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Rolf Harris has been found guilty

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TensionWheelsCoolHeels Mon 30-Jun-14 14:59:47

On 12 counts of indecent assault.

Groovee Mon 30-Jun-14 15:01:16

Dh just texted me. Am shock

BeeBlanket Mon 30-Jun-14 15:01:30

Good. I was very convinced by the women's accounts in this case and really, really hoped he would not be able to "misremember" his way out of it.

<off to read news>

AgaPanthers Mon 30-Jun-14 15:03:00

It was hardly a surprise after the evidence presented. Guilty as fuck.

Pagwatch Mon 30-Jun-14 15:03:44

His grooming of his daughters friend was a particularly distressing element.

minniebar Mon 30-Jun-14 15:03:44


Fragglewump Mon 30-Jun-14 15:03:55

Those brave people who reported his vile actions should be applauded. It makes me feel sick that he did all that popular poorly cat tv shit whilst knowing he had destroyed people's lives. Just yuk!

Cocolepew Mon 30-Jun-14 15:04:45


StampyIsMyBoyfriend Mon 30-Jun-14 15:07:22

Glad his victims are getting justice, so brave of them coming forward.

PedlarsSpanner Mon 30-Jun-14 15:07:39


Fragglewump Mon 30-Jun-14 15:11:20

I wonder if his wife and daughter will still stand by him and continue minimising and denying his crimes?!?

AgaPanthers Mon 30-Jun-14 15:12:48

I'm sure people will be minimising it, at least he's not as bad as Jimmy Savile etc.

misstiredbuthappy Mon 30-Jun-14 15:13:06

Makes me feel sick.

On the news it says hes got unconditional bail whats that ?

Trooperslane Mon 30-Jun-14 15:13:50

Feeling sick too.


VivaLeBeaver Mon 30-Jun-14 15:15:43

Good. Evidence seemed very convincing.

GrouchyKiwi Mon 30-Jun-14 15:17:06

It makes me so sad and angry how long this has gone on with so many big names. I hope this means that the culture no longer exists (not holding my breath).

TensionWheelsCoolHeels Mon 30-Jun-14 15:17:16

There are a few interviews on sky news from victims & people who knew he was prone to groping. One guy saying he warned girls not to go in for a cuddle when meeting him. Similar stories from the victims too.

Ellisisland Mon 30-Jun-14 15:19:19

Miss tired- conditional bail means there are conditions attached such as cannot leave the country, don't contact victims etc. if you do you go to prison to await sentencing.

unconditional bail means there are no conditions attached as they probably don't believe he would do any of those things anyway

misstiredbuthappy Mon 30-Jun-14 15:21:57

Thank you ellis

cosikitty Mon 30-Jun-14 15:21:59

What will his sentence be?

OleOleOle Mon 30-Jun-14 15:28:50

Good. Goes to show sex offenders come in all guises. No one was really surprised by JS, but RH seemed so gentle and harmless. I'm glad there was enough evidence to get him, unlike other recent high profile cases.

CinnabarRed Mon 30-Jun-14 15:29:36

The BBC website quotes the judge as saying a custodial sentence is "uppermost in the court's mind".

I have to say, though, that I don't blame his wife and daughter for sticking by him through the trial. |I think it must be all but impossible to turn away from a person you love without a guilty verdict. The acid test will be what they do now that he's been convicted.

Animation Mon 30-Jun-14 15:38:57

Good I thought so. And yes, the grooming of his daughter's friend was particularly telling - and the fact that he saw nothing wrong with his behaviour.
What a creepy man.

PeachyPinky Mon 30-Jun-14 15:41:42

I feel for the DD's friend and other's who helped convict him, it must have been tough for them.

It makes you wonder about the hidden meaning behind some of his songs hmm now.

AgaPanthers Mon 30-Jun-14 15:44:42

He didn't write his own songs, generally.

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