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The noise heard by Pistorius from toilet area

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Lizzie0123 Tue 22-Apr-14 17:27:03

OP and RS in bed asleep. OP hears noise emanating from the bathroom/toilet, sounding like the window being opened by a possible intruder. The agreed facts are - there was no intruder - No intruder equals no noise of window being opened, unless opened by Reeva (only purpose would be to get a mobile signal or cry out for help). If the window was already open then the perceived noise, apparently heard by OP, must have been external and would be from distance as there wasn't any prowlers or intruders near the house. Could he have heard an external noise down in the bedroom area which is some distance from the bathroom/toilet cubicle? Apparently, he fired because he thought someone was going to open the toilet door. Surely Reeva would have heard him walking down to the bathroom and spoke to him through the door, i.e. 'Oscar I am in here'. Any normal person would approach the door and ask if their partner is in there first, before blindly shooting through the door.
I believe if one person of a couple in bed heard a noise, they would automatically shake their partner and say 'did you hear that?'. Seems unlikely that there wasn't any interaction between the two.

Redcoats Tue 22-Apr-14 17:33:54

He wasn't in bed
In his version, he brings fans in from balcony. At the same time a reeva oes to the toilet (but he doesn't know this)
When in the bathroom Reeva opens the bathroom window which OP hears. He panics, grabs his gun and runs to the bathroom shouting at the 'intruder' and Reeva.
When in bathroom he hears another noise in the toilet which he thinks is the toilet door opening. He shoots. Reeva dies.

There's many holes in the story, some could be explained by him being in a Blind panic and bit thinking calmy and logically.
OTOH, none of above happened except for the shooting and killing bit.

Lizzie0123 Tue 22-Apr-14 19:37:17

Sorry should have been more clear - missed out the fact that he had gone out on to the balcony. I knew he wasn't in bed when he heard the noise. It was after he said he had been out on the balcony, but the point was, he was still in the bedroom area when he said he heard the noise. I was playing out the scenario that IF he had heard a noise, it must have been external if Reeva DID NOT open the window and we do not know if she opened it or whether it was already open. I wondered what others thought about the fact that he said he heard a noise whilst he was still in the bedroom area and whether he could have heard what would have been a noise from outside, a distance away, as there wasn't anyone in the immediate vicinity. Personally, my theory is - They argued, OP became aggressive. Fearing he might harm her RS runs away from him into the toilet and locks the door. She may have opened the window to call for help. Think she may have tried reasoning with OP through the door but he was in a blind rage and shot through the door. During the brief moments between the first and second shots, she screams (backing up the neighbours theory) - then his next shots are fatal. Think he was so angry he definitely meant to harm her, but then he may have regretted his actions later. Another point is that during his testimony when asked why he was getting emotional, he said, words to the effect - I am fighting for my life here. Meaning he was doing his level best to avoid being found guilty and was emotional as the evidence was not going his way.

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