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Todays TIMES is still trying tomove Lady Butler Sloss from inquiry (sat)

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digdeepforanswers Sat 12-Jul-14 11:22:57

Her name is a humorists dream. She would only go if 3 0r 4 sunday papers put the boot in

Icimoi Sat 12-Jul-14 15:18:02

She's a well-known judge who has reached high office and done a lot of very high profile work. If humorists thought there was any comedy to be got out of tittering at her name I suspect they would have done so by now.

TucsonGirl Sun 13-Jul-14 00:27:42

She's completely tied in with the same strata of people that are the subject of the inquiry. No way she can be impartial. Get rid of her.

CFSKate Sun 13-Jul-14 11:53:47

In a series of explosive claims about conferences at Blackpool and Brighton in the 1980s, he alleges boys as young as 15 indulged in alcohol and cocaine before they had sex with the powerful politicians.

He says one person who attended a party is a current serving minister.

Others said to be present at the parties included Keith Joseph, Rhodes Boyson, Dr Alistair Smith and Michael Havers

n1CKed Mon 14-Jul-14 13:16:09

Read it... still can't quite believe it.

mummylin2495 Mon 14-Jul-14 13:27:27

She has stepped down from the enquiry

AnyFucker Mon 14-Jul-14 13:33:40

I think it is very worrying that both her and our current government thought she was in any position to head the enquiry in the first place

She only stepped down because of external pressure to do so, not out of any altruistic personal responsibilty to ensure that she was completely impartial


mummylin2495 Mon 14-Jul-14 13:38:46

I agree with you AF. Never should of been appointed in the first place.

iseenodust Mon 14-Jul-14 13:45:05

Too closely tied to Church & establishment unfortunately for she has done much to be admired.

mummylin2495 Mon 14-Jul-14 13:49:23

She probably has done a lot of good work, but in this instance she was clearly not the right person for the job.

AnyFucker Mon 14-Jul-14 13:50:28

What Ms Butler-Sloss has done before is immaterial if she is too closely connected to the situation and apparently she is. So, bye bye.

eddiemairswife Mon 14-Jul-14 13:54:51

David Cameron and his cabinet have highly paid advisers. What on earth do they do for their money if they can't see a conflict of interest by appointing someone who could be investigating her own brother?

edamsavestheday Mon 14-Jul-14 14:06:53

I don't think they pay much attention to detail. Hence all sorts of mistakes, like trying to sell off the forests, the entire health bill, and lots of other stuff. They have a record of having to backtrack.

Darkesteyes Mon 14-Jul-14 15:49:36

Agree with AF Appointing her in the first place was madness. If there hadn't been pressure for her to step down I believe she would still be there.

Someone on another thread suggested Camila B. from Kids Company to replace Sloss.

Theresa May is currently having to answer questions at a meeting.

The missing 114 files are presumed destroyed.

Darkesteyes Mon 14-Jul-14 16:29:25

Laurie Penny in New Statesman.

Thumbwitch Mon 14-Jul-14 16:30:48

Glad she stepped down, even if it was due to external pressure. Agree entirely that she should never have been appointed, ridiculous.

Animation Mon 14-Jul-14 18:09:41

Yes it was a very obvious conflict of interests.

I also read the Mirror article also - quite disturbing to think it could be true.

The Tory party seem to be panicking to me, with a big resuffle going on and ministers leaving or getting fired.

Darkesteyes Mon 14-Jul-14 18:51:30

Don't reshuffles normally take place in September.

Animation Mon 14-Jul-14 19:38:37

It's a big one though - apparently.

eurochick Mon 14-Jul-14 20:13:52

It's a shame about the conflicts. She would have been an excellent person for the job in terms of her skill set and how well respected she is. But I'm surprised that she was a) appointed and b) accepted in light of her brother's role in government at the relevant time.

AppleYumYum Mon 14-Jul-14 23:32:28

Some are saying that they appointed her knowing full well there would be an outcry, she'd stand down, they buy themselves some time, then replace her with whoever they really wanted, meanwhile giving the public the feeling of power... There needs to be a public enquiry before a judge so people can be subpoenaed and nothing is hidden, anything less is a waste of time.

This whole thing is just too awful to believe sometimes. Those poor poor care home children who were already having a miserable life. It makes my blood boil that these monsters saw care homes as nothing more than a ready supply of children to use, abuse and dispose of because no one would miss them hmm.

I used to think David Icke was nuts but how right he has been, I've learnt a lot on these two threads, though warning they do contain upsetting information:

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