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People with disabilites excluded from coercian law.

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Dawndonnaagain Thu 29-Jan-15 14:05:09

I assume by partners it also means men.

GraysAnalogy Thu 29-Jan-15 14:06:52

I can't quite put into words what i feel about this. sad

Dawndonnaagain Thu 29-Jan-15 14:08:35

Other than yet again, people with disabilities are dismissed, not even as second class citizens. Fucking outrageous doesn't even begin to touch it.

GraysAnalogy Thu 29-Jan-15 14:16:00

Acting in someones best interest doesn't have to be coercion surely, so why the hell should it be excluded from this law. This is an absolute joke.

It's basically saying that you can coerce disabled people because it's right in those circumstances.

And it's grouped disabilities together, there's so many different types. Why should a woman who can walk on her own be protected whilst someone in a wheelchair won't be? Are they not seeing a difference between physical and mental disabilities?

LurkingHusband Wed 04-Feb-15 14:50:07

Would this survive a challenge under the HRA (that the Tories want to scrap) ?

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