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Secret court of protection decision and Dr's not having an answer so blaming Mental Health

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NCRegular Thu 03-Apr-14 00:50:01

I am very upset after reading this article. If you look at all the comments, so many people suggest Gastropareasis.

For some reason now a days, Dr's who don't keep up with the latest medical information decide to write patients off as mentally ill. I have had them do it to me and my children, over various things several of them. Then it turns out to be physiological, they run around saying well it was rare, we can't keep up with the latest advances when you pull them up on it later on.

How the hell can this keep happening?

Nennypops Thu 03-Apr-14 09:20:13

I really wouldn't want to accept any of the information in that article as correct without independent information. Not only is it a Mail article, it's a Mail article in pursuit of one of their obsessions, namely the "secret courts" issue. I have to say I really don't see what the problem is in keeping this unfortunate child's name secret.

The full judgment is available - There were three separate medical opinions from senior gastro-enterologists, and the child had been sent by two psychiatrists who concluded that she did not have mental capacity to make decisions about her treatment. The gastro-enterologists had not only done their own tests but had carefully considered all the possibilities put forward by the mother. The judgment shows very careful consideration by the judge.

I must say I can't really see that the court in this case had any alternative. This child was going to die, and the judge seems to have taken the right decision.

AnywhereOverTheRainbow Thu 03-Apr-14 09:34:39

The article is an unreliable source of information because it comes from the Daily Mail and as nennypops says they have an agenda against secret courts....
So it makes anything they write as nonsense, even though the case in itself is quite serious.

Having said that, I might add that I don't understand why people keep blaming the courts whilst you should blame the doctors, the underfunded Nhs and so on.

I am not a child but I have been diagnosed wrongly twice and I had to refuse medication and care because they made me get worse.
Question: why not a petition for better car for everybody? Because I already refused twice to go to hospital and Gp 'waiting for the symptoms to pass'. Maybe one day it won't pass and I will end up in the Daily Mail too.

Spero Thu 03-Apr-14 10:50:30

When I am Prime Minister, it will be a strictly enforced law that no one may comment on these issues from a Daily Mail article unless they are also prepared to read the judgment from the court.

Alarmist, scaremongering nonsense. What a shock.

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