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OH MY GOD - Newborn baby survives 4 story fall after mother throws him from window :o(

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WSM Thu 25-Mar-04 09:46:39

What was she thinking ?

spacemonkey Thu 25-Mar-04 09:47:31

very, very sad

secur Thu 25-Mar-04 09:48:48

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Thu 25-Mar-04 21:08:11

stupidgirl Thu 25-Mar-04 21:33:16

How horrible.

Demented Fri 26-Mar-04 16:00:57


Northerner Fri 26-Mar-04 16:02:34

She should be shot.

Secur - my thoughts exactly.

kiwisbird Fri 26-Mar-04 16:03:43

kerrrrrrrrrrrrrist almighty

emmatmg Fri 26-Mar-04 16:09:09

Oh My God.......

wobblyknixx Sun 04-Apr-04 18:46:39

Maybe he knew she was pg but there was something about the baby when it was born that was obvious that it was someone else's, or maybe the dad was planning on a DNA test and she couldn't stand the thought of it?

Either way, what a horrific, sick thing to do to a baby, especially your own.

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