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Oscar Pistorius Trial Part 7

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Roussette Thu 08-May-14 11:55:50

here is Part 6. Nearly time for a new one.

member Thu 08-May-14 12:04:19

Thanks Rousette!!!!

StackALee Thu 08-May-14 12:13:17

I'll just plonk all this here smile

Week One

Day One session 1 March 3rd (Michelle Burger)

Day One session 2

Day Two Session 1 March 4th (Cross Examination of Michelle Burger)

Day Two Session 2

Day Two session 3

Day Two Session 4

Day Three Session 1 March 5th (Charl Johnson; Kevin Lerena RE Tasha’s Restaurant)

Day Three Session 2

Day Three Session 3

Day Four Session 1 March 6th (Charl Johnson )

Day Four Session 2 (Charl Johnson. Dr Stipp starts his testimony)

Day Four Session 3

Day Five Session 1 March 7th (Johan Stipp; Samantha Taylor; Pieter Baba)

Day Five Session 2

Day Five Session 3

Day Five Session 4

Day Five Session 5

Week 2

Day Six Session 1 March 10th . (Pieter Baba)

Day Seven Session 1 March 11th Pathologist, Gert Saayman continues revealing Reeva Steenkamp's post mortem details. The proceedings cannot be shown.

Day Seven Session 2 (Darren Fresco)

Day Eight Session 1 March 12th (Police Col Johan Vermeulen, Toilet Door Evidence)

Day Eight Session 2

Day Eight Session 3

Day Nine Session 1 March 13th (Police Col Johan Vermeulen)

Day Nine Session 2 (Col Van Rensburg; Pictures of the scene)

Day Ten Session 1 March 14th (Col Van Rensburg)

Day Ten Session 2

Week 3

Day Eleven Session 1 March 17th (Sean Patrick Rens, Firearms; Warrant officer Van Staden, Photographs)

Day Eleven Session 2

Day Eleven Session 3

Day Twelve Session 1 March 18th (Warrant officer Van Staden)

Day Twelve Session 2 (Capt. Christian Mangena)

Day Thirteen Session 1 March 19th ((Capt. Christian Mangena))

Day Thirteen Session 2 Court adjourned until 24th March. (Capt ian van der Nest; Michael Sales – Ipad data)

Week 4

Day Fourteen Session 1 March 24th (Annette Stipp evidence, Reeva Phone messages)

Day Fourteen Session 2

Day Fourteen Session 3

Day Fifteen Session 1 March 25th (Phone Messages. End of State’s Case))

Day Fifteen Session 2

Day Fifteen Session 3 Court adjourned until Friday 28th March

MARCH 28th court case postponed when one of the court officials fell ill.

Week 5

Day Sixteen Session 1 April 7th (Jan Botha Oscar; Defence witness forensic pathologist. Includes food digestion evidence. Pistorius apologised to the family of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, on the first day of his evidence at his murder trial.

Day Sixteen Session 2 (Oscar Pistorius takes to the stand, apologises to family gives evidence to Roux. Talks about growing up.)

Day Sixteen Session 3 (ROUX: talks about religion, his dogs, etc)

Day Seventeen Session 1 April 8th (ROUX: Talks about meeting Reeva, her interest in motor vehicles, WhatsApp Messages’ emails from Sam Taylor, press reaction to relationship)

Day Seventeen Session 2 (ROUX: more WhatsApp messages)

Day Seventeen Session 3 (ROUX: More WhatsApp messages, Counts two, three and four – OP talks about shooting incidents and ammunition. The day of the Shooting, arriving home, dinner, going to bedroom, fans, curtains, locking bedroom door.Testimony about the valentine present, demonstration of OP by the door on and off Prosthesis, continuing statements RE getting out of bed, fans, LED light; noise in the bathroom)

Day Seventeen Session 4 (ROUX: OP’s Testimony of the Shooting and aftermath, breaks down – court Adjourned)

Day Eighteen Session 1 April 9th (ROUX: OP’s Testimony RE making calls, moving Reeva, Stipp evidence discussed; leaving his bedroom, people arriving, demo of kicking the door. Mr Nel Cross Examination)

Day Eighteen Session 2 (More OP Cross Examination ‘I made a mistake’, ‘Zombie Stopper’ evidence argument about defence being ambushed; Judge adjourns court so defence can see video)

Day Eighteen Session 3 (Zombie Stopper Video shown; Picture of Reeva’s head shown to court; OP breaks down; Court Adjourned)

Day Eighteen Session 4 (NEL: More discussion on the Water-melon; Detailed questions about the Bail application version ‘My story hasn’t changed’;

Day Eighteen Session 5 (NEL: OP talks about Police tampering; ‘Are you saying the fans were tampered with?’ Photos of the bedroom – fans, bed, Stereo, Plugs, Shooting, ‘I didn’t deliberately do it’)

Day Nineteen Session 1 April 10th (NEL: OP talking about their relationship; Whatsapp messages - arguments; The incident in Tasha’s; guns.

