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Join the FB campaign against attacks on Gaza children

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letsleepingbabieslie Wed 06-Aug-14 10:20:54

If you're feeling horrified by all the images of dead children and want to turn that anguish into something useful, there is a new viral campaign on FB and twitter - go to

Basically, take a picture of your kid sleeping, or just their bed and teddies if you prefer, with a sign condemning the attacks on children. Share, share, share it widely. Let the UK and Israeli government know that ordinary people simply will not stand for this.

OneStepCloser Wed 06-Aug-14 10:33:25

have joined, thanks for the link letsleepingbabieslie

letsleepingbabieslie Wed 06-Aug-14 10:41:58

Thanks onestepcloser. Please circulate the link to all your friends and remember to post a picture. It doesn't matter how big the FB groups, it will not have an impact until lots of people are circulating pictures.

Thanks again.

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