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Tory MP Mark Reckless defects to UKIP

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claig Sat 27-Sep-14 14:42:41

Panic in elite circles

claig Sat 27-Sep-14 14:44:26

Reckless says people feel overtaxed, over-regulated, ripped off and lied to

kissmyheathenass Sat 27-Sep-14 14:44:31

Where did you read this?

joanofarchitrave Sat 27-Sep-14 14:47:29

Oh well, if it's true it's great that UKIP are getting lots more candidates who are completely outside that public school educated Oxbridge stereotype

claig Sat 27-Sep-14 14:47:37

Live now on BBC Parliament. Farage just ended his live speech by inviting a guest on - Mark Reckless.

UKIP Conference going wild, metropolitan elite in shock!

kissmyheathenass Sat 27-Sep-14 14:50:53

Great. Will tune in smile

claig Sat 27-Sep-14 14:51:22

Drinks on the house in pubs all over Doncaster. Congas breaking out everywhere and making their way down the steets. Traffic stopping and hooting. Shoppers stopping and clapping. Scenes of jubilation.

Behoove Sat 27-Sep-14 14:52:05

"Metropolitan elite in shock"

kissmyheathenass Sat 27-Sep-14 14:53:01

Actually cant tune in as no tv license. Will watch on catchup in a bit.

AnneEyhtMeyer Sat 27-Sep-14 14:55:14

I don't get how they can do this because surely they were elected as a candidate for a particular party? Doesn't their constituency get a bit pissed off? I'd be livid if my MP decided unilaterally to defect to another party.

meditrina Sat 27-Sep-14 14:59:09

BBC article here

Has he said if he will offer himself for revalidation by by-election, like Carswell?

claig Sat 27-Sep-14 15:01:15

He hasn't mentioned if he will stand down and force a byelection yet. He is still speaking.

meditrina Sat 27-Sep-14 15:04:52

I don't get how they can do this because surely they were elected as a candidate for a particular party? Doesn't their constituency get a bit pissed off? I'd be livid if my MP decided unilaterally to defect to another party.

Agree, but IIRC, the only defecting MP who has had the guts and integrity to let his constituency decide is Carswell on his defection to UKIP. All others (in any direction) have just told their constituents to suck it up.

claig Sat 27-Sep-14 15:05:30

He will stand down. Another byelection.

He says Rochester and Strood is not Clacton, it will be hard fought. It is not in the top 100 seats that UKIP can win from the Tories.

claig Sat 27-Sep-14 15:08:09

He has invited the People's Army to come to Rochester and help him win.

claig Sat 27-Sep-14 15:11:37

He talks of "UKIP that belienes we are more than a star on somebody else's flag"

Elvis theme music plays out "A Little Less Conversation"

The partying begins, congas are in full flow.

Victory is in the grasp of the People's Army!

claig Sat 27-Sep-14 15:15:08

Emergency meetings being held at the BBC.
Bigwigs, bureaucrats, luvvies convened in crisis meetings. Metropolitan elite working out what to do!

Brussels has been informed. Scenes of dismay and consternation in Strasbourg. Rumours that the Queen may be purring.

juliascurr Sat 27-Sep-14 15:15:32

yes, it bl**dy well will be hard fought
we've got a People's Army, too
we don't need to expel our members for racism

Isitmebut Sat 27-Sep-14 15:18:38

So to get Clacton's Conservative Carswell to defect, Wheeler/Farage DID offer him 'big cog, in little Ukip wheel' power bribe - as Farage announced Carswell will be the Deputy Leader dawg, when wins the Clacton bi election.

I wonder what Ukip's Treasurer Stuart Wheeler in his Mayfair eatery of 'the people' offered this one, I've never heard off.

Based on a post 'I made earlier' (below), politically Reckless by name and nature.

Ukip, the higher taxpayer remunerated MEPs doing sod all, who has the gall to challenge the ethics and competence of the ‘Westminster elite’, has in their Conference reached new political lows.

An EU/Immigration policy after 20-years they still know they can never deliver, a relentless nationalistic threat on the status quo (struggling after the worst recession in 100-years) and similar to the seeds sown in 1930’s Italy and Germany - and NOW for soundbite voters, they offer the economics of a banana republic, a few years before the IMF are called in.

