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UKIP on 20% and a chicken on the loose in the House. They're desperate!

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claig Sun 18-Jan-15 11:47:13

"Labour has a five-point lead over the Conservatives in the latest Opinium/Observer poll, which shows that half of voters think the prime minister is looking for excuses not to take part in live television debates ahead of the 7 May general election."

Why don't the pollsters ask the question that the public asks themselves - Would an empty chair perform better than Cameron in the TV debates?

The Establishment promoted Russell Brand to try and stop the people and their party - UKIP. Now we hear that Cameron's sixth cousin, Oxbridge graduate, Alastair James Hay Murray, who "is in remainder both to English and Scottish peerage titles, including the barony of Strange and the dukedom of Atholl" and plays the role of "The Pub Landlord" is standing against the People's Politician, Nigel Farage.

They're desperate. Will they ask Laurel and Hardy to stand aginst the People's Party next? Oh wait, they've already got Cameron and Clegg.

Isitmebut Sun 18-Jan-15 21:30:49

Hello Claig, where have you been, I was worried that one way or another, you might have been a UKIP casualty. lol

Cameron maybe should go through the motions hand have a Leadership Debate, and discuss 2015 - 2010 policies with the Leaders of the Labour and UKIP parties, who STILL haven't got the guts to tell the electorate of what they would have done in 2010 to 2015 - the former, in denial of their previous 13-years in power ruining the nations wealth.

“UKIP leader Nigel Farage has disowned the party's entire (2010) general election manifesto - which he helped launch - branding it "drivel”.

P.S. What was wrong with the Leadership Debate thread, are you worried about the Greens, who seem to want an EU Referendum more than UKIP does?

“Farage backs Miliband for PM; UKIP wants Labour to win the next General Election because it fears Cameron could win an EU Referendum.”

Isitmebut Tue 20-Jan-15 10:45:51

Claig …. UKIP was always going to struggle when trying to concoct a General Election manifesto that weren’t specifically targeting the blue team vote so needing to attract the red, yellow, green voters.

I mentioned this to you numerous times over the past year or so’s elections, I think the last time I mention this would have been on your victory laps on UKIP turning to the purple ‘dark side’, sitting Conservative MPs, saying ‘I can’t wait to see how UKIP CAN do it’.

It appears I’ll have to wait to guffaw a while longer, as months before a General Election, even less time before a potential Leader Debate, Farage’s UKIP on non EU policies, still doesn’t know whether to have a pooh or a haircut.

20/Jan/2015; “Ukip Policy Chief Tim Aker Forced To Resign For Failing To Come Up With Policy Manifesto”

Maybe if Farage spent more time writing his own General Election manifesto, rather than writing letters to Cameron telling him to debate policies UKIP still don’t have – his party MIGHT be considered worthy to sit in Westminster.

To any real political party I'd say to your title 'so WHO is desperate?', but UK domestic policies don't matter to a UKIP EU protest party, that is what "different politics" is all about isn't it - done UKIP no harm thus far.

Isitmebut Tue 20-Jan-15 10:49:09

But sorry, can't resist it, why is a domestic policy 'turkey' still trying to get INTO the House???

claig Tue 20-Jan-15 10:53:50

"Ironically Aker used to advise Campbell-Bannerman and served on his policy team at the time he was responsible for the manifesto now since called "drivel" by his party leader.

Aker previously hinted at the problems the party was having forming a final manifesto after quipping to Prospect Magazine in August that he looked into the issue of public sector pensions, but "got very scared and ran away”.

Following Aker's departure, Ukip's deputy chairwoman Suzanne Evans has been parachuted in to finish the manifesto in time."

Oh dear, voters had been given the idea that Akers was on the ball. Suzanne Evans is not too good in my opinion. Let Paul Nuttall do it.

A setback for the People's Party. We've been down before, but we're not out.
The Establishment is desperate. They are running out of comedians to help them beat the people.

claig Tue 20-Jan-15 10:58:37

'why is a domestic policy 'turkey' still trying to get INTO the House?'

Have you seen the turkeys and chickens trying to avoid TV debates in the House, particularly the PPEs and Oxbridge ones? Akers may not be a great shaker but he's better than that lot put together - that's why he is a candidate for the People's Party.

Isitmebut Tue 20-Jan-15 12:13:42

Claig …. Thank you, I still get my guffaw, due to the fact you still haven’t got THE POINT OF A DEBATE is not to stand there showboating, it is to DISCUSS a party’s ‘kin policies and what they historically STAND FOR – not for whatever populist subject that pops up IN BETWEEN general elections.

