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Tory agent: women MPs are ‘imbeciles’ who need a ‘good slap round the face’

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ttosca Sun 09-Mar-14 17:26:57

A Conservative electoral agent and parliamentary assistant to a Tory MP has attacked feminists on Facebook saying they ‘need a good slap round the face’.

Stewart Green – who is the parliamentary assistant to Conservative MP for Enfield Southgate David Burrowes and the electoral agent for Enfield Southgate Conservatives - also referred to women MPs as ‘cretinous’ ‘whinging imbeciles’.

Green wrote:

“I am absolutely sick and tired of this feminism nonsense. It really has gone too far. Quite a few of these women need a good slap round the face.”

Here’s more detalied information from local newspaper North London Today:

Conservatives embroiled in new woman-hating Facebook row

Blimey. Do the Tories really think they can win the next election without the support of female voters?

I’m no expert on electoral strategy, but I’ve heard there are quite a few of them.

Isitmebut Sun 09-Mar-14 18:24:27

Does it really matter what some fool of a Tory flunkey thinks of women/feminists, it is not Conservative policy.

Surely the larger and ongoing ‘character’ issue is which current members of parliament left office with an annual government overspend of £160 billion a year, and through electoral cowardice, refused to tell ANYONE in their 2010 manifesto, what they would or wouldn’t cut, or put more taxes on, to reduce it?

That was an insult to the intelligence of everyone in this country, not just women.

ttosca Sun 09-Mar-14 18:50:25

It's not hard to find a pattern of nastiness from Tory MPs. I compiled a list once, not going to bother doing it again at this point.

The deficit when the Tory scum came to power was £150 billion annually, and that was the result of the financial crisis, not due to a large increase in public spending. Before the crisis, the deficit was £36 billion, which is about the average deficit since 1990:

And also about average deficit as a percentage of GDP% since 1980:

You're a very bad Tory propagandist, and you should stop insulting and misleading your readers.


Furthermore, none of the mainstream parties talked about what cuts they would implement before the 2010 elections - at least there was very little discussion. The few promises which were made by the Tory scum, such as protecting the NHS budget, were broken.

CogitoErgoSometimes Sun 09-Mar-14 19:30:34

It's not hard to find a pattern of misogyny in the male population generally so why people connected with politics should generate surprise is a mystery... unless you're trying to make some clumsy anti-conservative point as usual. smile Wasn't it only last month an SNP MSP was convicted of DV? I'm sure this particular worm will find himself out on his ear shortly before being embraced by UKIP as long lost son ....

Isitmebut Sun 09-Mar-14 20:54:49

ttosca…. It was the 2010 electoral dishonesty by the people you worship (as can clearly do no wrong), that ENSURED in May 2010 there could be no spending, taxes, and cuts political debates.

If the government on the day REFUSES to provide detailed spending/cuts/taxes plans AFTER the election - and they could see how bad the national books were e.g. the Structural Deficit - how could the opposition parties give any detail, when all Labour did then (and since) was look to gain political points for ANY political solutions to their mess?

Brown was in deficit denial, Darling was trying to come clean and said Labour would cut LESS and spend and tax MORE – while our 10-year government bonds at over 5% was being priced more riskier than Italy for the first time I remember – and said that similar to in Wales, they confirmed they would NOT to protect the NHS budget, while the results of their covered up incompetence was being realised.

Due to Conservative budget plans Brown was forced to adopt in 1997, the Uk budget BALANCED in the early 2000’s, and Brown THEN started his spending spree, help by the ever larger taxes from City/bank growth his newly formed regulatory tripartite ALLOWED to happen. Brown and the Financial Services Authority he formed have already APOLOGISED for this, how many more time do I have to show you the links, how many other countries in 2008 had to part nationalise their banks i.e. RBS and Lloyds?

Brown’s spending has cost this country dearly, as much of it went of doubling or near trebling unreformed budgets with little to show for it but debt.

So what happens to Brown’s annual country budget when the UK relies on £60 to £100 billion of annual City (and related businesses), to help pay off much larger ministerial budgets that included around 1 million new employees and a hugely expensive quangocracy – that when the City profits/taxes fall and the cost of the inflated Public Sector doesn’t, it is guaranteed that a honking great budget deficit will follow.

And much of that ‘spending’ was also financed by borrowing from the Private Sector e.g. building of hospital and schools, that will come out of annual budgets for decades to come.

And why was our Council Taxes rising each year over inflation, cumulatively rising around 110% over 13-years, and around 22% of every bill now just covers local authority pension liabilities?