Day Nineteen Session 2 (NEL: Firearms; Other charges; shooting 'I can remember pulling the trigger')

Day Nineteen Session 3 (NEL: evening of shooting; waking; speaking to Reeva; the photos of the scene - fans, cords etc)

Day Twenty April 11th (NEL: Relationship; Security concerns; pictures of scene -fans, duvet, jeans)

Week 6

Day Twenty-one Session 1 April 14th (Oscar Pistorius Cross-Examined, photos of fans and duvet, position of jeans, Led lights; approach to bathroom with gun)

Day Twenty-one Session 2 (continued questioning over approach to bathroom, shooting, searching for Reeva etc 'you cannot have two defences, OP breaking down in court; hearing the magazine rack; demo of locking door)

Day Twenty-one Session 3 (NEL: OP cross examination. Lights; Reeva's position behind door; what he did after the shooting, shouting, screaming, searching, what point did he think it might be Reeva?)

Day Twenty-two Session 1 April 15th (NEL: OP cross examination, what was she doingnintoilet, wearing, did she open window? Dixon)

Day Twenty-two Session 2

Day Twenty-two Session 3

Day Twenty-two Session 4

Day Twenty-three Session 1 April 16th (Dixon)

Day Twenty-three Session 2

Day Twenty-three Session 3

Day Twenty-four Session 1 April 17th (Roger Dixon)

Day twenty-four Session 2 (Roger Dixon) Court Adjourned until Monday 5th may 2014.

Week 7

Day Twenty-five Session 1 May 5th (Johan Stander called by defence, cross examined by Nel; Carice Stander/ Mrs Viljoen)

Day Twenty-five Session 2 (Carice Stander/ Viljoen questioned by Roux and Nel)

Day Twenty-six Session 1 May 6th (Michael Nhlengethwa and Mrs Eontle Nhlengethwa. Neighbours of the accused)

Day Twenty-six Session 2 (Rika Motshuane. Neighbour)

BBC Link for Day Twenty-Seven

LookingThroughTheFog Thu 08-May-14 12:14:43

Stack, as always, my gratitude. They're helping no end with the transcriptions.

StackALee Thu 08-May-14 12:16:17

Here's the evidence from Stipp V Stander. I haven't transcribed it exactly, there are some gaps. Also call logs at the bottom in chronological order.

Stander's Evidence 5th May Session 1 (as told to ROUX)

I received a phone call around about 03.18 (Call Logs say was 03.19.03) from Mr Pistorius saying 'please please please come to my house, I shot Reeva, I thought she was a intruder, please come quick'

I walked out, opened the door and when I was walking out of the room my daughter came out of my room and she said she had just heard somebody call for help.

My daughter and I then decided to go to his house as quickly as possible. We left the house (Did they get dressed? how long did that take) ...

The front door was slightly open, there was a light. My daughter was in front of me, she pushed the door open and we saw Mr Pistorius coming down the stairs with Reeva in his arms.

When he reached the bottom of the stairs I think my daughter asked him to put the body down. He was really crying. He asked us to please assist him, to put Reeva in our car and take her to hospital.

We tried to calm Mr Pistorius down, he was broken, he was screaming, he was crying, he was praying. I spent some time trying to calm him down. I said to Oscar 'Mr pistorius I will go out and call the ambulance' While I was out trying to call the ambulance a gentleman came towards me, he introduced himself as Johan. I asked him the contact no. for the ambulance because I couldn't get hold of them. I then called... I was still speaking on the phone and Dr Stipp came back out...The ambulance arrived shortly after... they declared Reeva dead.

I asked Dr Stipp what he had heard... He said he had heard four shots, silence, screams and four shots again.

*Stipp's Evidence*: (as told to NEL)

I was awakened by three loud bangs, my wife asked me what was that? I said ‘I think it’s gunshots’… As I looked out (From the Balcony) I heard screaming, it sounded like a female and she screamed three or four times… I took my phone and I called security. [Nel interjects and asks how much time between the bangs and the screams ‘I few moments’]. I tried to ascertain where the screams were coming from… I noted that one of the houses in front, almost all the lights were on, The accused house was to the left of the house with the lights on and the bathroom light was on. I went back into my bedroom and I phoned Silver woods security. There was no answer, it rang a few times, so I called 10111. I got a funny dialing tone, while I was still busy on the phone I heard another three loud bangs. I thought whoever had shot the first time was starting to shoot again.