Re your manifesto yada, yada, yada, excuses; now we get them before AND after they are published.

I’m glad for your sake that you now have a woman putting it together, as based on the male UKIP working environment Mr Farage’s wife called “a freakshow” - that might explain why the Greens (with a female Leader & MP) who are also campaigning outside their specialist subject on most UK domestic issues - not only do the Greens HAVE their policies together, but are already out there talking about them.

Dawndonnaagain Tue 20-Jan-15 16:47:38

Think this might just bugger the people's party.

claig Tue 20-Jan-15 18:13:43

The Establishment parties will try their utmost to make capital out of it, but it won't affect the People's Party because Farage is no longer in full charge - the people are in charge. Farage is and was brilliant, but if his heart is not in it, if he is not with the people, then we no longer want him. The People's Party will continue without him because UKIP is about much more than leaving the EU - it is a revolution against the luvvies and the metropolitan elite and all their plans and schemes.

"The loss of a referendum means curtains for Nigel and it means curtains for the current crowd here in head office," Mr Farage added.

If that is all he is, if that is all he has got, if he will abandon the People in their hour of need, then he might as well go now and let Paul Nuttall and Louise Bours defend the People. The People want politicians who will stay the course, stick to the principles of representing the people against the luvvies and who are not quitters. If Farage is not up to it, then let him step down now. The People's Party will continue, it will not be bowed.

claig Tue 20-Jan-15 18:24:08

The Daily Mail is rubbing its hands in glee as UKIP's troublrs, hoping that the Establishment conservative conners will survive. But they are laughing too soon.

UKIP's health spokesman, Louise Bours, stepped in tp put Farage right.

"Within hours of the remarks Ukip's Health Spokesman, Louise Bours, insisted Mr Farage was out of touch with the public when it came to the NHS.

She said: 'Nigel is entitled to his opinion and others are entitled to theirs, we don’t whip people into all thinking the same thing, like the establishment parties.

'As he has said before, he raised the idea for discussion a while ago, the party discussed at and rejected it.

'I am certain that if the party discuss it again, we will reject it again. The vast majority of Ukip members, the British public and I will always favour a state funded NHS.'

Louise is an ex-Labour councillor, but she learnt the error of her ways, left labour and joined the People. She is good, she is the future, she is learning fast and is on the side of the People. Farage is getting tired, he may be losing his nerve.

The People's Party has grown too big and now represents the People, not just those who want to leave the EU. If Farage is out of touch, then let him go. The UKIP revolution won't end, the genie is out of the bottle, the People have had enough of the luvvies and all their plans.

claig Tue 20-Jan-15 19:09:52

Farage wonders why Oxford educated "comedian", Alastair James Hay Murray, who is Cameron's sixth cousin, is standing against Farage and wonders if it may backfire.

"But the party leader, who was in Ramsgate on Friday for the first in a series of public meetings leading up to May, said the comedian's decision could backfire.

"If he turns up in Thanet and does his act as the patriotic pub landlord, people might think he is laughing at them. While his caricature is very funny there are a lot of people who he might actually offend."

He also questioned why the comedian was standing, asking if he was standing as his alter ego the pub landlord or as someone who is distantly related to David Cameron."

claig Tue 20-Jan-15 19:32:15

Very good article by Leo McKinstry. He explains why the politically correct, progressive Establishment is right to be panicked and shocked to the core by the challenge of the People and their Party.

"THERE are fewer than four months to go before the General election, and the political establishment is desperately hoping that the Ukip surge is over.

Eager to rebuild their cosy cartel at Westminster, determined to uphold their progressive ideology, the main parties want to see a return to business as usual in May. In this goal they are supported by a band of seasoned political commentators who predict that Ukip will slide into irrelevance as the poll draws closer.

According to this narrative, the General election will follow the pattern of almost every other contest since the war, ultimately coming down to a straight fight between Labour and the Conservatives in a string of marginal seats.

But this is just wishful thinking from an elite that is living in the past and is unable to grasp the challenge it faces.

Under the dynamic leadership of Nigel Farage, Ukip has transformed the political landscape of Britain. The people’s revolt is not going to fade away over the next four months.

Exasperation with the traditional system runs too deep. Outrage at the scale of the treachery by the political class is too strong.
Unable to counter Ukip’s rise with an effective argument, the political establishment has resorted to a remorseless smear campaign, seeking to portray the party as bigoted, intolerant and paranoid.

In this climate of cynical denigration, every sensible remark from Farage about immigration or the EU is hailed in shrill terms as “another gaffe” or “a new low”.

