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Cliff Richard home searched today

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StrumpersPlunkett Thu 14-Aug-14 13:06:13

I hope they don't find anything.
It feels like everyone I thought was nice when I was a kid were predatory paedophiles. Please let this be a mistake.

ballsballsballs Thu 14-Aug-14 13:24:11

I hope, if he is guilty of the charges, they find the evidence they need to convict.

CaptChaos Thu 14-Aug-14 13:28:34

I hope so too ballsballsballs.

WhatTheFork Thu 14-Aug-14 13:28:55

Not surprised by this going by the rumours. I hope they are just rumours though.

I did hear from locals near where he lived that he had a live in young boyfriend 25 or so years ago (17/18 year old). That would have been back before the age of consent was lowered.

WhatTheFork Thu 14-Aug-14 13:29:32

Agree balls

ACM88 Thu 14-Aug-14 13:34:42

I'm not surprised, in fact, when all these allegations started coming out, I said to OH, I bet Cliff is next.

They wouldn't search for no reason, they have obviously discovered something suspicious enough, especially for him to be named in the press.

I just hope all the victims are finally believed and supported whilst all guilty parties are sent to prison at long last!!

BoysiesBack Thu 14-Aug-14 13:36:29

Agree with Balls.

Oddly, I'm less surprised by Cliff then I have been with others. Don't know if the shock factor is decreasing or that I always thought of him as a bit hmm

Onedropoflove Thu 14-Aug-14 13:38:11

No surprise there. Let's just see.

HappydaysArehere Thu 14-Aug-14 13:59:18

Didn't know this. Can't bear it. Hope it comes to nothing. Oh! Dear, Oh! Dear.......Please not Cliff!

Isitmebut Thu 14-Aug-14 14:11:50

As someone who was such a confirmed ‘bachelor boy’ that he sung about it, for Riff Pilchard NOT to have a whiff of fishy scandal about him after all this time, like his chin, has defied gravity.

However as I can’t work out what could be removed from his home now relating to an offence decades ago that would prove his guilt BACK THEN i.e..a 30-odd year old computer, or the boys DNA for an alleged Yorkshire offence - I’d be content to know that he has been raided by the Dance Police, for his old man crime of showing his ‘moves’ on a discerning public, long after what could be called decent.

In which case it’s a slam-dunk case and he’ll be stopped by any court of his peers. IMO.

ACM88 Thu 14-Aug-14 14:15:55

isitmebut that's true, I suppose if he was guilty of committing a crime 30yrs ago, he would have removed evidence...however it's all speculation, who knows what's true at this stage, I would think though, that all the police are looking for is something to tie him to a particular complaint, maybe a few people have come forward naming cliff, and so police are trying to search for evidence to dis/prove....?

KeeperOfBees Thu 14-Aug-14 14:17:34

Wasn't there a poster here who knew his housekeeper who had many pearl clutching tales?

clam Thu 14-Aug-14 14:17:46

I know that there have been hints and innuendo about him on the internet for a long while, and I wondered if any of the super-injunctions were for him.
Would be very sad and disappointed (on so many levels) if it's proven to be true.

ACM88 Thu 14-Aug-14 14:20:25

It does make me sad to think of who else is still out there, adored by many, but has behaved like a monster in secret...there must be more of them lurking in the shadows!!

Isitmebut Thu 14-Aug-14 14:29:09

ACMBB …… maybe I’ve watched too many CSI episodes re the non denigration over time of certain evidence, but unless he saved ‘mementos’, not only would the evidence from any alleged crime in Yorkshire NOT be in his current Sunningdale home - but even if the police found evidence from current ‘practices’, it would be not enough to prosecute a 1980’s alleged crime - as a defence would cite ‘hearsay’ in the statement given to the police.

CaptChaos Thu 14-Aug-14 14:29:36

You would be astounded at what habitual criminals will keep which could incriminate them. Especially those who don't believe they are breaking the law, not really, not when so many other well known people are doing it too. Photographs, cinefilm, diaries, address books, 'momentoes'.

ExpectedlyMediocre Thu 14-Aug-14 14:33:49

Oh dear :/ I'm still reeling from Rolf Harris,

I wonder what they are looking for.

Redglitter Thu 14-Aug-14 14:37:39

They might be looking for more recent things. computer downloads etc

makes you wonder who's going to be next

Isitmebut Thu 14-Aug-14 14:37:50

ACMBB ... Re 'who else could be out there', I'm convinced Bill & Ben The Flower Pot Men would have got up to no good; they always sounded intoxicated and the Little Weed was unprotected and could have ordered them about once too often.

Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised now whoever was found guilty, but although for some reason I wasn't really a Cliff fan, I would like to think that Cliff actually lived the clean cut life we believed, but between consenting adults repeat adults, it's relative.

ACM88 Thu 14-Aug-14 14:45:49

The truth will out, hopefully, definitely feels like this is a never ending story though, every month someone else is named sad

Rooners Thu 14-Aug-14 14:48:38

Just heard this on the radio.

I don't pretend to know anything about the man but I have to admit that I would be sort of relieved to find that my as yet irrational dislike of the man had some sort of basis in reality.

It would feel validating which is weird as there is no way I could have known he was dubious, even if he was/is. So it really validates nothing at all, even if they find a load of pictures of him having carnal relations with a donkey while dressed as the Pope

Rooners Thu 14-Aug-14 14:50:01

which I should add NEVER HAPPENED


Scaredycat3000 Thu 14-Aug-14 15:18:00

Cliff and Cliff alone as been subject to the most consistent and persistent internet rumours since this all began IMO. So in this case I'm not surprised in the least, sadly. This may end up to be the biggest case yet.

Rafanderpants Thu 14-Aug-14 17:22:02

gosh Im with you OP. of all people. and yes Im still reeling from rolf harris too.

the others named and shamed I haven't been surprised with, but CLIFF??????????

SinisterBuggyMonth Thu 14-Aug-14 22:02:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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