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Trumpton UKIP in the news

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EasyToEatTiger Sat 06-Dec-14 10:23:48

PuffinsAreFictitious Sat 06-Dec-14 23:57:21

Trumpton seems to be a bit of a hotbed of political activity. Trumpton UKIP and Trumpton BF are talking of alliance and the Trumpton Communists are up in arms. It's all rather wonderful, especially when certain Kipper MEPs are stating that only officially condoned UKIP accounts can use the name and that the Trumpton ones are breaking the law.

Froth, froth, froth.

EasyToEatTiger Sun 07-Dec-14 16:31:52

I love all the froth and flummery! All the issues of the day are being discussed....

PuffinsAreFictitious Sun 07-Dec-14 17:57:14

It certainly brightens up days when the leader of a so called political party decides to publicly prove his homophobia grin

EasyToEatTiger Mon 08-Dec-14 21:55:50

What's the difference between Trumpton UKIP and UKIP UKIP? Apart from the manners, the gross stupidity and the wanton misuse of power? Keep it up Trumpton! The others are dangerous!

MissPenelopeLumawoo2 Tue 09-Dec-14 09:16:45

I love it that the Clangers have said they don't want to take David Cameron if he gets chucked out. It might upset the clouds.....

Isitmebut Tue 09-Dec-14 10:14:34

I would be surprised if ANY Conservative was welcome.

Aren’t The Clangers a motley crew of ‘pinkos’, who talk in whistles only they understand, so have trouble communicating their messages with Earth - headed up by a Major Clanger, and all the others STILL in the Shadows - that ‘dropped sooooooo many OTHER clangers’ over 13-years in government? lol

PuffinsAreFictitious Fri 12-Dec-14 14:51:00

Not really, no.

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