And now the total Public Sector pension liability to come out of future budgets when due, tops £1.3 billion in 2013, £ 1 trillion unfunded and this is in IN ADDITION to the accumulating national debt of £1.3 trillion, currently costing over £50 billion in annual interest charges that ALSO has to come out of annual spending plans.

While ‘real’ jobs whose taxes might pay for all this was collapsing BEFORE the financial crash – during a global consumption boom.

So THIS was the mess Brown and New Old Labour left, percentages to GDP means NOTHING if Browns spending was a giant Ponzi scheme, where huge government spending & debt and huge consumer spending & debt (including the newly minted public sector jobs) UNSUSTAINABLY INCREASES GDP, but like any economy built on ever more spending and debt, it collapses like a pack of cards.

Yet with the largest budget deficit in Europe, Labour promised us ‘more of the same’, that the budget deficit would increase and so would taxes to pay for all this incompetence, so interest rates would have been far higher funding all our debt, eating further into budgets and/or increasing our nation debt.

So regarding your “You're a very bad Tory propagandist, and you should stop insulting and misleading your readers”, well back at you, from all the facts I have provided, inform the readers which ones are incorrect – and agree with me that THESE are the real issues and most of the "scum" responsible, are still in parliament.

claig Sun 09-Mar-14 21:40:30

Some very good points there, Isitmebut.

I knew they were bad, but I didn't realise just how bad. No wonder Brown doesn't show his face much.

'most of the "scum" responsible, are still in parliament'

or in quangos, tax-free foundations, think tanks and what they call "charities".

claig Sun 09-Mar-14 21:43:19

or any other organisation paid for by the taxpaying public e.g. the BBC, arts councils and climate change coordination committees.

longfingernails Sun 09-Mar-14 22:41:53

He's an idiot. He should be sacked (if he hasn't resigned already). But he's also a nobody...

Isitmebut Sun 09-Mar-14 23:00:28

Claig…This is why the coalition called the 2010 economy ‘unbalanced’ and the disingenuous fact is that Labour WOULD have made some deep cuts, they knew they had to and if they didn’t, the markets financing our deficit/nation debt would have forced them to do it by demanding higher interest rates for the repayment risks.

But clearly most of the UK spending fat, built up over a decade and would cause less 2010 social/vote displeasure, was in the Public Sector, but as by 2010 Labour had lost most of their non Private Sector/City party financial donors AND RELIED ON PUBLIC SECTOR TRADE UNIONS to fund their election campaign – the parliamentary Labour Party was NEVER going to trim that state spending fat, so higher taxes for everyone would have followed because taxing the really wealthy 100% wouldn’t have cover our debts, interest charges and future liabilities.

So Labour’s strategy was cynically not to publish their own cuts/spending/tax plans, and drop various electoral bombs for the Conservatives e.g. raising the top rate of tax after 13-years and look to bounce back to power in 2015, when all the unpopular decisions had been made INCLUDING trimming the bloated public sector the unions would never have allowed.

And looking at WHO the public blame for ALL spending cuts, and the polls, Labour’s cunning master plan for 2015, is working.

Custardo Sun 09-Mar-14 23:08:28

the spending cuts are nothing short of an attack on the poor, women and the disabled and the welfare state.

There is very little change for the wealthy. the amount of taxes which could be collected from large corporations who have not paid what they should could cover the cost of the welfare system and leave change

they are giving 'acadamies' to their rich chums who contribute to the party
or their hairdresser does a parting on the right instead of the left and gets an Hounour for it. Philip Harris is the founder of Carpetright and has an estimated fortune of £285 million. He has donated nearly half an million pounds to the Tories.

Harris has been handed the property deeds of millions of pounds worth of state schools, for free. Harris Academies

Once these state schools are converted into academies, they are still taxpayer funded, but this funding is now topsliced by Harris directors who award themselves ridiculously inflated salaries.

The director of the Harris Federation £317,000 plus pension contributions in 2012, with a further five individuals at the pseudo-charity earning in excess of £140,000.

Custardo Sun 09-Mar-14 23:09:16

John Nash and his wife have donated almost £300,000 to the Conservative party since David Cameron became Tory leader.

As director of both Sovereign Capital and their subsidiary ESG, Nash benefited from the award of two £multi-million government contracts.

In May 2011 ESG was awarded a £69 million government contract to administer Iain Duncan Smith's Work Programme in Warwickshire and Staffordshire.

ESG also won another £4 million contract to in the West Midlands into doing mandatory unpaid labour schemes, for which the firm gains £800 for every person on workfare schemes.

Like Philip Harris, Nash is another beneficiary of Michael Gove's school privatisation-by-stealth schemes, with his pseudo-charity Future Academies taking over a number of state schools in the Westminster area.

