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Stephen Sutton has died

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SpottieDottie Wed 14-May-14 12:23:06

RIP Stephen.

sittingatmydeskagain Wed 14-May-14 12:29:04

Sad news. RIP Stephen.

Forgettable Wed 14-May-14 12:30:03

Oh gosh, sad news

whatadrama Wed 14-May-14 12:31:42

Such sad news but what an incredible young man sad

ThisFenceIsComfy Wed 14-May-14 12:32:38

What a great young man. Such an inspiration, poor family sad

PrimalLass Wed 14-May-14 12:33:00

Oh how sad. I am lost for words.

Isitmebut Wed 14-May-14 12:33:22

Oh dear, a pox on the computers of those trolls accusing him of all sorts when he left hospital recently.

He has passed away, but remains an inspiration for all of us.

NCISaddict Wed 14-May-14 12:37:41

Gone but not forgotten. He was a credit to his parents and an inspiration to us all, may he rest in peace.

sleepyhead Wed 14-May-14 12:39:52

Oh how sad. I'm glad that he seemed to have a little time feeling well before the end.

somedizzywhore1804 Wed 14-May-14 12:41:32

Rest in peace, Stephen.

A truly inspirational character.

incogKNEEto Wed 14-May-14 12:43:01

RIP Stephen. A truly inspiring young man.

ajandjjmum Wed 14-May-14 12:43:36

His parents must be so proud of what he achieved in his short life.

RIP Stephen.

Howstricks Wed 14-May-14 14:29:15

What a truly incredible young man.

Lilymaid Wed 14-May-14 15:42:47

So sad to hear this news. He raised a great deal of money for a very good cause and used his too short life for the benefit of others.

iggy0155 Wed 14-May-14 16:01:18

RIP xx His parents can take comfort in his amazing life sad

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