But none of this barrage of abuse has much traction with the British public. That is because Ukip’s language resonates with a huge number of voters, who are fed up with the political elite’s wilful destruction of our country.

What is seen as a “gaffe” within the Westminster bubble is widely regarded as the unvarnished truth outside.
Having abandoned its traditional working class base through its fixation with fashionable metropolitan dogma, Ed Miliband’s party is under severe threat from Ukip, even its heartlands.

But the story for the Conservatives is even worse. Under David Cameron, the party sought to ditch its supposedly toxic image by embracing issues like foreign aid, diversity and gay marriage.

Meanwhile the same strategists decided to downplay the importance of the EU and immigration. Even now Cameron refuses to make migration one of the key Tory themes for the coming election.

This modernisation project has backfired disastrously. They have alienated swathes of the traditional, patriotic supporters but gained few new ones.

Moreover, these warped priorities have led to a dismal record in office, where nothing has been done to tackle creeping European integration or the breakdown in border controls.

I predict that the Tories will lose about 80 seats at the General Election and Labour will take power with about a third of the vote.

That outcome would represent a farce of democracy"

None of the pundits from Oxbridge have a clue what the people think and none of them have a clue how bad the result will be for the luvvies.

No comedian can save them because the people don't think it is funny.
This is the most unpredicatble election in living memory and the luvvies will never forget it.

Dawndonnaagain Tue 20-Jan-15 22:22:09

it is a revolution against the luvvies and the metropolitan elite and all their plans and schemes.
Claig you sound about sixteen. We do keep telling you, Nige is a public school educated millionaire, he went to Dulwich College, that makes him very much part of the establishment, or in your terms, the metropolitan elite.

claig Tue 20-Jan-15 22:38:26

Then why are the metropolitan elite so panicked by him?
He will scrap their cherished Climate Change Act, slash their ring-fenced foreign aid and leave the EU. The metropolitan puppets are in panic. The people will have a say in what goes on.

claig Tue 20-Jan-15 22:42:51

Dan Hodges is against UKIP and even he says that the Westminster elite are scared stiff of the People's Party

"Westminster may be running scared of Ukip - but the British people aren't"

Farage is not one of them. He is everything they are not and is against most of what they preach. He is with the people and they are puppets of the elites.

Quiero Tue 20-Jan-15 22:53:15

Claig who are you? You fascinate me. How someone so intelligent can be quite so deluded and contradictory is beyond me.

So on the one hand you dismiss Farage's astonishingly frightening opinions on the NHS because "actress" Louise Bours disagrees with him. Then hark back with your hilarious 'he's a man if the people' bullshit. What people? The same people who also want the NHS privatised - the Tories? He's certainly not like anyone I know.

Anyhow, get your facts straight. Louise Bours was a Conservative Councillor who once voted Labour. I think you'll find all that proves is that like many others in your comedy party she's in it for the ride rather than holding any genuine political views.

claig Tue 20-Jan-15 23:08:26

I heard Louise on the radio once talk about how she ad been acouncilor fo Labour, as fa s I remember. Ihave gooogled but can't find who she stood for n Congleton.

Farage unfortunately won't be in UKIP for long. He keeps talking about standing down etc if he loses referendum vote or doesn't get elected etc. I think it is obvious that he is not in it for the longterm. It is a shame because he is brilliant in reaching out to the public and making a connection with millions of voters who have given up hope with the puppets in Establishment parties. So what Farage says won't really count because I don't think he will be around for the longterm. We have to hope that Paul Nutall or Louise Bours take over and not politically correct Carswell. We will have to wait and see what happens.

The Leo McKinstry article is very good. It spells out that politics has changed forever. Millions of people have had enough. UKIP are not like the Greens or LibDems or Establishment Labour or Establishment Tories. UKIP is a revolution whose time has finally come because the people have had enough.

Farage is not joking when he says the following and all th puppets and their masters know it which is why they are in panic mode and need evey comedian they can get to try and stop the people.

"The UK Independence Party can “deliver a blow to the political class from which they will never recover” in the May elections, Nigel Farage said.

The Ukip leader also used his keynote speech to the party’s spring conference to defend his party’s members against claims that some of them are “eccentric”, insisting that the party was merely representing a broad section of the public.

In his speech to a packed hall of around 1,000 supporters in Torquay, Mr Farage said the party would speak up for the “silent majority” at May’s local and European Parliament elections.

He said: “For the next three months our national campaign is about being the voice of the people, the silent majority.

“This is our big chance to deliver a blow to the political class from which they will never recover."

