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Peter Voisey gets life.

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Callisto Fri 20-Oct-06 14:03:44

Anyone know yet how long he will be in prison? Story here.

figroll Fri 20-Oct-06 14:08:39

So long as it is for a very long time - a very nasty man.

TLV Fri 20-Oct-06 14:09:41

he's not sentenced till the 1st dec but lets hope its for life!

WitchICouldGiveUpWork Fri 20-Oct-06 14:25:37

ANY sentence is not enough for that vile piece of **

Callisto Fri 20-Oct-06 14:31:53

Just heard on R2 news that judge gave him a life sentence but that was all they said.

witchscatsmother Fri 20-Oct-06 16:07:17

The BBC reported that "Judge David Hodson he would receive a life or indefinite sentence in order to protect the public".

I hope he is tortured every day he's in prison.

AnAngelWithin Fri 20-Oct-06 16:09:32

that is not enough for the disgusting, horrible, nasty, vile, putrid (and other words I daren't say on here) excuse for a man who does not deserve to live. I hope he rots very painfully and slowly in the cold 4 walls of his cell.

Callisto Fri 20-Oct-06 16:28:06

Yes, Witchscat thats the bit I heard. Sorry to misquote.

spiderplant Fri 20-Oct-06 16:31:30

I was just wondering that Callisto.
Hope he rots in a cell! It makes me so angry...such an evil, twisted maggot of a man

expatinscotland Fri 20-Oct-06 16:32:14

They really, really need a life w/o parole sentence in the UK.

They honestly do.

This man is a convicted repeat offender paedo.

If he is EVER let loose on society again he will re-offend and possibly even murder his next victim.

Sorry, but I feel the rights of society to live peacefully should come first before the rights of someone who continually violates the law like this.

Callisto Fri 20-Oct-06 16:36:39

Completely agree Expat. It was unusual that the jury was told of a previous conviction where Voisey assaulted a 12yo girl at a swimming pool.

expatinscotland Fri 20-Oct-06 16:38:42

I think they should in the case of paedos, Callisto.

We have GOT to put a stop to these repeat offenders being set loose on the most vulnerable in society.

TwoIfByScream Fri 20-Oct-06 18:15:50

This thing could not even be considered part of the human race on what he did to that poor girl. There is evil in the world and he is one of those who I really wonder why they exist, why we need to keep him in a comfy prison cell with his satellite tv and "human rights".

Hope the other prisoners get their hands on him.

DominiConnor Fri 20-Oct-06 21:14:20

He's done it before, and was told in no uncertain terms that he was a "bad boy", and was sent an email asking him not to do it again.
A wet 6 yo will die very quickly in the temperatures he abandoned her, could have been even worse.

This is what will happen.
I read there will be enquiry.
We will hear that "lessons have been learned".
No one will be sacked.
No change in the policy of early release for sex offenders will be made.
He will be locked up until the noise dies down.
He'll be out at an age that will allow him to do it again.

someone said we need a life sentence without parole. We have such a thing, but won't be implemented by a government that treats paedophilia so lightly it put ruth Kelly in charge of putting them into schools.

somethingunderthebedisdrooling Fri 20-Oct-06 21:16:09

DH said that he wanted someone to leave him in his hands. not to worry, he won't kill him. not right away anyway.

DominiConnor Sat 21-Oct-06 18:05:16

Having "revenge" upon a paedophile is like being cruel to the toxic waste that gave someone cancer.

Some waste cannot be made safe, just as in the same way that no one can point to a way of curing paedophiles. They should be locked up, in humane conditions, and left there until they die.

But like toxic wate, there should be heavy sanctions on those that release violent criminals into society.

If I owned a factory, and released poison that hurt popele I could be sued.
The dysfnucitonal gange of humanities graduate we call the "home office" is apparently immune from such sanctions, even though it knows for a fact these people are dangerous.

TwoIfByScream Sat 21-Oct-06 18:16:13

Having heard that they are going to start using prison ships now they could put people like him on one of ships, fill it with scum. Then use it as torpedo practice.

PretendFriend Sat 21-Oct-06 18:16:51

<The dysfnucitonal gange of humanities graduate we call the "home office">

ROFL at dysfnucitonal gange

change the record, DC, there's a love.

PretendFriend Sat 21-Oct-06 18:18:25

The previous conviction information being used was down to a change in the law I think, Callisto - about time too. (Mind you I may have got that information from the BBC, in which case of course it must be inaccurate.)

PretendFriend Sat 21-Oct-06 18:29:51

It was in the Guardian in fact so who knows:

<Peter Voisey, 35, who was released two years after a similar attack at a swimming pool, was found guilty with the help of "bad character evidence" which became admissible only after the 2003 Criminal Justice Act.

A jury unanimously convicted him of abduction, rape and sexual assault after hearing about the earlier incident and two sexually motivated burglaries. Mobile phone records and partial DNA links also broke down his initial denials of last December's attack.>

Here it is : "Bad Character"

Callisto Sat 21-Oct-06 19:56:29

Yes, I think it can only be used in cases like this and I think is dependant on the judge whether it is admissible - though I may be wrong.

Unfortunately, the govt is unwilling to spend money on locking people up for life and there is something else (perhaps someone with a better memory than mine can fill us in here) about paedophiles being deemed untreatable and therefore can't be forced to have therapy etc?

Certain US States use chemical castration which seems to work though I have no facts and figures. I think the govt is too squeamish to do this though.

themoon666 Sat 21-Oct-06 21:42:19

Apparently he said in court that he only went in to burgle the house... saw the little girl in the bath and couldn't help himself... <<<<shudder>>>>

DominiConnor Mon 23-Oct-06 13:36:55

What's odd (OK odd is a strange thing to say in this context), is that everyone knows about DNA etc and he seems to have been heroically stupid.

OK, not as stupid as the fools at the home office who let him out, but still pretty dumb.

United89 Wed 21-Sep-16 22:52:30

Thought i would comment in reply to people asking how long hes in prison. He got life with possible parole every ten years. Hes up for parole this November. Hopefully he will not get it as it seems very likely he will offend again.

BeckerLleytonNever Tue 27-Sep-16 16:25:44

can someone exp[lain the court system please?

why is it some murderes get life with no parole hyet others get 20 years and out in 10 or so?

and someone whos sentenced to 2 years in prison, then suspended for 3 years and a bit of community service? WTF?

How does that work, life means life, no? 2 years mean 2 years no?

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