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can u.s.a ever become honest about their dealings with the rest of the world,even europe is not spared now,spying,ukraine,etc....

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tagragra Mon 11-Aug-14 13:39:12

what is wrong with America,they seem worried and they are causing havoc in Europe,middle east ,south America,they even support openly aparteith regimes......

Isitmebut Mon 11-Aug-14 16:45:54

America from time to time goes into it's domestic shell and as whatever it does will be wrong e.g. kill 'the wrong type' of Muslims, if they have any sense they will let everyone else get on with it.

The free-flow of oil has always been a concern to them and anyone else who has experience 'oil shock' caused recessions, but as through Fracking they will become net exporters of oil and gas within a year or so, why should they overly 'bovver'?

In Europe, surely 28 or so countries could get their stuff together and have the same level of kit as America e.g. airlift planes, but as the 28-countries can't agree on anything other than national interests, whats the point.

claig Mon 11-Aug-14 20:03:55

What is wong?

The financial system and dollar pre-eminence. The Empire Strikes Back. The battle for hegemony has started. It looks like war is the way out for the elite to save themselves from their collapse.

The elite have started proxy wars in Syria and Ukraine and Isis has been funded and created by rich allies.

"The global crisis is essentially a dollar crisis, which might have a spill-over effect into the next world war.

In an interview with USA Watchdog, Egon von Greyerz, founder of Matterhorn Asset Management, says another world war seems inevitable. "That's been the rule whenever an empire is collapsing. The actions they take are they start wars everywhere, because then you can frighten people and you can borrow more money. Of course, to some extent, the United States has done that ...

"There could easily be a war, and just look at Ukraine ... Here we have a situation that just arose in the last six months that nobody talked about last year. That in itself is a very dangerous situation ...

"Ukraine is just one situation. When you take a look at what's happening with Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, it's a very unstable situation also. War is certainly a major part of the risks we have."

The dollar's future looks gloomier following the BRICS summit in Brazil this week to set up financial institutions to rival the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

The BRICS countries' move is widely seen as an attempt to break the predominance of the US dollar as the world's currency reserve of choice. That is why we are seeing an intensifying global crisis."

Isitmebut Tue 12-Aug-14 11:32:30

Claig ….. while I can see the point that ‘the U.S. empire’ could collapse, mostly under the sheer weight of National Debt, heaven knows why any ‘elite’ comes into play here, as is Iran ‘elite’, as whether we add the Lebanon, Bahrain or even Gaza to other countries affected, they are playing ‘the long game’, akin to a regional game of Pool, where they place their revolutionary ‘balls’ over various ‘pockets’ of trouble, fuelling tensions within the region.

Re the B.R.I.C. emerging nations, are you saying that anyone of them could replace the U.S. dollar, or even the Euro? Or are you confusing their wish to gain positive international influence by forming their own international agencies and spreading their wealth?

Re the ‘R’ in B.R.IC. Russia, would they be better placed to steamroll themselves into old members of the old Soviet USSR and not be challenged, if they had more global influence, and become ‘elite’ in your vocabulary.

But regarding the U.S. dollar, you don’t have to look far why those that have huge U.S. dollar reserves including U.S. Treasury bonds are concerned – but I find a view it is causing wars, frankly laughable.

‘The U.S. government Debt clock”

The U.S. Federal debt is currently over $17.7 trillion repeat $17.7 trillion, which does not include State and other local debt, or ‘unfunded liabilities like Social Security and Medicare – which if mirrored the UK’s unfunded debt, that just comes out of our annual budgets when due e.g. U.K. Public Sector pensions (at over £1.2 tril is close to our near £1.4 trillion National Debt), the NET U.S. debt figure will be huge.

As ALL methods of reducing national debt i.e. spending cuts, tax rises on businesses and/or consumers will REDUCE national investment i.e. infrastructure & private sector increasing capacity, lowering economic growth and prosperity - IT BECOMES LONG TERM CURRENCY NEGATIVE.

Talk of a U.S.$ crash due to their debt has been around for decades, and as Democrat Obama who has refused to meaningfully tackle their national debt, causing the political impasse with the Republicans making domestic policy matters worse – a meaningful fall in the U.S. dollar has got ever closer.

