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Nelson Mandela has died

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PacificDogwood Thu 05-Dec-13 21:46:37


He was the first proper hero of mine

difficultpickle Thu 05-Dec-13 21:51:36

Very sad but not a surprise. There is no one in power in S Africa who is capable of carrying on his legacy sad

Manchesterhistorygirl Thu 05-Dec-13 21:51:54

Interrupted BBC 1 to show President Zuma making statement about Mr. Mandela.

May he rest in peace.

FeastOfPhteven Thu 05-Dec-13 21:51:59


Theincidental Thu 05-Dec-13 21:52:14

Incredible, , inspirational, courageous man.


StarlightMcKenzie Thu 05-Dec-13 21:52:27

Such an important figure of my time. RIP

choccyp1g Thu 05-Dec-13 21:52:27

RIP Madiba.

A great man.

BrokenBananaTantrum Thu 05-Dec-13 21:52:39

So sad.

PickleFish Thu 05-Dec-13 21:52:45


theladyrainy Thu 05-Dec-13 21:52:54

A great man. Rest in peace. thanks

WorraLiberty Thu 05-Dec-13 21:52:57

His Daughter was on Daybreak this morning, talking about the new film sad

RIP thanks

EdithWeston Thu 05-Dec-13 21:53:10

Chat thread will go pfft. There's one "in the news" if you want to write something more enduring at this time.

SauvignonBlanche Thu 05-Dec-13 21:53:11

sad RIP.

mygrandchildrenrock Thu 05-Dec-13 21:53:25

A truly amazing man.

PacificDogwood Thu 05-Dec-13 21:53:31

Goodness, they just stated he'd retired from public life in 2004 - I cannot believe it's been that long!

'May his soul rest in peace' (President Zuma)

TwelveLeggedWalk Thu 05-Dec-13 21:53:31

The biopic is premiering tonight in London, they must be very strange.

BellaDesconocida Thu 05-Dec-13 21:53:39

RIP - I don't have the words to do him justice

Unexpected lump in throat.

SecretSantaFix Thu 05-Dec-13 21:53:45

Whether he is viewed as a terrorist or freedom fighter, he stayed true to his principles and dreams.

He achieved so much against such staggering odds, it is small wonder he is revered by so many.

He is one of the most well known political figures of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, may his legacy be ongoing for freedom and equality and peace.

ArtisanLentilWeaver Thu 05-Dec-13 21:53:56

Such sad news. An astonishing man who lived an incredible life.

IamInvisible Thu 05-Dec-13 21:54:16

sad I've gone very, very cold.

The world has lost a very great man.

May he rest in peace.

greyvix Thu 05-Dec-13 21:54:16

RIP Nelson Mandela

TwelveLeggedWalk Thu 05-Dec-13 21:54:28

Feel, not be. Sorry, overtired

DramaAlpaca Thu 05-Dec-13 21:54:35

So sad. What a truly inspirational man.

RIP flowers

PacificDogwood Thu 05-Dec-13 21:54:53

Oh, the movie - I forgot all about that.

Good grief, what a alignment of events.

flatbellyfella Thu 05-Dec-13 21:55:11

One of the greatest men of our time.RIP.thanks

ExcuseTypos Thu 05-Dec-13 21:55:12

A truly magnificent man.

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