I eventually got through to our security and spoke to the guard, told him what happened and he said they will send someone when a duty manager arrives. During that time I must have been walking around the room and put my phone down, walked out onto the balcony again and that’s when I heard a man’s voice shouting three times ‘help help help’. I went back into the room and waited for security. They arrived a few minutes later I told them what I had heard (he was talking down to them from the balcony). Security left and drove towards the house. I went onto the other balcony and as I was there I noticed someone moving in the bathroom through the window from the right to the left. The light looked the same as before.

My wife and I then had a discussion about should I go to see what was going on. So I dressed (He DID get dressed) and I drove down to security to find out if it was safe to go to the house. I spoke to the guard at the guard house, he told me I could go and that Mr Stander was there and it was fine. I drove back, followed the crescent… I parked behind a car outside OP’s house, I did not know it was his house. I got out of the car, there was a man talking on a cell-phone who motioned me towards the front door. There was a lady standing in the door. I said ‘I am a doctor, can I help’ she said yes and showed me to the bottom of the stairs. I went nearer and I noticed a man on her left kneeling by her side with his left hand on her right groin and his right hand second and third fingers in her mouth. The first thing he said was ‘I shot her, I thought she was a burgler and I shot her’.

Next thing I did was try to assist her, to open her airway and look for signs of life. She had no pulse in her neck, no breathing, she was clenching down. All during that time there wasn’t any signs of life. It was obvious to me that she was mortally wounded.

During that time, while I was trying to ascertain if she was survivable Oscar was crying all the time, he prayed to go ‘please let her live’ he said he would dedicate his life to god if she stayed alive. I went outside and Mr Stander was outside, I asked him ‘is the ambulance on the way’ he said ‘no he hasn’t called the ambulance yet’ so I took my phone and I called (a particular hospital) who said I had to call A&I which Mr Stander then did (Netcare) he handed me the phone and I spoke to the dispatcher and described the nature of the injuries. I went back inside the house periodically to check how things were going, Oscar stayed by her side most of the time, I remember when I was outside one time I was talking to Mr Stander and I noticed Oscar was going upstairs and asked Mr Stander if he knew where the gun was. So I thought maybe he might hurt himself. Mr Stander said he didn’t know where the gun was. A few minutes later Oscar returned downstairs.

I was outside, talking to Mr Sander. At one stage I think his wife arrived, his daughter was also on the scene at that time – they were concerned about what had happened. The ambulance arrived a short while after that. We exchanged number and I went home.

Call logs for Oscar’s Phone:

Feb 14th

01.48.48 – GRPS on Oscar’s phone – 309 seconds – tower closest to Oscar’s (the remaining are all on the same tower as well)

03.15.51 – Call to security from Dr Stipp - 16 Seconds

03.16.15 – Call to security from Nhlengethwa – 0 seconds, not answered

03.16.36 – Call to security from Nhlengethwa – 44 seconds

03.18.45 – GRPS on Oscar’s phone – 75 Seconds

03.19.03 – Call from Oscar to Johan Stander – 24 seconds

03.20.02 – GRPS On Oscar’s phone – 79 Seconds

03.20.05 – Call from Oscar to 082911 (ambulance service) – 66 seconds

03.21.22 – GRPS on oscar’s phone – 61 seconds

03.21.33 – Call from Oscar to 6797 (baba, security) 9 seconds

03.21.47 – Call from Oscar to 121 Voicemail – 7 seconds

03.22.05 - Call from security Baba to Oscar - 12 seconds ‘everything is fine’

03.27 - Call to security from Dr Stipp -0 seconds not answered (mistaken re-dial?)

03.27 – Call from Stander to the emergency services (No extra info sorry)

03.55.02 – Call from Oscar’s phone to Justin Devaris – 123 Seconds

GRPS from Oscar’s phone for 83 seconds

04.01.38 – Call from Oscar’s Phone to Heinrich Pistorius – 54 Seconds

AnyaKnowIt Thu 08-May-14 12:26:17

StackALee you are a star, thank you

msrisotto Thu 08-May-14 12:26:23

What is the grps thing about?

Roussette Thu 08-May-14 12:36:03

Fab Stacky thank you. I do the easy bit starting a thread, your posts take a lot of work!

HawnieGold Thu 08-May-14 13:00:54

is that it for today? sky red button don't appear to be showing it now?

HawnieGold Thu 08-May-14 13:01:45

I retract that grin

LookingThroughTheFog Thu 08-May-14 13:05:59

Not an exact transcript:

Witness: if there's a gun in the court, can I make it safe and demonstrate for you?

Nel: We're a crack team but we don't have any guns in court.

Judge: No. that's a good thing.

