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‘Candy Crush’ Tory MP Nigel Mills needs a ‘Call of Duty’, slap.

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Isitmebut Mon 08-Dec-14 13:01:15

“Tory MP Nigel Mills admits to playing Candy Crush on his iPad during Parliamentary”

It could have been physiologically worse, a Conservative in charge of Defence playing the war game ‘Call of Duty’, but come on, parliament/committees can be boring, but if a MP is going to ask questions, they should be ready to hear everyone else’s input.

But frankly I’m against having such whirligigs IN parliament when parliamentary ‘business’ is going on, full stop.

Take PMQT, apparently we have the Party Whips getting in touch with MPs to ask party, rather than their own questions and many of the MP’s use them to provide a running PMQT commentary, on social media.

Why is this a problem for me?

It seems to me that if EVERYONE that had the intellectual capacity in parliament to LISTEN to answers (and their brain not immediately go on ‘TILT’), maybe they wouldn’t keep asking the same numb-nuts questions, often oblivious to their own party’s policies/record on their current gripe.

On second thoughts, maybe we should make it compulsory at PMQT for them all to play Candy Crush; we’d at least THINK that they are up on their game e.g. understand how economies, housing, education, taxes and debt affects a competitive economy and job creation.

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