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RT reporter resigns over their coverage of the shooting down of MH17

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DoctorTwo Sat 19-Jul-14 15:11:25

Sara Firth resigned yesterday after five years at the station, which is a shame, as she's a fine journalist, indeed the station has many really good journos, but it appears management are manipulating what they say, whereas before the reporters were pretty autonomous.

scottishmummy Sat 19-Jul-14 21:54:05

Good for her acting on her integrity

Hassled Sat 19-Jul-14 21:58:46

Yes, good for her. Hope she gets snapped up by a decent organisation.

Belloc Sun 20-Jul-14 12:26:25

Shame it took her 5 years to muster a bit of integrity. Russia Today is a propaganda machine for Putin. No self-respecting journalist would work there.

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