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march of 50000 omitted from BBC news and one that spokesman for the prime minister declined to comment on

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antimatter Sat 21-Jun-14 22:19:57

An estimated 50,000 people marched from the BBC's New Broadcasting House in central London to Westminster.

yet BBC didn't bother to mention it in their news bulletins...

I think this film is worth watching (under 3 min long) where inequality we all experience is explained:

flipflop21 Sun 22-Jun-14 07:50:23

Bump. Shocking.

KB02 Sun 22-Jun-14 07:55:33

There was a similar one in Manchester last year I think which also didn't get reported.
I know it definitely happened because one friend attended and another saw the march from his bedroom window !

affafantoosh Sun 22-Jun-14 08:15:48

It is terrifying how much the BBC is controlled. It's coverage of the independence referendum is what really opened my eyes to it but it's become more and more clear that it's not a trustworthy news source.

affafantoosh Sun 22-Jun-14 08:16:09


ttosca Sun 22-Jun-14 08:47:57

I think the BBC have become afraid from the relentless threats from the Tory scum.

ttosca Sun 22-Jun-14 08:51:19

> The demonstration in london today was attended by over 50,000 protesters. RT Al Jazerra and other foreign news channels have reported this. Nothing on BBC and Sky News. Initially I called LDN, they slammed the phone down on me. So I called BBC News 24, this is what happened....

affafantoosh Sun 22-Jun-14 08:55:47

The thing is, people think you're a fruit loop and start muttering about tinfoil hats if you say you don't trust the BBC.

AuntieStella Sun 22-Jun-14 08:56:13

Anyone know the reason why the figures attaining the march as linked in OP are over double that the Socialist Worker published ("up to 20000").

I'm trying to see if the police have provided an official estimate.

But one possibility is that there was little reporting because, in comparison with other demos in London, it was pretty small, despite a plum location.

affafantoosh Sun 22-Jun-14 09:01:11

I think the police declined to provide an official estimate ... hang on ...

"The Metropolitan police refused to provide an estimate. A police spokesman said the force had received no reports of arrests." from the Guardian link above.

Damnautocorrect Sun 22-Jun-14 09:01:48

Funny how ukip got so much press coverage but national health action party none!
Was this covered by the papers at all?

Nerf Sun 22-Jun-14 09:03:10

The call want exactly putting the phone down was it? No one answered the phone , which is a bit different.

wafflyversatile Sun 22-Jun-14 09:05:39

I was there. It didn't seem to be as many as 50k to me but I didn't have overview.

The start point was outside the BBC...

wafflyversatile Sun 22-Jun-14 09:06:55

At the end a speaker said 50I.

wafflyversatile Sun 22-Jun-14 09:07:12


AuntieStella Sun 22-Jun-14 09:07:27

So we have no way of knowing which organisation's estimate is correct?

The march could have been under 20000 (SWP) or over 50000 (media).

The one thing all sides agree on is that it caused no disruption, nor attracted much attention in London (where there are small/medium marches of this type every weekend and most are unreported).

wafflyversatile Sun 22-Jun-14 09:10:00

Sky and channel 4 were interviewing people.

affafantoosh Sun 22-Jun-14 09:10:02

Stella, I think it is the fact that international news organisations picked up on this and reported it, while our own national news organisation didn't.

wonderstuff Sun 22-Jun-14 09:15:49

I hadn't see this, thanks

AuntieStella Sun 22-Jun-14 09:19:49

SKY's report is essentially all about Russell Brand.

It's not unusual for minor events (such as small march) to be reported only in some media.

ttosca Sun 22-Jun-14 09:53:57

You can complain to the BBC about their coverage here:


Even if it was 20K, the BBC regularly cover much small events.

ttosca Sun 22-Jun-14 09:58:07

>It's not unusual for minor events (such as small march) to be reported only in some media.

It wasn't a minor event or a small march.

antimatter Sun 22-Jun-14 10:35:47

Isitmebut Sun 22-Jun-14 12:51:01

Dear me, the anti welfare reform, anti spending cuts of any kind, anti fracking, and the pro EU AND immigration BBC are now Tory puppet? lol

Any real world thought to WHY the BBC gave Ukip so much air-time on every news/current affairs programmes?

Ukip were taking votes off of the Conservatives; now they are taking votes off Labour, watch how much LESS coverage they receive coming up to the General Election, and how much more of a hard time they’ll get during interviews e.g. someone mentioning that Ukip have no control over their one policy, to take us out of the EU, as few BBC interviewers mentioned that fundamental point before the Euro elections.

affafantoosh Sun 22-Jun-14 15:52:53

Pretty well buried, and only posted 5 hours ago - try finding this link on the BBC site!

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