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Dad claims land so his daughter can become a princess

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FeministStar Wed 16-Jul-14 07:17:13

Mad? Or a devoted parent?

WanderingOakensHoohoo Wed 16-Jul-14 07:27:55

Mad! Why he can't just tell his daughter she can't be a princess (like the rest of us had to!) is beyond me.

DontPutMeDownForCardio Wed 16-Jul-14 07:29:25

He sounds like an absolute twat.

Davidtennantmistress Wed 16-Jul-14 07:31:52

Another example of the Americans claiming land for their own when it doesn't belong to them!

mathanxiety Wed 16-Jul-14 07:33:42

A teacher of my DCs is involved with an orphanage in a central African country. She visits annually and brings supplies and books, and helps with paperwork, scrounging food from different relief agencies, etc. The school regularly runs fundraisers to help provide supplies for the orphans. I can't help thinking what the orphanage could have done with the money this eejit has spent travelling to what looks like such a remote and godforsaken spot.

I feel like smacking him to be honest.

HavanaSlife Wed 16-Jul-14 07:34:38

What an idiot

Lottiedoubtie Wed 16-Jul-14 07:41:03

What a twat. If there was already a land dispute going on he's lucky he made it back alive.

FeministStar Wed 16-Jul-14 12:28:33

mathanxiety indeed. Our local high school have a partnership with a high school in Africa and they could have made good use of the money that this idiot has squandered.

AMumInScotland Wed 16-Jul-14 12:46:48

But it's not 'unclaimed' surely? Two different countries claim it. So why does he think it should be his just because he elbows his way in.... Oh, yes, of course, he's an American. The world ought to belong to him, and everyone else should be glad he's sorted out their silly little problem for them.... hmm

mathanxiety Wed 16-Jul-14 20:15:59

It's nothing to do with being an American, though the idea that American has to have a finger in every.single.pie certainly explains American foreign policy hmm. The teacher I spoke of is American, and has no delusions of grandeur or money to burn.

settingsitting Wed 16-Jul-14 20:17:39

There has been another thread about this. Posters said much the same things.
There are so many aspects that I didnt bother to post on the last one.

myusernameis Fri 18-Jul-14 03:28:38


Tanith Sat 19-Jul-14 14:41:26

"Daddy, I want an Oompa Loompa!!"

Tanith Sat 19-Jul-14 14:43:16

Yes, I know the poor child didn't demand to be a princess, but that's where he's heading if he's not careful...

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