When looking at political party ‘smoke and mirrors’ deception, there is only one thing worse than saying you will drastically cut the expected £75 billion UK annual budget deficit in 2015 when your sums don’t scratch the surface - it is when a desperate mono EU policy political party most voters now know they can’t deliver – offers a sweetie bag of tax cut bribes, that would make the deficit substantially worse.

For a start Ukip is using a disingenuous assumption that much of what they’d offer would be mainly financed by leaving the EU, when apart from knowing what we’d £££really save, they can not deliver a UK out of the EU, so they would depend on the Conservatives they will ensure don’t (as in 2010) get a parliamentary majority in 2015, delivering an EU Referendum in 2017 – and finally, basing their spending on a Referendum RESULT they don’t know, half way through a 5-year parliament, having ‘spent’ the money already. Hmmm.

Additionally while a reduction of several ££billion spent on foreigners via the UK’s Foreign Aid budget is ‘low hanging fruit’ for a far right Ukip, quite how Ukip would ‘save’ money now on the total cost of High Speed 2, that would when budgeted for over 10- years plus, create short to long term UK GDP, jobs, and encourage businesses to move further to and around the north - is economic short termism for a party that will never be responsible for the growth of the county.

Ukip’s tax pledges include scrapping inheritance tax, take minimum wage earners out of tax altogether, and cut the tax rate from 40p to 35p for those on £42-55,000.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies think tank has suggested the entire package of tax changes could COST up to £19bn, when more money has to be spent on an NHS under pressure for increased usage and a population living longer and a national Debt that will be close to £1,500,000,000,000 (£1.5 trillion) in mid 2015.

So Ukip obtaining votes on being ‘different’, have descended from offering voters a 20-year immigration/EU ‘Disneyland’ promise, to bribes via ‘Mickey Mouse’ UK tax cuts, this country could not afford.

Yet Ukip say that they offer ‘ordinary politics that represent ordinary men and women’, which is what, knowingly offer policy lies, broken promises, and every household further in (National) Debt each year that passes? How dare they say they represent all of us.

Yet Ukip say that they are ‘a threat to the political classes’, when they are just a threat to politics; spreading dissatisfaction of the main political parties, that WILL engage old and new voters in the short term - but without even facing the realities of a deficit economy, bring political engagement down to a new low over the longer term.

The 2010 General Election was a democratic national disgrace; the government of 13-years in denial of the national problems refused to detail their ‘cut less & spend/tax more’ plans, and opposition parties were then attacked politically for mentioning theirs – resulting in 5-years of PMQT type ‘opposition’ politics. In 2015 the electorate MUST demand honesty this time, from ALL political parties.

"UKIP leader Nigel Farage has disowned the party's entire (2010) general election manifesto - which he helped launch - branding it "drivel”.

Isitmebut Sat 27-Sep-14 15:32:39

Claig .... Mark Reckless MP, another Conservative 'man of the people' - needed to increase the Ukip intellect - if you want Conservatives, don't poach 'em, VOTE for 'em. lol

Reckless was educated at Marlborough College, an independent school in the market town of Marlborough in Wiltshire, followed by Christ Church at the University of Oxford, where he graduated in PPE. He then received an MBA from Columbia Business School in the United States. He trained as a barrister at the College of Law, gaining an LLB, and was called to the Bar in 2007

claig Sat 27-Sep-14 15:38:38

Very highly qualified UKIP candidate. Good to see a PPE in UKIP, so that the "modernisers" can't call UKIP "fruitcakes" anymore.

This defection comes on the eve of the start of the modernisers' conference.

What happens if Farage has another defector up his sleeve and announces it in the middle of the Tory Conference?

I don't blame them for panicking.

Isitmebut Sat 27-Sep-14 15:42:30

"Good to see a PPE" - after 1000 posts AGAINST, you fucking hypocrite.

claig Sat 27-Sep-14 15:43:45

Against the Labour and Tory PPEs, not PPEs from the People's Army.

Isitmebut Sat 27-Sep-14 15:44:44

Ukip NOW stands for PPE's - yet another Ukip 'flip flop' - what IS the point of Ukip????

meditrina Sat 27-Sep-14 15:45:35


This is post 23 (ish, if someone posts whilst I'm typing) about a fresh piece of news that happened only a coupe of hours ago, so I'm not sure where the 1000 posts comes from.

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