because it represents a challenge to their entire game.

But just as their metropolitan elite TV documentaries on UKIP will fail, so too will the Establishment fail because UKIP is changing and will change. It is a people's movement and eventually all the disgraced cronies will be kicked out of it and won't be able to control it and won't be able to control the people. UKIP is a real revolution because it is about ordinary people wanting a voice and that is why it will keep changing and adapting until the people win.

I don't agree with all of UKIP's policies but I don't mind because I think that UKIP will change over the years. They will bring in a PR voting system and local referenda and then fracking and GM food will be history even if fracking is now a policy that they are in favour of.

UKIP is a revolution because it gives power to the people and that is why all the disgraced Tories and Establishment stooges will not be able to get their way.

Lemondrizzletwunt Fri 13-Feb-15 16:18:43

Claig I am fascinated! What do you think of the Greens, given your anti-establishment standpoint?

Isitmebut Fri 13-Feb-15 16:27:39

Claig .. someone found the 'ACTIVATE' button at UKIP HQ, its been a while.

claig Fri 13-Feb-15 16:28:58

I think the Establishment is green. I think climate change is an establishment scam. The elitist Club of Rome was one of the early instigators of global green movements. Some of the most elite people are climate change evangelists - royalty, billionaires etc. and the green agenda serves their purpose of population control and sustainable living with zero growth policies and reduced living standards and prospects for ordinary people.

The Establishment need greens to bend their arms to do what they wanted to do all along so that they can fool the people and pretend that they are doing it reluctantly.

Agenda 21, the United Nations plan, is an elitist plan. Governments, minsiters and puppets are all in favour of it. UKIP, the people's party, is against it. UKIP, the "fruitcakes" are against it. The Oxbridge elite are all for it.

The Greens' manifesto is a joke as we saw when Natalie Bennett was interviewed by Andrew Neil.

The Establishment don't want the Greens to win power, they just want them to influence Establishment policy so that the Establishment can justify what the Establishment planned to do all along.

But some of the Greens' policy I agree with such as their anti GM food and anti fracking stance.

I want the Greens to do well becauae they. like UKIP, want to bring in PR voting and that will be a victory for the people. So the better the Greens do, the better for democracy and the people.

Isitmebut Fri 13-Feb-15 16:37:47

Lemondriz ….. if the economy and jobs have been turned around from 2010, the Conservatives have done everything they said they were going to do except totally get rid of Labour’s £157 billion annual overspend – but you can hardly moan about that, Labour have grizzled for 5-years over every cut in spending, yet now grizzle they haven’t cut enuf. Idiots.

But you have a point about 2010 promises, Labour have not broken any on their solutions to dig us out of their mess, after 13-years in government the incompetents didn’t GIVE ANY DETAIL, how politically brave or slippery was that – especially when said they were going to tax more and cut less than the others.
At-a-glance: Labour election manifesto

Which makes a mockery of Milibands ‘cost of living crisis’ platform, for a ‘real’ earnings fall problem that began in 2008, when Labour’s solution was more tax hikes for all i.e. National Insurance and Council Tax, a real fav or two.

And 'the kitchen table', it is said of the Chinese they'll eat anything on four legs except a table, but under Labour, we'd all have eaten that as well.

Happy daze.

Lemondrizzletwunt Fri 13-Feb-15 16:51:56

But the Tories have created more debt in the last 4 years than every previous labour govt combined, and borrowed a quarter of a trillion more than they said they were going to...

...bleurgh, I hate the people who run/want to run this country!

Isitmebut Fri 13-Feb-15 16:59:26

Lemon driz..... they left an economy in 1997 that was budgeted to have a BALANCED annual budget early 2000's, that Brown accepted and happened - it went sideways (up) after that.

If a party hands over a National debt that had more than doubled, and an annual overspend of £157 bil having done NOTHING to stop it rising even further, how could the Coalition STOP the accumulating national debt from rising????

Darling was expecting a £167 bil overspend and was putting up taxes he KNEW would cost jobs - how was that a path to prosperity?

Isitmebut Fri 13-Feb-15 17:04:33

Did you or anyone else in the country want the Coalition to cut £157 billion annually from Day 1?

If not, how on Dave's green earth can anyone moan that due to the ongoing weakness in Europe (our main trading partner), other help in tax cuts to businesses/citizens and the lack of wage growth seen throughout Europe (with double our unemployment) not bringing in more taxes - that we STILL have a annual budget deficit???

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