Dawndonnaagain Wed 21-Jan-15 11:21:22

McKinstry, Labour defector because he found out he was a misogynist, railing about feminist facism. Writes for the Telegraph and the Daily Fail. Yeah, good source of accurate information. hmm

Isitmebut Wed 21-Jan-15 15:20:20

Citizen Claig, from the Tooting Popular Front; re your propaganda/change/revolution, people that want ‘different’ generally need to see the alternative.

And a UKIP that was clearly relying on Farage’s anti this, anti that rhetoric, within a Leader Debate rather than show the blue,red, yellow and green voters their policies months before the election, may have been found out.

So I'd turn down the rhetoric volume if I was you.

Greysanderson Wed 21-Jan-15 19:46:15

There is some serious cult like fanaticism going on here.

Dawndonnaagain Thu 22-Jan-15 12:55:23

Just stating what the people want

Isitmebut Thu 22-Jan-15 14:50:51

From the 'cult-ees' of Nigel Farage.

claig Thu 22-Jan-15 15:09:59

I think people need to be aware of basic UKIP 101.

Whenever you hear a bad story about UKIP, you have to always bear in mind one key thing - the Establishment are desperate!

They know the people have woken up and they fear their whole game is up, their goose is cooked, their chicken is plucked, they fear they are well and truly ...

You have seen the Establishtenement on TV, on our BBC. They're on every night, by gad they're never off it, giving good voters a heck of a fright as they lecture them and hector them. The Establishtenement may well look stupid, but believe me they aren't as thick as they look. I mean, that would take some doing!

I mean some of 'em have got PPEs, they have done 3 years' hard labour at Oxford or a 3 year stretch at Cambridge. They're our best and brightest and they are "desperate!" because of the rise of the People's Party and a man with a fag and a pint called Barrage. I wouldn't be surprised if the Establishtenement hasn't possibly got some of their own people at all levels within UKIP, from the top to the bottom. They're desperate!

Whenever you hear a bad story about UKIP, the first thing you have to ask yourself is, is it anything to do with a former Conservative member or Conservative councillor etc. If Farage says one of UKIP's policies is "drivel", then as sure as eggs is eggs, it involves either a former Conservative or a current Conservative.

This latest gaffe is a gift to the Establishment, the PPEs, the EU, the Bullingdon Club and Uncle Tom Cobley. They're rubbing their hands in glee, loving it, laughing all the way to the think tank. They are calling UKIP "idiotic", they say UKIP is not so much a political party but more like a stag night out of control. Their "comedians" will probably make capital out of this for months. But remember, keep you head, close your ears to the siren calls and mockery of the Establishment spinners, keep calm and vote UKIP. As Rudyard Kipling so rightly said

"If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

Then you have truly got a grip and will be sure to vote UKIP
It ain't over yet, remember they are desperate!"

So the first thing to ask about any UKIP gaffe is, does the word "conservative" come into it in any way whatsoever.

Lo and behold, Gor Blimey, I can't Adam and Eve it

Lynton Yates, the man who seems to have made this gaffe is descibed as

"Mr Yates, a Ukip councillor on Leicester county council’s transport committee, previously served as a Conservative councillor for 12 years "

I don't know how this gaffe got through the UKIP bullshit firewall, which is as high-tech as they come, but it is not out of the bounds of possibility that an Establistenement type suggested it to an inebriated Mr Yates at a UKIP policy meeting on a pub crawl on an out of control stag night. I just don't know. All I know is that they are desperate!

They're running out of "comedians", they're running out of PPEs, they're probably conatcting retired PPEs and all sorts of university alumknee asking them to devote time to their think tanks which are thinking up ways to stop the People and their Party.

But it won't work. The people are too smart. They have got a grip, they won't make a slip, they are keeping calm and voting UKIP.

Dawndonnaagain Thu 22-Jan-15 15:33:14

Ahh, so they don't get it right because they're not true Aryans Ukipers! Honestly, claig you need help.
The man, regardless of whence he came, stated that those on benefits shouldn't be allowed to drive. No qualifying statement about benefits, eg. those who work, those on pensions, those who may have a disability. This is UKIP policy, not his policy, and even if it were, he is representing UKIP. Not the tories, not the establishment, UKIP.

claig Thu 22-Jan-15 15:41:19

It is not UKIP policy, even though the Establishment are doing their best to pretend that it is.

As McEnroe so rightly said
"You cannot be serious"

The Establishment will pretend it is serious and will include it in their election broadcasts, but the people will just laugh and say that the Establishment "cannot be serious" and "they are desperate!". The People know that UKIP stands for "common sense" and that is what the Establishment parties are short of.

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