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Buggy blown onto tube tracks - mother saves child

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MollyAir Mon 11-Aug-14 23:00:58

Scary stuff. Do NOT go onto tube tracks, is the message they are keen to convey.

Gruntfuttock Tue 12-Aug-14 00:06:00

How they didn't both get electrocuted is a mystery.

HarrietSchulenberg Tue 12-Aug-14 00:15:54

I don't think there are many mothers who wouldn't have gone down there to save her baby, but I think I might have left the shopping behind.

What was the bloke with the headphones doing? He just seems to have mot noticed the whole thing!

Gruntfuttock Tue 12-Aug-14 00:17:08

Well that's the things with headphones isn't it? They isolate you from what's going on around you.

shotyourfox Tue 12-Aug-14 09:34:22

Just glad they were both ok. The suction from tube trains is very strong sad

thereturnofshoesy Tue 12-Aug-14 11:51:01

can't believe she went back for her shopping

blueshoes Tue 12-Aug-14 11:55:30

They might be tourists who do not know about electrified rails.

bottlecat Tue 12-Aug-14 11:59:30

What else could she have done but go onto the tracks to get the baby? I would have left the shopping though!

The bloke in headphones was turned away and didn't see the buggy go onto the tracks.

baboomtish Tue 12-Aug-14 14:25:30

But he just stood there and watched when he turned around and saw it all...

DownByTheRiverside Tue 12-Aug-14 14:30:56

Baboomtish, look at the time involved.
He didn't stand and stare, the whole thing happened in under a minute, which for most observers isn't long enough to move beyond 'WTF am I seeing? No, that can't be real. OMG it is real!'
Whereas for a parent seeing their child in danger, there isn't any processing or rational thought involved.

Softlysoftlycatchymonkey Thu 14-Aug-14 11:39:38

I would have absolutely dived down there, instinctually for my own or any other child. They were both so so lucky!

Trapper Thu 14-Aug-14 12:07:33

@grunt - how they didn't get electrocuted is physics grin

There are four rails on the underground. The two that the wheels run on have a very low current in some places, but not anything that would bother a human being.
The rail in the middle of the tracks (second one from the platform) is the negative rail. It could kill you if a train was on the same segment of track and returning current, or if you were in contact with the positive rail at the same time, otherwise it should be fine. The proper scary rail is the one furthest from the platform, and furthest away from the Buggy.
I'm sure it goes without saying, but just in case: Do not put this information to the test, and do not trespass on the railway.

Gruntfuttock Thu 14-Aug-14 12:24:33

Thanks, Trapper. I do like a bit of edumacation and I definitely won't be putting the information to the test.

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