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TV licence non-payment may be decriminalised

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AgaPanthers Sat 08-Mar-14 12:21:02

Apparently one in nine of all criminal cases in the magistrates courts are for TV licence non-payment. Basically our courts are being used for Crapita to collect money using menaces.

70 people a year are sent to prison for not paying their TV licence.

The Tories want to decriminalise television watching.

Let's hope it happens.

SauceForTheGander Sat 08-Mar-14 12:22:46

I agree aga

hickorychicken Sat 08-Mar-14 12:25:21

About time.

Fifyfomum Sat 08-Mar-14 12:26:04

I have a friend who constantly gets harassed for not having a tv licence.

She doesn't, has never had a tv.

She is also 85, so even if she had a licence she would get a free one.

SauceForTheGander Sat 08-Mar-14 12:32:21


I got harassed once too - the arial wasn't working in a new house I'd moved into so I refused to buy licence. I was contacted weekly about this. I didn't have the money to fix it - but obviously had a TV. They just would not believe that I had a tele that I couldn't watch until I had money to sort.

Was I paranoid but could someone have been taking photos of my house and my non working TV? At the time I saw a man taking photos and I've always wondered about it.

SauceForTheGander Sat 08-Mar-14 12:33:00

Sorry - aerial

MoreBeta Sat 08-Mar-14 12:35:12

The people imprisoned are generally women and generally for non payment of fines. You cant be imprisoned for not having a TV licence.

Personally, I just think we need to be given a choice whether to have BBC or not. The spending at the BBC is out of control.

SauceForTheGander Sat 08-Mar-14 12:38:47

I went right off the BBC when the payoff for the last director general came out. Such a mismanaged expensive mess.,

It's future seems unsure now everyone uses their laptops and channels like Netflix could be the future.

CogitoErgoSometimes Sat 08-Mar-14 12:39:17

It may not be a criminal offence any more but it would still be a civil offence. On a par with not paying parking tickets.

SauceForTheGander Sat 08-Mar-14 12:39:25

Its. My auto correct is free and easy with that apostrophe.

ThatBloodyWoman Sat 08-Mar-14 12:41:54

MoreBeta, no crime=no fine, or at least, no criminally enforceable fine?

ThatBloodyWoman Sat 08-Mar-14 12:42:46

Sorry, no ? MoreBeta!

AgaPanthers Sat 08-Mar-14 12:44:17

The TV licence enforcement is discriminatory - Crapita prosecute twice as many women as men.

SauceForTheGander Sat 08-Mar-14 13:06:58

Women being sent to prison over this sort of thing is appalling.

ThatBloodyWoman Sat 08-Mar-14 13:09:19

It's been happening for years and years under both Tory and Labour governments Sauce.

insancerre Sat 08-Mar-14 13:11:12

and then let's get rid of the fee altogether
I resent paying my tv licence so that the bbc can send presenters off on jollies all around the world
i don't mind watching adverts, I watch them on every other channel and the world hasn't ended yet because of it

Manchesterhistorygirl Sat 08-Mar-14 13:13:53

It's time the licence fee was scrapped. Let programmes sink or swim on their own merit. Top gear for instance is the bbc's biggest selling programme abroad and can more than support itself, it does not need us paying for .

DonnaDishwater Sat 08-Mar-14 17:47:13

I think it should either be scrapped or made optional.

longfingernails Sat 08-Mar-14 21:27:17

A great policy.

It should be followed up with a 5% year on year cut in the next licence fee settlement. That would be a fantastic way to make sure the BBC gets its just desserts. It is easy to sell this sort of cut in the TV tax to the British public when sacked BBC middle managers get millions in redundancy payouts for failure.

MoreBeta Sat 08-Mar-14 23:05:37

LFN - I really feel a cut back to BBC1 and BBC 2 and Radio 1, 2, 3, 4 would be a very good start. Cutting right back to public service provision transmitted only via Freesat with adverts.

It drives me mad how BBC news programmes have multiple presenters sat looking at each other. Whats wrong with one newsreader - reading the news? Far cheaper to present too.

The BBC has a potentially fantastic role to play but is totally out of control.

trufflehunterthebadger Sat 08-Mar-14 23:09:12

Good. Maybe we'll free up some time to get actual crimes dealt with expediously rather than being vacated repeatedly due to "lack of court time" angry

The other police on here will know what i mean

MoreBeta Sat 08-Mar-14 23:19:23

So if it becomes a civil matter that means it will be like not paying your water, gas, electric bill. In that case, how will BBC cut off your TV feed?

In my view, BBC should just go on Freesat, stop charging a licence fee and use advertising or go to a pay TV service so you only get what you pay for. I pay for Sky package and get BBC channels free but I need to pay for a licence regardless of whether I watch BBC channels which I do very very rarely indeed. If I only watch Sky channels and its illegal for me to do that without a TV licence - which is money that goes to BBC.

In other words my desire to watch Sky and other channels means I have to also pay the BBC a licence fee as well. Makes no sense economically. BBC could put a blue blank screen up on all its channels day and night and I still have to pay the TV licence fee

AgaPanthers Sat 08-Mar-14 23:44:28

The phone company can take you to court if you don't pay, you just don't go to prison.

ThatBloodyWoman Sun 09-Mar-14 08:43:23

I see what you mean MoreBeta, but if you went to prison, they still wouldn't be able to cut off your signal.
And you would still continue to watch tv in prison.....

Just means the fine would be applied and enforced through civil law.

BTW somecof us can't get signals for Sky/Freesat.

Come to that, some of us only get limited viewing with digital (yet still pay the same licence fee)!

Forago Tue 11-Mar-14 11:18:41

Long over due - about time.

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