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donnie Fri 04-Jul-14 12:02:12

Is just about to be announced. It has now been revealed that he was also initially charged with viewing child pornography images and visiting child porn sites , as well as the sexual assault charges, but his lawyers successfully had these charges dropped as they would 'infect the case'. Sorry, not able to cut and past but it's on the Guardian website.

donnie Fri 04-Jul-14 12:03:09

He has to be sentenced according to the law at the time the offences were committed.

weatherall Fri 04-Jul-14 12:07:41

What is the sentence?

misstiredbuthappy Fri 04-Jul-14 12:10:27

I dont think he will be sent to jail because the news reports keep banging on about his medical conditions, I realy hope im wrong though snd hes sentencef to jail and he rots in there.

LiberalLibertines Fri 04-Jul-14 12:11:44

Think the judge already said he was looking at a jail sentence.

Fevertree Fri 04-Jul-14 12:12:13

I really hope he goes to jail.

misstiredbuthappy Fri 04-Jul-14 12:12:47

Hope he does.

donnie Fri 04-Jul-14 12:14:55

I hope so too; anyone who sexually assaults a 7 year old child deserves prison - I don't give a shit how old or frail they are.

TucsonGirl Fri 04-Jul-14 12:16:49

He should spend the rest of his life behind bars.

misstiredbuthappy Fri 04-Jul-14 12:17:19

I keep checking sky news but alls im getting is the queen and a bloody boat.

donnie Fri 04-Jul-14 12:19:02

His lawyer has argued that because he spends a lot of time as his wife's carer he should be spared hmm.

donnie Fri 04-Jul-14 12:19:58

I'm listening to the live feed on LBC , it's imminent according to that.

ICanHearYou Fri 04-Jul-14 12:22:41


misstiredbuthappy Fri 04-Jul-14 12:23:39

Still waiting ....

AuntieStella Fri 04-Jul-14 12:23:52

Given his age, it might amount to the rest of his life behind bars.

The charges about viewing child pornography were not dropped, they were set to be tried separately (not uncommon). According to the Guardian, it was only subsequent to the first convictions that CPS decided not to pursue the other charges. Has the CPS made a statement about that decision? It would be interesting to see it in full if they have.

misstiredbuthappy Fri 04-Jul-14 12:25:21

He should spend the rest of his life in prison.

LadyRainicorn Fri 04-Jul-14 12:28:18

I caught sight of s bannar on bbc news that says he won't stand yrail over the downloading of child abuse

noddyholder Fri 04-Jul-14 12:31:40

Says 8 yrs on twitter ?

misstiredbuthappy Fri 04-Jul-14 12:32:55

Hasnt been announced on sky yet noddy

AuntieStella Fri 04-Jul-14 12:35:56

I heard that, as he has to be sentenced according to what was in force at the time of the offences, so the maximum possible is 10 years. Anyone know if that length is correct?

donnie Fri 04-Jul-14 12:36:31

they have just announced a delay to the sentence now until later this afternoon. Not sure why.

ILoveCoreyHaim Fri 04-Jul-14 12:37:40

Said rhe maximum he can get is 10 years on Sky news before but he is unlikely to get it.

donnie Fri 04-Jul-14 12:38:59

Lots of 'mitigating' factors apparently hmm which RH's barrister only informed the Judge about this morning [shock. That doesn't sound like acceptable practice to me?

ILoveCoreyHaim Fri 04-Jul-14 12:39:10

Sentancing at 1.45 now

ExcuseTypos Fri 04-Jul-14 12:47:51

angry he's determined to put those women through even more agony isn't he?
And how can he be his main wife's carer when he admitted in court that they don't live with each other at the moment?

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