In 2013 David Cameron gave Nash a seat in the House of Lords and immediately made him a government minister with responsibility for overseeing the development of the new national curriculum.

There is no need to seek any kind of electoral approval, the guy can just be parachuted into the House of Lords and appointed a government minister.

Custardo Sun 09-Mar-14 23:09:46

Paul Ruddock was the boss of the Lansdowne Partners hedge fund until late 2013 and he remains a major shareholder in the company. He has made over £600,000 in donations to the Tory party.

Lansdowne Partnerships is a major shareholder (29%) in Circle Health, a private health company that was awarded the £1.2 billion contract to run the Hinchingbrooke hospital in Cambridgeshire.

According to the Daily Mirror Circle Health have plans to snap up £8 billion worth of NHS contracts.

Custardo Sun 09-Mar-14 23:10:09

Crispin Oday has donated over £222,000 to the Tory party - He is the boss of Oday Asset Management which holds a 21% stake in Circle Health.

Martyn Arbib has donated over £478,000 to the Tory party - He is the founder of Invesco Perpetual which holds a 22% stake in Circle Health.

Michael Platt has donated £75,000 to the Tory party - He is the founder of Blue Crest Capital which holds a 7% stake in Circle Health.

NHS backdoor privatisation

Custardo Sun 09-Mar-14 23:11:03

Michael Ashcroft
another tax-dodging Tory party donor. bases himself in Belize for tax purposes and has given the Tory party over £10 million in cash donations and services.

When Ashcroft was given a seat in the House of Lords, solemn assurances were given by the then Tory party leader (now foreign secretary) William Hague, that Ashcroft would give up his non-domiciled status and actually begin paying UK taxes on his fortunes. Almost a decade later it was revealed that Ashcroft had remained non-domiciled.

In February 2013, "Lord" Ashcroft announced that he was to quit funding the Tory party out of his opposition to David Cameron's liberal attitudes, specifically his desire to introduce Gay marriage legislation.

Custardo Sun 09-Mar-14 23:11:24

Michael Hintze
He has donated over £1.3 million to the Tory party directly, donated another £154,000 through his CQS Management hedge fund and also loaned them more them £2.5 million.

In 2011 CQS Management did their accounts so effectively that they only ended up paying £30,000 in Corporation tax on an operating profit of £85 million.

Custardo Sun 09-Mar-14 23:11:47

According to the latest figures, almost 2,000 secondary schools have been transferred to private ownership under Gove's Academies scheme, which stipulates that in order to obtain Academy status a school must transfer their property deeds (including playing fields) to the new private sector education providers.

Isitmebut Mon 10-Mar-14 00:56:17

Custardo…by insinuating that it is OK for Labour not to publish their own cuts, and that the Conservative cuts are due to ideology/party donations by the rich, your hypocrisy leaves huge amounts of ‘egg’ your face.

Why did Labour/Brown make Capital Gains Tax taper relief (and then later an 18% rate) so attractive for City folk like Private Equity companies who’s bosses “paid less tax than my tea lady”?

Why did companies like Capita lend money to the Labour Party?

“Who Runs Britain?” by Robert Peston

As the Labour Party moved toward a more neo-liberal agenda in the 1990s, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown began to embrace the free market, ditching clause IV part four of Labour’s constitution.

The leadership courted the rich and famous for financial backing rather than relying solely on trade union money. Blair was adamant about outspending the Tories in the 1997 general election. Paul Blagbrough, former City executive, became Labour’s first finance director, working alongside music entrepreneur Michael Levy, whom Blair had known since the early 1990s. Levy was instrumental in securing hefty donations from wealthy individuals, some of whom were rewarded with knighthoods and peerages, obtaining £12 million in donations to fight the 1997 election (although £1 million had to be paid back over the Ecclestone affair). Levy was made a lord in 1997.

Some of the largest donations came from private equity. Sir Ronnie Cohen and Nigel Doughty, for example, have donated £2.8 million between them since 2001. Cohen co-founded Apax - a private equity firm behind the leveraged buy-outs of companies such as Waterstones and Virgin Radio. He is now chairman of Portland Capital hedge fund and an adviser to the government on ‘encouraging enterprise’ in deprived areas. Once a Liberal Party member, he moved over to Labour after meeting Blair in 1996.

Other contributions include £750,000 from former Goldman-Sachs partner, John Aisbitt, £500,000 from hedge fund executive, William Bollinger, and an estimated £17 million over the past decade from supermarket tycoon, David Sainsbury. Sainsbury became a lord in 1997 and was given a position in the cabinet. Paul Drayson, a healthcare entrepreneur, donated £1.1 million after being appointed to the House of Lords by Blair. Drayson had already courted controversy by donating £100,000 to the Labour Party before his company had won a £32 million government contract supplying a smallpox vaccine. In May 2005, he became a junior defence minister.

