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Has anyone seen this (Syrian Civil War in London)

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Anotheronebitthedust Sun 09-Mar-14 19:45:02

It's a video by Save the Children to raise awareness of children's suffering in Syria by re-imagining it as a civil war taking place in the UK, from a child's perspective

Thought it was quite moving, and also an interesting way to raise awareness/innovative campaign, if that isn't too objective/heartless.

The link is here - I've linked to the Buzzfeed page rather than straight to the video as there is a possibility some people might find it distressing.

Apologies if anyone has already mentioned it - did a quick search and couldn't find anything

Isitmebut Mon 10-Mar-14 01:28:41

On a related subject, I saw Gordon Brown speaking in parliament a few weeks back about the problems of I believe, a few hundred thousand Syrian female refuges living in dire conditions within neighbouring states, currently not receiving an education.

Rumour has it I’m no fan of Mr Brown, but he came to the House not just with a problem, but with a relatively low cost solution as well, which I think boiled down to, for the princely cost of £5 per head, they could arrange shifts in local schools, when they would receive an education at night and I’d guess weekends.

Sadly I could almost count on one hand the members on each side of the House listening, but personally I’d hope that via one aid package or another, Mr Brown had a positive response.

fuzzywuzzy Mon 10-Mar-14 16:59:44

I saw a tweet by Yvonne Rdley asking for volumteer teachers to help Syrian refugees might be something to do with the same thing isitme

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