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Mark Austin vs Demot Murnaghan

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Coddy Tue 16-Mar-04 20:00:52

who would you go for?

I have a thing for newsreaders.. its the authority I think

Coddy Tue 16-Mar-04 20:03:15

heres mark not looking his best

Coddy Tue 16-Mar-04 20:04:04

heres dermy

collision Tue 16-Mar-04 20:05:01

I think Mark is a bit wet but gorgeous so I think I would say Dermot! Dont like his name though.

Tinker Tue 16-Mar-04 20:05:03

Dermot. Mark looks funny in profile. But I don't really like either - still a Jeremy Paxman/Jeremy Vine girl myself.

Coddy Tue 16-Mar-04 20:06:42

I know I love paxo too

Ok then we ill add him in/

If you had to dermy
jeremy devine(face for radio IMo)

Coddy Tue 16-Mar-04 20:07:06

dermy would be masterful!!

Coddy Tue 16-Mar-04 20:08:47

heres viney

Coddy Tue 16-Mar-04 20:09:31

oops nohere he is

collision Tue 16-Mar-04 20:10:27

Coddy...that was Dermy......where is Viney?

Tinker Tue 16-Mar-04 20:11:29

Oh he looks quite brooding there but then..."and he is married to Rachel."

collision Tue 16-Mar-04 20:11:31

Mmm....Viney is a bit quiffy and a bit skinny, so I will stick with Dermy.

Tinker Tue 16-Mar-04 20:12:17

But he has ace taste in music

collision Tue 16-Mar-04 20:14:20

I am in love with Vineys voice but Dermy is dark and brooding.

bossykate Tue 16-Mar-04 20:17:49

dermot, dermot, dermot! he always comes across as such a nice, unaffected guy when he guests on something, and seems like he has an excellent sense of humour. he wrote about going on a cruise recently with his family (ok he's unavailable) and said how wonderful it was to sit down with a book and a bottle of wine looking out over the sea.... that is my idea of heaven!

Tinker Tue 16-Mar-04 20:19:25

But JV will like wine and books as well! Last week he played a track by Magazine every day on his show - how cool do you want him to be?

Coddy Tue 16-Mar-04 20:21:55

yes but you would nt be looking at records together guys! agree re music - is very good

dermy would be gorgeous

would order wine without humming and haaing

Tinker Tue 16-Mar-04 20:24:18

Oh I would, JV would like that, giggling together in record shops.

Got to go, got to work out what to do about pesky Rachel.

lou33 Tue 16-Mar-04 20:26:21

Dermot Murnaghan's name sounds like a fart in a bath.

Mermaid2 Tue 16-Mar-04 20:26:54

Oh I have liked Mark Austin since he was very young sports reporter.

suzywong Tue 16-Mar-04 20:27:02

I like George someone, he looks like his family could be from somewhere around the Indian Ocean, and has distinguished silver hair.

Tinker Tue 16-Mar-04 20:28:04

George Aligiarh (sp?)- yes he's nice. No-one's mentioned Raggeh (sp again) yet.

bossykate Tue 16-Mar-04 20:41:35

tinker, i thought it was between dermot and mark...

jeremy vine is quite ok too. i heard paxo used to call him "mini me" when they did newsnight together.

suzywong Tue 16-Mar-04 20:46:23

Yeah that's him
Rageh is in his late 30s, I always thought he was a rookie. I bet standing on that hotel balcony in Baghdad put a few wrinkles on him

Janh Tue 16-Mar-04 20:46:54

wot about rageh (sp?)?????

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