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Another flight has gone missing

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crapcrapcrapcrap Sun 28-Dec-14 07:31:24


TheHoneyBadger Sun 28-Dec-14 07:56:25

i was just coming on to check if it had been noted on here.

Christmasbargainshopper Sun 28-Dec-14 07:57:28

I can't access the link. Can you post more details.

FibonacciSeries Sun 28-Dec-14 07:57:35

On the Guardian

RandomMess Sun 28-Dec-14 07:59:12


FibonacciSeries Sun 28-Dec-14 07:59:20

"An AirAsia plane travelling from Indonesia to Singapore with over 160 people on board has lost contact with air traffic control while flying over the Java Sea.

Search and rescue operations are under way after flight QZ8501, an Airbus A320-200 that departed from the Indonesian city of Surabaya, went missing.
The flight lost communication with Jakarta’s air traffic control at 7.24am Singapore time (2324 GMT Saturday) about an hour before it was scheduled to land in Singapore, the Singapore Civil Aviation Authority said in a statement.

The contact was lost about 42 minutes after the single-aisle jetliner took off from Indonesia’s Surabaya airport, Hadi Mustofa, an official of the transportation ministry told Indonesia’s MetroTV.
The plane had six crew and 155 passengers, including 16 children and one infant, according to the general manager of Surabaya’s Juanda airport, Trikora Raharjo.
He said there were six foreigners: three South Koreans including an infant and one each from Singapore, Britain and Malaysia. The rest were Indonesians, he said."

TheFourthLobster Sun 28-Dec-14 08:00:56

Not again sad

crapcrapcrapcrap Sun 28-Dec-14 08:01:10

Sorry about the link.

TheFourthLobster Sun 28-Dec-14 08:01:49

- 156 from Indonesia - 3 from S Korea - 1 from Singapore - 1 from Malaysia - 1 from France according to the BBC on twitter.

Christmasbargainshopper Sun 28-Dec-14 08:02:13


Spoonme Sun 28-Dec-14 08:26:10

What on earth is going on?

Hulababy Sun 28-Dec-14 08:43:17

I really hope there's a reason for this and the plane is found.
It's horrifying as it is but even worse to never be found again.

HollyJollyDillydolly Sun 28-Dec-14 09:30:47

Just awful sad

twoopsie Sun 28-Dec-14 09:33:02

What is wrong with all these Asian airlines? Are they lapse in safety?

Stealthpolarbear Sun 28-Dec-14 10:04:32

Justst heard this on the news. Incredible. Was the last one around Christmas time.

RudeBarbandCustard Sun 28-Dec-14 11:07:39

I can't believe this is happening again, it's just surreal.

what is wrong with all these Asian airlines? Are they lapse in safety?

Well we're talking about just two airlines, Air Asia, and Malayasian Airlines. Weird coincidence on the two disappearing, but you can't blame the airline for the one that was shot down over Ukraine, just terrible luck.

Does make you wonder if there's a bigger plan going on here though

TheHoneyBadger Sun 28-Dec-14 11:11:01

this isn't an airline issue - in both the malaysian airlines flight that is still missing and in this one the signal disappeared - that technology is not something created by airlines.

TheHoneyBadger Sun 28-Dec-14 11:15:56

and as we learnt from the last one the signal is not something that can be simply turned off from the cockpit but requires descending through some sort of trapdoor and going to another area of the plane and going through a whole procedure if i am remembering correctly.

there is indeed something very strange going on and the pattern to me on first viewing is that twice now planes have simply disappeared from the tracking system, they have stopped transmitting, or have appeared to stop transmitting that signal.

it is this i think personally that needs to questioned and investigated and i don't know if any technology exists or is posssible even to be created that is able to remotely stop that transmission or appear to stop that transmission - obviously none officially exists. i'm not in anyway qualified to know that but i hope those who are or who are able to coordinate with those who are will be looking at this.

Stealthpolarbear Sun 28-Dec-14 11:19:25

The last one was March sorry

Mrsgrumble Sun 28-Dec-14 11:20:59

sad dreadful

TheHoneyBadger Sun 28-Dec-14 11:21:58

i know that some transmission were able to still be detected and all that handshake talk by the way - i'm talking about what air traffic control watches on their screens and there is footage of both of these flights being viewed on that system and the exact point where the planes just blip disappear from the screen.

one of the theories of pilot sabotage via whatever theory of motive was that the pilot had turned it off on the one earlier this year (and later it became clear just how elaborate a process 'turning it off' is rather than the impression you received of simply flipping a switch from your chair). this has happened this time as well with the disappearing from screen. so either we're to believe another pilot has decided to go through the elaborate clamber required to turn off this system for some unknown reason or we need to start questioning what is going on either with this system itself or with some external factor acting upon this system.

note this is not a conspiracy theory i'm talking here - i think i'm being logical?

TheHoneyBadger Sun 28-Dec-14 11:34:34

ok - no reliable sources yet but allegedly wreckage has been spotted. won't link to dodgy sources but just sharing what i've seen. guess if it's true it will be confirmed later today. if correct bless all the families. awful news.

RudeBarbandCustard Sun 28-Dec-14 11:44:25

No mention of wreckage on Sky news, headline saying search and rescue halted for the day.

In a way, I hope they do find the wreckage soon - more chance of survivors, and nothing could be worse than the hell of not knowing ,as with the Malaysia air flight

AlpacaMyBags Sun 28-Dec-14 11:56:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

geniusloci Sun 28-Dec-14 12:07:43

Im not 100% sure but i think Air Asia is a budget airline run by Malaysian Airlines.

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