Just imagine how higher that debt would have been if not for the tax receipts, cheaper price economic growth, thanks to the huge growth in Fracking.

A weak currency can be positive to any economy as in theory it reduces domestic imports and helps domestic exporters, the problem is that when the U.S.$ weakens or is thought to weaken, it drives up Commodity Prices, which are mainly priced in U.S.$ = potential global inflation.

But don’t panic though, in the U.S. there is quite a bit of debt reduction ‘low hanging fruit’, they just need a less divisive administration/President, to tackle it – and this plan would CUT a relatively easy $220 billion from defence (& attack) spending by 2023.

A growing question in the U.S. SHOULD BE can they afford to be ‘the world’s policeman’, so LETTING THE WORLD GET ON WITH IT, could be getting ever closer and western governments will need to make up the financial/military shortfall to both ensure they can defend themselves in a more volatile world and ‘police’ others if the United Nations requests it.

WetAugust Tue 12-Aug-14 15:21:24

Why does no one ever remember the good that America has done such as

1. saving Europe's ass in WW1

2. Saving Europe's ass in ww2

3. Saving Kuwaits ass when their Muslim neighbour invaded it

4 Saving Kosovo and Bosnias asses by bombing Serbia into submission

5. Saving Afghanis crime the brutal scrounge of the Taliban and Al Aquaida

6. Saving the Kurds when Saddam and Chemical Ali were perpetrating genoicide in Northern Irag

It went wrong when GW decided to a avenge the failure of HW to overthrow Saddam

But despite being forced into the role of the worlds policeman America gets nothing but criticism for intervening.

Or should we just sit back and let the Saudis sort out regional matters, or the Arab League? If we do we'll have a very long wait.

Isitmebut Tue 12-Aug-14 15:56:07

WetAugust …. You are entering very complex politics here, to which I summarised it within the Middle East in my first post as ‘kill the wrong type of Muslim’.

Firstly remember that Islam is ‘stateless’, so if any western country kills a Muslim within the Middle East, there will always be much wider reverberations, often domestically, as one persons terrorist is another’s hero e.g. UK citizens joining the Islamic State (ISIS) and now feel their destiny is fulfilled, but how many Islamic State sympathisers are still here and will go over the edge if Cameron to acts? It don’t take many.

Next lets remember Hussein’s Iraq was the U.S. counterbalance to an Islamist Iran after their puppet Shah was deposed, so today’s friends the U.S. arms are tomorrows enemies.

An example of this could be the Kurds you mention, who the west have both helped and let down in nearly equal measure; will a well armed Kurds currently helping those down off the mountain, having already having expanded their territory within Iraq, get back in their box ONCE Iraq has a unified/inclusive leader/government once Maliki has gone?

What is the Kurdish view on a new Iraq?

I could go on, but the U.S. policy gets few brownie points for getting it right, and a shit storm of abuse by one or the other side (sometimes both) when it goes wrong and Muslim lives are lost.

Re your point on regional policeman e.g. Saudi Arabia, although they have a lot of the good kit and training, they are too close and Muslim, so the domestic backlash will be even greater.

Remember Iraq facing around 15,000 Islamic State jobbies had I believe a standing army around 100,000 or there abouts, but split between Shia and Sunni, so who could they trust to send and fight Sunni Islamic State and not have the risk of them joining.

As it was the Iraqi forces facing Islamic State who ran and left around $1.5 billion worth of new American kit, for what reason, cowards or religious ‘brothers’ from different mothers?

Suffice to say, the U.S. can’t win in the long run, whatever they do. IMO.

WetAugust Tue 12-Aug-14 18:35:35

I'd like to know why Saudi Arabia has a huge fighter jet capability provided by the US and UK and funded by their petro dollars but which, apart from a few sorties in GW1 seems to sit there redundant.

surely it feels dome pressure to use thus magnificent fleet of fighters to prevent genocide that is happening in their own region?

oops I forgot. It's Saudi Arabia that has been exporting this particularly pernicious brand of Wahabbism to the rest of the Muslim world , including ISIS or ISIL or IS or whatever this toilet roll of an organisation us known by this week. great humanitarians.

I hope that every one of these people who join IS are killed. We don't wAnt them back here


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