RoadKillBunny Thu 08-May-14 13:08:19

Just plonking myself down on the new thread.
Not sure I am going to have much constructive to say for myself today, madly tired and in pain as a result found the experts testomony so far very hard to care about!
I tend to try and make sure it's the cross examination I listen to if I am unable to find time for it all as that tends to expand on things greatly.
Good luck to those who are planning on listening to it all this pm, I will be checking in on twitter but not here until tonight

LookingThroughTheFog Thu 08-May-14 13:14:00

I like Wolmarans so far. He's steady and quite calm.

Not entirely sure why he's explaining rifling grooves and gun fingerprints. But he's steady and sure.

He's getting onto the stability of the bullet after it's passed through wood, but only by a few degrees.

The bullets only open and mushroom on hitting softer things like flesh. The science of this is fascinating me, but irrelevent to this i suspect.

He's talking about black talons and black rangers. It would seem that the calibre bullets Oscar had may have been rangers, but the effect of the two bullets is the same.

StackALee Thu 08-May-14 13:30:25

"What is the grps thing about?"

I think it means that when phones are left they can regularly connect to GRPS to download emails, get texts etc. Depends on teh phone settings but it's not suspicious behaviour.

StackALee Thu 08-May-14 13:37:44

Someone asked on teh other thread about Stipp having heard both sets of bangs?

The following timeline:

03.15.51 – Call to security from Dr Stipp - 16 Seconds

03.16.15 – Call to security from Nhlengethwa – 0 seconds, not answered

03.16.36 – Call to security from Nhlengethwa – 44 seconds

Does suggest that Dr Stipp would have heard more than all of the other witnesses on the call list because a. he was awake and b. he was the first to call. Also in his testimony he says that he 'called a few times' and got no response.

I want to check the Johnson and Burger evidence though - did they make calls that have been logged and that were made before the Nhlengethwa's who heard nothing but a man screaming in a high pitched voice.

AGnu Thu 08-May-14 14:05:55

Oh come on! I've finally managed to get both DC entertained elsewhere so I could watch it & I saw about 2 minutes before they announced they're adjourning again! I missed exactly why though. Have they just finished with the witnesses they have for today? Why can't they ask another couple of people to be on standby in case they're needed? Just seems like a waste of time. They could have finished with all the witnesses by now if they kept going until 5pm. confused

LookingThroughTheFog Thu 08-May-14 14:08:21

did they make calls that have been logged and that were made before the Nhlengethwa's who heard nothing but a man screaming in a high pitched voice.

In answer to the first half, yes, the Burgers made a call to the wrong security entirely (security on the estate they used to live at) before they heard any bangs.

In answer to the second, I don't know whether we've seen when that call was logged.

LookingThroughTheFog Thu 08-May-14 14:10:01

Gnu, they finish at 3:00 their time (2:00 our time).

They haven't finished with the ballistics witness yet.

member Thu 08-May-14 14:10:24

I don't think they've finished with the witness but court usually finishes at 3pm South African time (2pm our time)

member Thu 08-May-14 14:33:05

Did anybody glean anything apart from Reeva's arm was between 6 & 20cm from the door when the bullet hit?

StackALee Thu 08-May-14 14:42:11

Anyone know if there is a call log for the call the Van der Merwes made to security?

StackALee Thu 08-May-14 14:52:47

This is the Johnson call but still not clear about this call. Also wondering where to fit the Van De Mewer call into things.

03.15.51 – Call to security from Dr Stipp - 16 Seconds

03.16.15 – Call to security from Nhlengethwa – 0 seconds, not answered

03.16.36 – Call to security from Nhlengethwa – 44 seconds

03.17 – Call to Security from Mr Johnson (NB that Michelle Burger testified that Mr Johnson had to repeat his story to a second person, then discovered he had called the wrong security and dropped the phone)

03.18.45 – GRPS on Oscar’s phone – 75 Seconds

03.19.03 – Call from Oscar to Johan Stander – 24 seconds

Hillwalker Thu 08-May-14 14:53:26

Poor Reeva. So much to live for.

LouiseBrooks Thu 08-May-14 14:56:54

He said something about deflection so is he implying that the bullets (or some?) could have been deflected, rather than OP deliberately changing his aim? BUT - disclaimer - I am still at work and so listening in snatches and may not have this right.

No doubt someone will correct me if they think it necessary.

"W: The bullets hit the wooden door at an angle, this would have caused deflection and unstabilty. Deflection is not predictable."

Also did he say the bullets were Rangers, not Black Talon? (not that it makes that much difference as far as I can see).

AmIthatSpringy Thu 08-May-14 15:09:37

Just marking place. I see Wolmarans gave evidence. He hadn't refused contrary to what the MN expert said.

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