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Live Caesarean on Ch5

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bluesky Thu 22-Apr-04 21:36:22

Just read that Channel 5 are going to show a caesarean during May.

It will be to someone who needs it for medical reasons, and they will follow her just before, during and after.

What do you think?

My husband gave a running commentary on mine, but it will be interesting to see which bits he missed out!

Nutcracker Thu 22-Apr-04 21:51:31

Yeah i will look forward to that, thanks for telling me

mummysurfer Thu 22-Apr-04 21:52:50

i would love to see it, having had 2 but seen none.

gemilou Thu 22-Apr-04 21:58:04

Thanks bluesky, I had one with DS1 and would have loved to see more.

fairyfly Thu 22-Apr-04 22:00:32

I've had one but will give it a miss, something i feel i don't need to know. Brings back memories of x too, i hate thinking about the births, reminds me of how in love we were.

SueW Thu 22-Apr-04 22:04:17

They had a series on Discovery Health (I think) called 'The Operation' which shows ops in an almost tutorial style. One of the ops shown was a c-section. I was fine until they took the uterus out to stitch it.

To be honest, I preferred watching the keyhole gallbladder removal (but then the filming was much better).

Marina Fri 23-Apr-04 10:59:18

I'd like to see it too but will have the remote handy just in case...

happycat Fri 07-May-04 21:03:28

Do we know when this is or have I missed it.What is the show called?

happycat Fri 07-May-04 21:41:37


suzywong Fri 07-May-04 21:46:36

No way in the world would I watch this, I've had 2 emergencies and the idea of seeing what happened makes me shudder ..... but am really curious too, I think I'll tape it and watch it frame by frame with fingers over my eyes.

SueW that taking the uterus out thing is a real horror. I asked my aneasthatist what they were doing to me at one point, he told me 'They've got your uterus out'.


(Very bizarrely and I say this at the risk of sounding completely bonkers, I dreamed last night that Gordon Ramsay had taken mine out unbeknownst to me and was serving it up in one of his restaurants. Needless to say I was cross)

Smurfs Fri 07-May-04 21:48:44

Happycat, I think it is called The Operation on Channel 5 at 9pm. I think it will be fascinating and I will be glued with the remote handy incase it gest too bloody!

suzywong Fri 07-May-04 21:49:23

Is it tonight?

Smurfs Fri 07-May-04 21:51:52

Suzywong, I had no idea that they actually have the uterus outside the body in order to stitch it up, just assumed that they did it all inside!! Am normally reasonably intelligent honestly!

Smurfs Fri 07-May-04 21:52:30

No I am sure it is Monday PM

happycat Fri 07-May-04 21:56:18

just looked in tv guide monday at 9 pm.glad I didn't ask you all next week.Thanks smurfs

Smurfs Fri 07-May-04 22:00:56

Does it say what the reason for her C-section is....not that there has to be one.....

Tex111 Fri 07-May-04 22:27:11

I'm intrigued by this too. I had an emergency section last time and I'm considering an elective this time. This show could change my mind! Think I'll watch it through my fingers but sounds too interesting to miss.

I heard that the op will actually be live. Strange to think there's a heavily pregnant woman sitting around just waiting to give birth on TV Monday night. Wonder if she's an MNer???

bundle Thu 13-May-04 17:54:15

smurfs, it was her 3rd c/s so I don't think she had much option.

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