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News: Awake under general for c section :(

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Hulababy Thu 15-Apr-04 09:10:42

'I was awake during a Caesarean'

Woman had had a general but was conscious. She couldn't feel anything but unable to move. And she could hear how touch and go it was with her baby.

How horrid for her

JeniN Thu 15-Apr-04 09:16:56

That's awful, poor woman to go through that. dh told me - excuse this if i missed it being on mumsnet - that he heard about a woman living in a really remote area who went into labour and (it being her third child or something) knew that something was going wrong, so she did HER OWN caesarian. Apparently there are a few instances of farmers doing caesarians for their wives in these circumstances (being used to doing them on sheep etc) but this is the first recorded instance of a 'successful' self-caesarian. She eventually got hold of a nurse friend who stitched her up with cotton.

Hulababy Thu 15-Apr-04 09:19:51

There was a thread on that recently JeniN - truely terrifying!

Davros Thu 15-Apr-04 12:18:48

I didn't have full pain relief during the Caesarian I had just over a year ago! I think it was about 70% or something, they couldn't give me an epidural so gave me a spinal that didn't manage to creep all the way up. That was a nice experience!

JeniN Thu 15-Apr-04 12:33:33

Poor you. My first one failed a couple of times, but when they did it properly the numbness went so far up it was around my chest and they were like 'oops, better stop now before your lungs stop working'. Couldn't feel a thing.

Davros Fri 16-Apr-04 08:08:12

LOL JeniN!

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