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And the best mother in public life is...

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Janh Thu 18-Mar-04 09:57:36

Marge Simpson, of course. (And, TC, Lorraine Kelly was second!)

Lovely funny piece in The Graun today.

eidsvold Fri 19-Mar-04 18:56:25

however - am I the only one who is a bit disconcerted with Ulrika Johnsen ( gerrard-Wright?!?!?!) being chosen as the celebrity mother of the year - or whatever it was....

Marge - yeh can see that....

collision Fri 19-Mar-04 19:00:06

HAve to agree eidsvold. Its not that I dont like her but she does things to grab attention and she seems a bit of a floozy and used to seem to sleep around a lot and I know her daughter is ill and I wonder (sorry to be a cynic) if that is why she was voted celeb mum. I really hope her dd is OK but she does court publicity IMO

kiwisbird Fri 19-Mar-04 19:01:12

no eidsvold you're not the only one, runners up being Kate Moss and Jade Goody etc etc
Where was mother earth Beckham in all of this LOL
And where was Davina and Mrs Jamie Oliver Jools?

twiglett Fri 19-Mar-04 19:11:06

message withdrawn

kiwisbird Fri 19-Mar-04 19:21:23

I wasn't defending Jade far from it!

twiglett Fri 19-Mar-04 20:40:31

message withdrawn

lotty34 Tue 23-Mar-04 18:57:09

I think the real Mothers of the year are us ordinary folk who do it all themselves day in and day out without expecting to be made Mother of the Year.

Working Mums and stay at home Mums (whatever names you want to use) are all Mums of the year in my book and we all deserve a great big pat on the back for a job well done.

Well I think so anyway.

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