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US Journalist James Foley killed

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DeadPeopleSeeMe Wed 20-Aug-14 11:52:29

Apologies if there is already a thread, I couldn't find one.

I am quite shocked by this, especially as the person who killed him reportedly has a British accent.

DeadPeopleSeeMe Wed 20-Aug-14 11:56:29

Wonc Wed 20-Aug-14 11:57:22

This is horrific.

His poor family.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Wed 20-Aug-14 11:59:55

Not killed. Murdered.

DeadPeopleSeeMe Wed 20-Aug-14 12:02:42

Yes Its. I can't imagine what that poor man has been through since he was captured.


Isitmebut Wed 20-Aug-14 12:07:31

With another U.S. journalist waiting for his fate, close behind.

I have no wish to find the video to see for myself, but whether the UK security forces can see his face or not - I'd guess that someone will recognize the voice this day, and his 'story' will hit the media sooner than later.

Clearly no excuse to be there, never mind beheading a person, but it will be informative to see his 'path', especially if as random as other converts.

Sleepswithbutterflies Wed 20-Aug-14 13:21:30

It is horrifying.
We need moderate Muslims to stand up and say that they are against the behaviours of ISIS. They aren't doing anything for religion, they are lunatics.
Everyone else needs to unite against them.

It's scary what lies just beneath the surface in human nature.

dangly131 Wed 20-Aug-14 17:20:33

The police here need to arrest any of these UK people who retweet or make positive comments about such events. They should have the powers to locate and arrest such people. We need to be vigilant for ppl in this country who are encouraging or supporting these nutters. Whether they would act upon their comments is another issue but their words will encourage other extremists even if they are just keyboard warriors.

Tauriel1 Wed 20-Aug-14 18:42:47

Poor,poor guy.

I will never watch the actual video but I imagine it is horrifying to imagine. I hope everyone including Muslims stand united against these Isis cowards. Completely agree, instand arrest for any glorification.

Tauriel1 Wed 20-Aug-14 18:43:25

Ah full of mistakes but you get the idea.

KnittedJimmyChoos Wed 20-Aug-14 19:20:23

*We need moderate Muslims to stand up and say that they are against the behaviours of ISIS(

YY we all need to stand up, has there been any UN action on this?
Its really really frightening, they have gained so much momentum, think it really needs to be seen to be quashed ASAP.

As many Islam respected leaders from all over the world need to be loud and clear condemning it - and leaving them NO RELIGIOUS LEG TO STAND ON WHATSOEVER.

How do we stop these people re entering the UK? Its all up shit creek isnt it - with new border disasters in the News, 10 million or 20 million come in and out un checked? What a momunmental cock up.

KnittedJimmyChoos Wed 20-Aug-14 20:05:09

dangly131 Wed 20-Aug-14 21:23:15

Given recent air scares airport security is no tighter. I left England this wknd and my passport was not even opened on either journey. Though the bare soles of my feet were checked? They need to sharpen up things before we have some serious shit to deal with as a country.

soverylucky Wed 20-Aug-14 22:12:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thereturnofshoesy Wed 20-Aug-14 22:19:31

i feel so sorry for his family

KnittedJimmyChoos Wed 20-Aug-14 22:29:48

They need to sharpen up things before we have some serious shit to deal with as a country

I think its too late they are being radicalised here and/or on internet too...

HeySoulSister Wed 20-Aug-14 23:47:37

I saw the video. Can't imagine how his poor parents felt watching that, I don't know how they would be able to

It feels like they are unstoppable

maami Wed 20-Aug-14 23:54:36

It is sickening but why did it take james foyles execution to cause a stir.. when hundreds of innocent before him have been executed...and similiarly spread on social media?

The selective media outrage is sickening too. But not more so than obama.. Hollande cameron and merkel... Considering thier pin drop silence on gaza... Now this sudden faux outrage from them is quite striking. Obama has suddenly discovered his 'conscience'.. But kept schtum on thousands of victims in gaza. No credibility in them whatsoever.

KnittedJimmyChoos Thu 21-Aug-14 10:05:31

Maami its the fact its a brit killing an american.

Blueuggboots Thu 21-Aug-14 10:11:44

These people are so proud of what they stand for that they cover their faces so no one recognises them? Oh yeah, that's big and brave.
God bless James Foley and his family.

maami Thu 21-Aug-14 12:56:37

Knitted: so if it was an arab isis who killed james...It wouldnt be causing such an outrage and go under the radar like the other executions?

maami Thu 21-Aug-14 13:00:35

Blueuggboots.. I agree.. God bless all isis victims...hundreds and possible thousands if them.

Our gov trained them in jordan against assas.. Are they not partially responsible?

maami Thu 21-Aug-14 13:20:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Isitmebut Thu 21-Aug-14 14:49:16

maami ..... please qualify with a trusted source the statement "our gov trained them in jordan against assas", which I presume means a UK government against Assad of Syria.

KnittedJimmyChoos Thu 21-Aug-14 14:51:50

I am only quoting what I saw on the news.

I thought the implication was, this was a British citizen who has killed an American, ie, we are Britain, we show our news, our PM has come back from holiday to respond because WE are responsible for this terrorists as he is a British citizen.

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