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Please help us find missing ~ maybe stolen Guide Dog #TESS [sad]

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RTKangaMummy Fri 01-Aug-14 22:23:07

Tess is a black CCRxGret but she looks like a black labradoodle. She went missing or was taken from Nairn in Scotland on Wednesday 23rd July.

We don't know whereabouts in the country she is now. sad

She was wearing her collar with Guide Dog tags. She is microchipped and spayed.

As she is a Guide Dog, she is very important to her owner Fraser, as well as being very much loved and missed.

I am a guide dog puppywalker, and so I am helping Fraser find her to get her returned to him as soon as possible.

Guidedogs have set up a phoneline that is staffed 24/7 so if you see a black dog with very curly fur please make a note of where, when and ring them please 0800 6888409. Especially if it is with someone who you didn't realise had a black dog

If you want further updates you can search #TESS on twitter or @gdpuppywalking

BTW if MNetters don't recognise my name it's probably cos my DS (kangaboy) is now 19 and at Uni, so I haven't been on here for a while. Incase you are wondering what the RT bit means I used to do a RadioTimes TV alerts to the best TV on each day for fellow MNetters .

Please help find Tess

Thank you x

RTKangaMummy Fri 01-Aug-14 22:25:54

Here is another photo of Tess

magimedi Fri 01-Aug-14 22:28:18

Can't help other than a BUMP!

edamsavestheday Fri 01-Aug-14 22:28:31

Hey Kanga, this is shocking - poor Tess and her owner. Will spread the word.

Nice to see you but wish the circs were different! Can't believe Kangaboy is 19... wow.

hellymelly Fri 01-Aug-14 22:31:50

Bumping. Hope Tess is home soon.

OneStepCloser Fri 01-Aug-14 22:35:08

Oh no, I hope Tess is found soon, both Tess and her owner must be fraught.

RTKangaMummy Fri 01-Aug-14 22:41:40

Thanks guys

Yes Edam it is really weird to think of him nearly finishing being a teenager

It would be really deffo brill if MN could help get Tess back home

The power of MN is very strong x

If you notice a neighbour or other person that has been to Scotland and come back with a black dog.

Please look out for a black dog with curly fur when you are out at the park, or woods with your children

She could be anywhere in the country.

Thank you so much x

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 01-Aug-14 22:41:54

Oh no, let's hope she is found soon RTKanga

Cornflakesnmilk Fri 01-Aug-14 22:57:01

Bump - It's made me feel really sad. So sorry.

RTKangaMummy Fri 01-Aug-14 23:49:08

Thanks for your help and bumping

We know she is somewhere out there. We just want to find her and reunite her. So any help is much appreciated

Thank you for reading and bumping x

KareninsGirl Fri 01-Aug-14 23:56:09

Sorry to read this. Whoever took her should be ashamed. Hoping Tess is found very soon.

MimsyBorogroves Fri 01-Aug-14 23:57:46


Is Tess on DogLost etc?

RTKangaMummy Sat 02-Aug-14 01:36:00

Thank you for bumping again x


Should be her link on doglost

RTKangaMummy Sat 02-Aug-14 01:40:39

Hopefully that will work blush

RTKangaMummy Sat 02-Aug-14 01:43:16

Oh fiddkesticks

I'll try again tomorrow from computer not my phone

Youarejustwordsonascreenpeople Sat 02-Aug-14 02:18:58

Is there a Facebook page?

moldingsunbeams Sat 02-Aug-14 03:30:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RTKangaMummy Sat 02-Aug-14 13:18:03

Here is the poster so you can print and share Guide Dog TESS

Yes there is a FB page "Find Guide Dog Tess"

Thanks for your help

Pointeshoes Wed 06-Aug-14 09:41:46


RTKangaMummy Wed 06-Aug-14 18:43:03

If anyone wants anymore information we have a facebook page with over 1,550 people on it

Come along and join in


Thanks everyone

temporaryusername Thu 07-Aug-14 05:07:42


Will try to spread the word, this is awful. I so hope that she and her owner can be reunited soon.

SecretWitch Thu 07-Aug-14 05:18:21

Evening bump from the US. Sending hope that Tess and her owner will be reunited very soon.

willwegetthrough Fri 08-Aug-14 09:10:36


Would it help to put this on another board instead (or as well if that's allowed)? Chat maybe - does that have a bit more "traffic"?

coffeeinbed Fri 08-Aug-14 10:57:44


RTKangaMummy Thu 14-Aug-14 01:12:52 This is an audioboo made from Fraser Tess' owner talking about her and his limitations on his life without her

He just wants her back safely - whoever has her will NOT get into trouble We just want her back again safely via being dropped off at vets/police/rescue centre or ring 0800 68 88 409 this line is run by GUIDE DOG staff 24/7

If a friend or neighbour has suddenly got a new black dog especially if it looks like a labradoodle please ring that number

PETS AT HOME BOSSES are offering a donation reward for information that leads to Tess safe return (more details on guidedogs website)

I repeat we do not want arrests but do want #TESS back with Fraser

Thsnks for the bumps guys

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