Isitmebut Mon 10-Mar-14 01:02:33

"_But Labour was still short of money for the 2005 election and the donations had begun to dry up._ So Blair tried to convince trade union leaders to stump up more cash by making some paltry concessions. This became known as the Warwick agreement. Levy again made approaches to business. Donations above £5,000 now had to be declared but a loan made on commercial terms did not. Many of the individuals Levy approached preferred to remain anonymous so it was through loans that Labour was able to raise substantial amounts of money.

This was how the cash for honours scandal unfolded because it was alleged that some donors were promised seats in the House of Lords in return for these ‘loans’. Sir Gulum Noon had previously donated money and had been knighted in 2002. He lent £250,000 in 2005. Noon had been consulted by Blair in 1997 over the implementation of the European working time directive. Noon argued that the limit on working hours would damage his ready-made meals business.

Chai Patel, healthcare entrepreneur and government adviser, lent £1.5 million. Rod Aldridge, founder of Capita, which has contracts worth millions with the public sector, lent £1 million – when the loan was revealed in 2006, he resigned as Capita’s chairman. He insisted that the loans had nothing to do with his company winning contracts. Property tycoon, Sir David Garrard, lent £2.3 million. He had been a staunch Conservative who, after attending one of Levy’s famous dinners, had been ‘won over’ to Labour.

Noon, Patel, Garrard and stockbroker, Barry Townsley, were nominated for peerages. The Lords’ Appointments Commission said that Patel, Garrard and Townsley were unsuitable to become peers due to issues unrelated to the loans scandal. Noon withdrew his name from the list and, after a costly police investigation, no link between loans and nominations was proven."

Are you feeling the ‘eggy’ Custardo, because the ‘yoke’ in on any Labour apparatchik accusing the Conservatives of taking City etc money, when Labour tried their very best to do the same and even illegally offered Lordships, that were investigated by the police, and funny old world the Labour politicised police, let Blair off the hook.

Why not stick to your record while in power, like the effects on immigration on housing, jobs and services for the poor. Or why Labour would rather than use the money to build a big fat State rather than reduce taxes for the lower paid, so they wouldn’t feel dependent on Labour for Tax Credits?

Custardo Tue 11-Mar-14 22:43:44

Labour are not currently in power, do not currently have power, are not currently ruining peoples lives

I fail to see why if i point out the horrendous awful things the tories are doing to keep their own pockets lined and those of their donators and rich chums - this is seen as somehow vindicating the horrendous things that labour did.

I cannot change the past - i will fight to change the future

Isitmebut Thu 13-Mar-14 14:33:32

Custardo…..until YOU mentioned donations etc, the subject WAS about Labour’s legacy; where THEY chose to spend/waste countless £billions, immigration, and many other policies that left an annual £160 billion government overspend (needing substantial reforms/cuts) THAT WILL AFFECT EVERYONES LIVES FOR DECADES TO COME.

Why do your lot think that when the Conservatives comes to power, that there are never any ongoing economic train crashes handed over by Labour, is it a mental block sickness???? Labour had said that they had to cut some services/benefits after the 2010 election and raise more taxes, but ahead of it they were too cowardly to tell the voters what, and their voters were clearly so stupid they fell for it.

You ‘class warriors’ keep a 40% tax rate for 13-years, hike it, it brings in little money, so when they lower it you say “the tories are doing to keep their own pockets lined and those of their donators and rich chums” – so where were you and the others when Brown allowed the Private Equity etc donors that Labour were after, to pay as little as 10% Capital Gains Tax on their investors, before raising it to a flat rate of 18% - as those were direct tax measures to line Labour’s pockets, help their rich chums and speculators, no wonder Labour gave us a financial crash.

Labour also gave us the mother of all MP expenses scandals, and what did their ex trade union ‘chum’ Michael Martin who encouraged rather than stopped it, and the only Speaker of the House to have to stand down before time (since god knows when), get? He got a life peerage, Baron Martin of Springburn, encouraging more ex trade union Labour candidates to stand as MP’s.

Time and time we have to hear this class war ‘holier than thou’ claptrap, yet when in power they are the most corrupt main party, in everything from secret policies, lying to the people, to dipping THEIR hands in the peoples pockets.
“The party may take the moral high ground, but lying and cheating are deep in its DNA”.

So if I was a Labour apparatchik in a much bigger ‘glass house’, I ‘d forget about throwing moral crusade ‘stones’ and just concentrate on Labour’s policies in 2015, to get the country out of their 2010 mess.

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